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Submitted by Sammy777 768d ago | opinion piece

SONY bankrupt in 2 years? When a simple formula fools the gaming community

Insiderp: "In short, SONY can generate well over 50B dollars in quick cash through its liquefiable assets and some of its long term fixed assets. The company in recent years posted loss solely because of the exchange rate and the same was true for other tech giants like Panasonic, Hitachi, Toshiba and so on " (Industry)

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Godmars290  +   768d ago
guess we'll find out in two years if Sony has a downturn for the whole time.
bobsmith  +   768d ago
fee for online sucks but they got gran turismo..
jgrigs09  +   768d ago
Haaaa did he really just say buy sony stock? I wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot poll. Maybe over Microsoft? But um no.
Insomnia_84  +   768d ago
I believe he is actually right about that. Sony's stock value went from $17 up to $40 by 2010 and again by 2011. Looking at how they are operating now and how well the PS4 is doing, I'd say they will hit that same mark or even higher in two years. So buying stock now seems like a safe bet to me.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   768d ago | Intelligent
No. You are completely wrong about those numbers.

In 2010 Sony stock peaked at $40 a share.

In 2011 Sony stock peaked at roughly $35 a share.

In 2012 Sony stock peaked at $21 a share.

Today Sony stock is worth roughly $17.18.

Anyone can verify my claims by visiting this link.

In 2001 at the company traded for an all time high of $150 per share. Credit rating is still junk status at all three major credit agencies.

Junk status means there is a high probability of default on debts, liability, loans, etc.

Bankruptcy is not the end of the world. Just ask Apple.
lolCHILLbro  +   768d ago
Your a fool to think PS4 will affect Sony's overall stock in a significant way, will it make money? sure, will it make up for every other business Sony is involved in? not a chance
nukeitall  +   768d ago
Playstation business to Sony, just like Xbox business to MS, is a tiny sliver of the overall.

Sony problem runs far deeper than the surface, as it is company culture combined with inability to create reasonably priced products.

Anyhow, I wouldn't touch Sony stock with a 10 feet pole either.

MS stock is far better, but it ain't going to make you rich. It will have it's movement and although the stock is positive right now, it ain't got that much room to grow left. If it doubles, it will be as big as Apple!
nypifisel  +   767d ago
Playstation brand is one of Sony biggest assets actually. Can they turn that profitable it's a good thing for the whole company. Sony really just need to dump the TV business if they can't compete with the cheaper Korean brands etc.
CarlosX360  +   767d ago
I agree with @nypifisel's comment/assessment. Sony will be just fine.
mrpsychoticstalker  +   766d ago
Delirious, RIP sony.

Dont worry, some major,company will eventually buy the playstation Brand.... perhaps Samsung
edgeofsins  +   767d ago
I totally would. PS4 popularity is going to make stock go up in price no doubt. I would have made so much money. If only I could have bought Nintendo stock before DS and Wii launches.
Ol_G  +   768d ago
Fanboy drivel blaming Sony's yearly losses on the yen and government delusional is an understatement
Mr_Writer85  +   768d ago
But you are also a fanboy so you can't talk.

With your business degree and vast experience please explain how he is wrong.

Facts only please and back up those facts with proof.

I look forward to being educated.
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Ol_G  +   768d ago
following people around damn you must have no life
Mr_Writer85  +   768d ago
So I take it you can't then.

Thought so.

And yes I am following you around because I have no life.

Or maybe since I own a PS3, Vita and a PS4 I have some interest in the Playstation brand which is owned by Sony, so I read articles related to them and call out people like yourself who I pitty for having such a sad life that seeing a positive article about a brand makes you rage and write silly things like you did above.

But you keep telling yourself I'm following you, if that makes you feel better :)

I will even give you an agree because I feel sorry for you.
#6.2 (Edited 768d ago ) | Agree(27) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Ol_G  +   768d ago
i feel sorry for you editing your posts to sound smart but i already ignored you here and on eurogamer so please dont comment on my stuff i won't respond to you i have better things to do i recommend you to spend some time with your kids instead of stalking me
Mr_Writer85  +   768d ago
A grown man blocking people because they call him out and trying to pretend they are being stalked?

I actually don't know who you are, I will comment where I want escpcially when I drivel like this.

And you know its utter drivel hence why instead of proving me wrong you started making stuff up about me stalking you and not having a life.
SonyKong64  +   768d ago
perfectly finished.

