SONY bankrupt in 2 years? When a simple formula fools the gaming community

Insiderp: "In short, SONY can generate well over 50B dollars in quick cash through its liquefiable assets and some of its long term fixed assets. The company in recent years posted loss solely because of the exchange rate and the same was true for other tech giants like Panasonic, Hitachi, Toshiba and so on "

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Godmars2901566d ago

guess we'll find out in two years if Sony has a downturn for the whole time.

bobsmith1566d ago

fee for online sucks but they got gran turismo..

jgrigs091566d ago

Haaaa did he really just say buy sony stock? I wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot poll. Maybe over Microsoft? But um no.

Insomnia_841566d ago

I believe he is actually right about that. Sony's stock value went from $17 up to $40 by 2010 and again by 2011. Looking at how they are operating now and how well the PS4 is doing, I'd say they will hit that same mark or even higher in two years. So buying stock now seems like a safe bet to me.

MultiConsoleGamer1566d ago

No. You are completely wrong about those numbers.

In 2010 Sony stock peaked at $40 a share.

In 2011 Sony stock peaked at roughly $35 a share.

In 2012 Sony stock peaked at $21 a share.

Today Sony stock is worth roughly $17.18.

Anyone can verify my claims by visiting this link.

In 2001 at the company traded for an all time high of $150 per share. Credit rating is still junk status at all three major credit agencies.

Junk status means there is a high probability of default on debts, liability, loans, etc.

Bankruptcy is not the end of the world. Just ask Apple.

lolCHILLbro1566d ago

Your a fool to think PS4 will affect Sony's overall stock in a significant way, will it make money? sure, will it make up for every other business Sony is involved in? not a chance

nukeitall1566d ago

Playstation business to Sony, just like Xbox business to MS, is a tiny sliver of the overall.

Sony problem runs far deeper than the surface, as it is company culture combined with inability to create reasonably priced products.

Anyhow, I wouldn't touch Sony stock with a 10 feet pole either.

MS stock is far better, but it ain't going to make you rich. It will have it's movement and although the stock is positive right now, it ain't got that much room to grow left. If it doubles, it will be as big as Apple!

nypifisel1565d ago

Playstation brand is one of Sony biggest assets actually. Can they turn that profitable it's a good thing for the whole company. Sony really just need to dump the TV business if they can't compete with the cheaper Korean brands etc.

CarlosX3601565d ago

I agree with @nypifisel's comment/assessment. Sony will be just fine.

mrpsychoticstalker1564d ago

Delirious, RIP sony.

Dont worry, some major,company will eventually buy the playstation Brand.... perhaps Samsung

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edgeofsins1565d ago

I totally would. PS4 popularity is going to make stock go up in price no doubt. I would have made so much money. If only I could have bought Nintendo stock before DS and Wii launches.