Gran Turismo Academy competition has bad idea written all over it

PSPSPS writes: "Sony and Nissan are setting out to really test the strength of the famous tagline on the Gran Turismo game boxes. In case you haven't spotted it, it reads "The Real Driving Simulator". We always thought that was a dig at other racing games, not something to be taken, like, seriously.

However, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and car manufacturer Nissan are hosting a competition to put two hapless idiots behind the wheel of a Nissan 350Z and enter a 24 hour endurance race in Dubai next January.

The competition is going by the name of GT Academy. Candidates will face "a series of elimination-based competitions on and off the racetrack". We're not sure if that means a real race track, but if so, that sounds like a right royal ball-ache to enter. The first stage, however, will be an online GT5 Prologue tournament."

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sonarus3877d ago

Yea it does have bad idea written all over it. Just hope it works out for them. Its an ambitious project hopefully not too ambitious

Mozilla893877d ago

Wait this is nothing like the game my car never got damaged! Haha I dont think I would like to enter a 24 hour endurance race unless I was driving something really sweet like an Audi R8. How do you go to the bathroom? It does sound abitious though, good luck to those who enter.

Awesomeo30003877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

are u kidding me there going to give them lessons on how to drive u think that theyre gonna let them play a game and then throw them into a race car seriously thats the dumbest thing i ever heard. sony and nissan are not that retarded

DomUltra3877d ago

Wow, friggin' awesome idea man, I have no idea what they're goin all about.

By the way, these guys get months of training prior to going under the wheel, so won't be hapless idiots so I don't know where this article is going.