I followed suit and also enjoyed giving this waste of space an agree, based solely on my sympathy for the guy = / people of his like must surely have it tough..
Concertoine  +   768d ago
Sony bet big with the PS4 and it will pay off, at least the playstation division will (hopefully) be back to it's former lucrative self.
The question is, i wonder if the cycle will repeat? After the ps4 will probably come out first over the other 2 consoles, i wonder if they will go back to being really cocky like they were in the ps3 days and to a lesser extent the ps2 days, like microsoft was with the xbone, like nintendo was with the n64.
It'll be interesting to see.
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DiRtY  +   768d ago
"According to the same site ,Microsoft 
which is now relying heavily on it core business model of Desktop based Windows platform"

How long will it take for those people to realise that this is just wrong?

MS division that performs best is the business division (Office). Then there is tools and services at No. 2 (MS SQL, Cloud Services / Azure). Windows is at no. 3!

Get your facts right.
jgrigs09  +   768d ago
Shhh don't bring that up.
Sammy777  +   768d ago
Cloud services are a minute amount of MS biz model. MS 1 sole mega branch is their Windows OS as the article pointed out
#8.2 (Edited 768d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
DiRtY  +   767d ago
Sure, Azure is not as big a Windows on its own, but the Server & Tools division generated more revenue than the Windows division in FY 2013!

Here you go:

Business Division: 24.7 billion USD
Server & Tools: 20.3 billion USD
Windows Division: 19.2 billion USD
Entertainment & Devices: 10.2 billion USD
Online Services: 3.2 billion USD

I am not making this up, you can read it here:

Who am I kidding. You won't read it. You won't accept facts and just keep on with your agenda.
moujahed   768d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(1)
tehpees3  +   768d ago
I think its interesting that people are looking at the finances of someone besides Nintendo for a change. If you want my honest opinion Sony will be fine because their business strongly relies on video games now. I don't know about buying their stock since it could take while to get out of the financial pit. They are still selling PS4 at losses.

Truthfully MS is the one that is really uncertain for the video game market since they have been here well over 10 years and still haven't broke even with the investment they made in the brand. That is honestly an epic fail on their part. Pachter and Rubin should learn to analyze the situation more closely. If there is anyone that video games don't make sense for it is Microsoft. It isn't about who has the greatest market share. It is about how much you are making back. I don't care how rich Microsoft is, they won't stay in video games much longer if they aren't making the money back and not enough of their profits comes from the Xbox brand.

The funny thing is whenever you point out the finances of the others to these two they ignore you with no response. I'm sure Sony will turn it around as the PS4 goes up their company will eventually get back on track. Its the handheld future of Sony that is only in trouble with them regarding games. If they can't get the Vita out of the pit it is in I regret to say Sony will likely pull out of that market.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   768d ago
Extremely fuzzy math.
Dehnus  +   768d ago
Seriously who cares.
Sony is not going bankrupt for a long time, and neither is MS. All of the articles wishing for it are Console Warriors who are in for "Wishful thinking".

Same goes for Nintendo, who is literally sitting on a big pile of cash.
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mhunterjr  +   768d ago
I don't inderstand why folks tried to interpret this as video game news. The formula was applied to Sony Corp, which has a junk credit rating. Their SCE business looks to be on the up-and-up, but I don't think its big enough to carry the entire company. One thing's for sure though, if they did have to take drastic measures, their gaming arm isn't what would go away. No one's dropping out of consoles.

I do think at some point they'll start feeling pressure extract value out of the services they offer their customers. Giving things away for free is wonderful PR, but it won't pull you out of the red.
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DVAcme  +   768d ago
First of all, bankruptcy is a state in which a company cannot generate enough profit to pay off its operating debts which results in the need of legal protection. It is not a company going under. Marvel Comics filed for bankruptcy in 1996, and you wouldn't know it from the entertainment juggernaut it currently is. A company can still function during bankruptcy, and in fact filing for bankruptcy can actually save a company, since it incites prudent spending and trimming of unnecessary assets.

As for why Sony would go bankrupt, it's because they're kinda stretched, selling products in areas that have too much competition(TVs, laptops, etc). Selling off those troublesome divisions would be more than enough to save Sony from bankruptcy, and for years Sony Computer Entertainment has been the company's healthiest division.

Bottom line is that Playstation's not going anywhere. People screaming gloom and doom have no perspective nor knowledge of how it all works.
DoctorJones  +   768d ago
But didn't Marvel get bought by Disney?
jukins  +   768d ago
Yes because as DVacme said Marvel is an entertainment juggernaut these days from books comic movies games etc. Disney is basically buying the competition. Easier for them to buy established super hero sci companies than to try to go head to head with them
DVAcme  +   767d ago
Disney got bought by Marvel after they recovered from the bankruptcy. By the time they bought them, they had already released a load of their superhero movies and their comics division had made a comeback.
DeadlyFire  +   768d ago
While true in some regards. Often when a company files bankruptcy and they are still a public company stocks drop to rock bottom and someone else buys the company and liquidates it the majority of the time.

Sony's main problem is the TV market. They never aim for cheap products to sell to consumers in this market and lots of people avoid them due to this.
#14.2 (Edited 768d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Kavorklestein  +   767d ago
Yeah, it is true that bankruptcy is not the ddom and gloom of a caompany, I'm glad SOME PEOPLE understand, that this is nothing to worry about in the long run, and I do feel like they they should drop some of their other markets also. The only thing Sony I would want to own is their video games, and systems (excluding hand helds)... I've always hated their over-priced TVs, laptops, phones, and crappy music/ stereo stuff. Their tv's USED to be the cream of the crop, and not rape your wallet either, but now they are barely competition for other brands, who sell their tv's at ridiculous prices, but still far less ridiculous prices than Sony.
franko  +   768d ago
...And then the autor of this article woke up...
Javinator  +   768d ago
Love how the internet geeks quickly go on the Sony defense.
Amateur websites runned by Sony fanboys like that must go down.
Javinator  +   768d ago
Sony's fall is bound to happen soon, Samsung is beating them in their key segment: electronics
mushroomwig  +   768d ago
I didn't know N4G had so many economists.
Silly gameAr  +   768d ago
I know right?
pete007  +   768d ago
STOP with your sony lawyer bull***t, i wouldnt put a dime on sony for start,
second, every multinational corporation has subsidiary companies worldwide, pay local taxes individually and the money doesnt travel the world has you try to make believe. follow the coca-cola example and youll have a nice example.
besides you think ps4 will be the saviour of a fallen brand. playstation brand generates 5% of the total incomings. its the mobile and electronics consumer market that they lost, just like their bank and assurance investments, leaving the cinema and media solutions the only profitable.
btw, why dont we see any technology on the new console (besides customization)built from scratch by sony itself?
unlike MSFT, they are a hardware company with years and years of knowledge and innovation, arent they?
i predict an implosion of sony if we see another global crysis and in 10 years time business models will be far different from actual ones. stay tunned for updated news
DCfan  +   767d ago
Oh man. LOL!!
Shinox  +   767d ago
I don't know why this user spending much time of his life hating on Sony
If you dislike the Sony brand as a whole that's ok , But Why would anyone wish for this to happen , its still boggles my mind , this is really a bad thing for the gaming industry and the industry is a whole so why in the world would you wish for that to happen , Why you putting all your hopes on M$ when they suppose to fxxk you up with their policies , why can't you be thankful that others force your beloved company to do the exact same thing the other company did , Why fanboys like you act like its the best thing for their system of choice when in reality it kills your company brand , why people can't think that way , why people living in a conspiracy life , What is wrong with this world these days , too much stupidity !
#19.2 (Edited 767d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
pete007  +   767d ago
never!! youre wrong, i dont wish thst.
its just the evolution we see from the state of the art 80s company that had everything to lead the industry and with all the billions earned start entering the financial market, own bank, own assurances, and then on the big finantial crash, when we finally saw that Money worths nothing, there sony realised how much they lost, capitalizing their projects with their own banques, assuring their own riscs, when all fell appart it was SONY itself that took the big hit. we can do nothing to change that, right now the best divisions are working hard to compensate years of unfortunate choices just like Microsoft who woke up to WWW// too late loosing to Google, so did sony to apple, Samsung,etc,etc.
restructuring and choosing rigt what the consumer want is the key
cheers!! no hate, i had all playstations and i ll even buy ps4. i wouldnt consider myself a gamer if i wouldnt....
xJumpManx  +   768d ago
LOL, someone got emotional over that original bankrupt article.
Azzanation  +   768d ago
Microsoft has a 1% chance of going bankrupt, that's kinda of funny. Well at least I know my games are future safe.
ocelot07  +   768d ago
Very true at least I know all my Games for Windows live games will be around for a long time. O wait
ftrain  +   767d ago
Such destruction.
wannabe gamer  +   768d ago
SO many people on this site act like gaming is the only sector companies like Sony, MS and even nVidia are in. when in truth Sony has their hand in more products than MS ever has. SOny makes everything from gaming consoles to TVs radios mp3 players and soo sooo so much more. MS makes a ton of software and a gaming console and some tablets and some pc accessories and thats about it, sure they do a little more but its nothing significant. i mention nVidia for example since they do GPU for gaming and professional effects, but they also make chipsets for tons of devices and a lot of luxury cars and super computers. PC gaming is not nVidias sole thing going. they prob make more from the luxury cars deal than ppl think.
Edsword  +   768d ago
Sony is not going anywhere. Ford was in a worse position than Sony and it was able to come back even stronger. It did so by selling off brands that were not making money and reorganizing its structure. Sony will do the same if push comes to shove. Corporations as big as Sony do not fail easily. Sony makes great products, but lately they have had a lot of competition from Korea in the electronics market. LG and Samsung have really put a dent in Sony because they seemingly high quality electronics and seem to be able to do it cheaper than Sony. I have found the reality is that Sony actually makes a better product though. My experience with Samsung and LG products has been less than stellar. My next TV will likely be a Panasonic or Sony because they just seem to last longer in my opinion. I do not have any factual evidence of this, but I have had both Samsung and LG products fail on me too many times for me to continue to buy those brands.

I wish people would get over their fanboyisms though. This is really getting old. This MS or Sony sucks stuff really is dumb and only pigeon holes you into a position where you cannot accept that both systems will have great games. I bought the PS4 because I enjoyed Sony exclusives last gen more than MS exclusives. Likely, when the price has gone down considerably I will pick up an XB1. Well, unless the new Halo comes to PC, but that's not likely to happen.
#23 (Edited 768d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
wannabe gamer  +   768d ago
yea when you have 150Billion in assets i think you can stand to sell off a few things and be just fine
assdan  +   768d ago
With a name like insiderp, you know it's accurate.
d4sholil1  +   768d ago
I remember a time where "we" only cared about the games and the systems. Anyway, I am pretty sure Sony and Microsoft have pretty good liquidity, solvency, and profitability on paper.
Kavorklestein  +   767d ago
To echo all the Michael Jackson chatter up above and tie in with your comment: "Do you remember the Time?" (sung in a high pitched, Pre-plastic surgery voice)

Sorry, I had to.
ALLWRONG  +   768d ago
"SONY can generate well over 50B dollars in quick cash through its liquefiable assets"

No it can't because you would have to guarantee some company would want to buy it first. Who would want to buy a failing movie studio?
DCfan  +   767d ago
Failing movie studio??
What BS is this??
ftrain  +   767d ago
I always wondered if you made that username to show everyone that you were always wrong. I guess it's true.
ALLWRONG  +   767d ago
The same movie studio that just made 200 million in cuts because it was wasting money. That movie studio.
martinlovegoodie  +   767d ago
#27 (Edited 767d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Kavorklestein  +   767d ago
TDIL: Martin Scorsese is a form of Currency!
Sorry, I had to.
joeorc  +   767d ago
Like i stated playstation is not going anywhere, did you know that in the official playstation magazine they stated @ the 10 year anv of the founding of playstation how much sony computer entertainment MADE IN A 10 YEAR TIME, THIS WAS WITHOUT Even counting the PS3, THEY MADE:

50 billion in revenue!


That may not seem that much, but in a 10 year point in time with a section of Sony not even looked as a major section of the company generating that much money, is not a small section by a long shot, and i doubt very much that Sony would let anyone near that cash cow before they sold off the other toxic parts of the company.

Remember Nintendo is quite a bit smaller in man power employed than Sony a much lower overhead. Microsoft also hase over 160,000+ employed also, do people really think both Nintendo or Microsoft would want to take on a workforce that = or exceeds their own size employed manpower?

all that over head, never mind the logistic's in the sheer number of employed workforce.

Now imagine Sony going the way of Nintendo as "only a game and entertainment company" with the investments in to mobile chipsets, software and playstation.

with playstation private held no stock offered public, it would not being going away any time soon, no matter how much people think it will with the rest of Sony's company up for the chopping block.

Sony computer entertainment Made 50 billion in revenue without Playstation Home's profits, or the the PS3 and now add in the Playstation Mobile, and to top it off , Oh yea the PS4, than the PSVita TV, and the PSVita which by the way is selling at profit on the hardware now.

Sony may be smaller and in less areas of the market but they will be in a hell of a lot better position, Kaz is no joke..he has made drastic cuts sell off HQ and than buy another HQ in silicon


would they really intend to sell off playstation by doing that?
I do not think So...

and investor hedge fund that own over 6% of of Sony's stock was told with a resounding No!

"The entertainment businesses are important contributors to Sony's growth and are not for sale," wrote Hirai in Sony's statement."

A hedge fund that is not japanese would have to convince the majority of the japanese ran board over @ Sony to spin off or sell off a large chunk of one of the only things that is in a large number of demand so the rest of Sony just gets sold and dies on the vine? At least Sony would rather control Playstation and sell off toxic parts, if they are going to down size they want to make the call. Not a vulture Hedge fund that is just thinking short term gains, not about the people employed there.
#28 (Edited 767d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
joeorc  +   767d ago
its very freaking Simple, Sony is not going to file in two years for the very simple fact some are not looking very close to what is going on in japan right now.

1st Example:

check this out
about Sony going bankrupt....

they may want to revise the Outlook!

Japan Opts to Raise Sales Tax and Stimulus
Prime Minister Abe Seeks to Reduce Country's Mounting Debt, Bolster Economic Growth to Reverse Stubborn Deflation

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is set to unveil a $50 billion stimulus Tuesday ahead of an April 2014 increase in the country's sales tax. Masayuki Kichikawa, chief Japan economist for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, tells Ramy Inocencio why people are grumbling.

51 billion! reasons to, look that Sony's not going to file because Sony employs over 160,000+ japanese worker's!

2nd reason:
which is again another really good reason

no Hostile Take Over of any large japanese Company or , by any foreign hedge fund investor groups has had any success to do so in the past 40 years, let alone a company the size of Sony's, that employ's such a very large number of japanese people.

to back up my statement, look at this

Break up Sony? It's harder than it looks

""The entertainment businesses are important contributors to Sony's growth and are not for sale," wrote Hirai in Sony's statement."
Struggles with foreign shareholders have nearly always turned to favor Japanese companies, after all. Just six years ago when Steel Partners launched a tender offer for the 90% of a famous Japanese sauce maker, Bull-Dog, the food firm sought a white knight intervention and then a poison pill to save itself from an aggressive takeover bid from the Americans. Finally, Japanese courts voted in favor of the pill.
very doubtful of a buyout, Sony i would bet would cut off every part it could but smartphones and software and keep playstation as Kaz stated "the three pillar's of Sony" than sell off playstation, if anything the work force and over head of Sony as a whole would Suffer the drastic cuts needed in order to keep a 50 billion in revenue Alive and kicking. Trim off sections such as TV's are ripe for the Cut. 8 years of straight loss in the billions tend to do that, Hell even Kaz no more see's the TV part of Sony as a pillar of Sony anymore.
#29 (Edited 767d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
beatled  +   767d ago
the sad thing is both MS and Sony have BILLIONS of dollars yet they made "next gen" consoles that cannot even run BF4 in 1080p at medium settings

and we will be stuck with these things for 8 more years

sure, there will be some great exclusives...but they won't be pretty

at least last gen ps3 and xbox360 were close to a mid-high spec modern pc

now, ps4 and xbox1 are not even close to a mid-high spec pc from 2011
DCfan  +   767d ago
Agreed, i'd rather play grafix than a good game.
kane_1371  +   767d ago
Yeah suuuure, since a system built on a jaguar and 7860 models plus 8 GB of gddr 5 ram is sooooo low end.
Are you even for real?
ps4 is a solid mid and also a console which means it is capable to harness so much power that no PC ever can since the build system for the two products is like night and day.
Then we have the fact that to build that mid gaming PC you would have to shell out something around €700 and there we go.
The whole point of your argument is shattered.
Now, for me that am gaming on PC all that matters is the fact that I can not ever play RDR on my PC and suddenly PC gaming loses its charm.
Sure I get fucking mods whoopdidoo but wait, these mods eventually (if not from the get go) will break your games.
Have you ever had to reset your gameplay on fallout new Vegas on hardcore cuase your game just doesn't like to load any more and breaks your game?
oh but hey, I get mods and.... Yeah... That is it!
all the appeal PC gaming has!
you could sit and talk about sells and lower prices and i will just point out the fact that I do not get more than half of those games on consoles and those that I get after a year or two are god awful ports of amazing games.
While I wait for the next GTA I will play papers please, how about that?
Do you really buy your own words?
since transition to PC gaming my life has been a library of 200 games that I never even play since the majority of them are worse than ET and hours upon hours of Dota 2 trying to explain the game to idiots that do not even understand team play.
But boy I sure do love them graphics on Crysis 3 though, only if that would make it a good game that way.
Hey what is that online server protected by vac filled with speed hackers?
come on dude, bashing consoles will not get you anywhere.
#30.2 (Edited 767d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
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