GTA IV: Microsoft misleading on Xbox 360 sales

Microsoft is sending out press releases to journalists claiming that the Xbox 360 is selling more copies than the PS3 version. TechRadar has done the numbers and says that Microsoft is misleading people and that actually, per console, the PS3 version is selling more...

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Egzekutor3873d ago

They are losers , that is why.

Phil Harrison Mklll3873d ago

microsoft & xbots slaves are good at lying

theKiller3873d ago

i will quote what other guy said and i think its funny!
"what i want to know is how many Xbox users have gone out and got GTA4 only to find (surpirse, surprise) that their Xbox dies with the red light of death??"

is this story popular even in UK?

subzero93872d ago

M$ = OWNED!!!!


leon763872d ago

...and that's because I will never buy some thing from MS, like the thrash Sh*tbox360!!!! And that's because I don't believe anynore in anything coming in the net from MS and Lies created from Xbots to bash PS brand!!!!!! Finally someone is detecting these lies and state them for everybody knows who are Ms and what they can do!!!! Lies and more lies, Dirty Sh*t, paying sites and other press companys to post their lies, false propaganda that's how they work!!!!!

SlappyMcTaint3872d ago

Who would'a thunk?! What dipsh1t jounalist or xbot can believe any words coming out of M$'s filthy, monopolizing mouth?

moronic dimwits!!

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PS360WII3873d ago

yawn this is like complaining that the only reason PS2 sold more games is because there are more of those systems out.

theKiller3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

this is the only game that they can mention for a long while till the DLC arrives and gears 2, they have other great games(will sell millions) but they r not system sellers!

GTA4 had more hardware impact on ps3 than 360 and sofware sale 360 sold more but not even close to 2:1 for 360 advantage i say 4:3 to 360 advantage!


they lied when they said they sold 2 to 1 GTA4 copies in favor of 360!! thats all!

some people like to disagree but they dont share the point of view, am interested to see it!

myabsolution3873d ago


How did MS lie... ? They simply said their version sold more than PS3. That there is not a lie.

Sure, per console, Sony may have the leg-up. But really, what does it matter? They still sold less GTA4 PS3 copies... I dont think developers care as much about attache rates as they do sheer profit numbers (just look as BD vs HD, was the same story)

MURKERR3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

really seem desperate right now, i get the feeling this was their big hope, that 50mil should have gone on a new ip or sequel to beef up their gaming calender for this year as its pretty sparse of AAA titles if were honest

sonarus3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

The lie is gamers prefer the 360 version. That is a lie lol.

360 is 100 pounds cheaper, has almost 2x ps3 install base and the best they could do was 20%. I just can't wait for them to sing good ol suppy issues.

The reality of it, is that it is all spin. I have noticed Msoft doing it more than sony but i would be lying if i said sony hasn't taken shots of their own.

Msoft pretty much sings the same story all the time. Oh we have DLC gamers prefer DLC, oh 360 is better because of no install. Its like they constantly need to talk to divert attention away from sony's recent success

prunchess3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

People keep mentioning the DLC. I bought GTA IV the day it came out (like millions of others), but I usually don't buy the DLC for any games I buy because it's not like I can sell it on afterwards. When I eventually complete GTA IV, I will trading it in off the next big game out. What good is the DLC to me then?

I am sure there are many more like me out there that don't buy DLC for games for the same reason.

theKiller3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

u got that right, i agree with u completely but u missed the part when they said they sold 2 to 1 more copies in north america!

all companies spins the facts but MS doing it in unconvincing way!

@people below me

a lie when someone claims false facts, MS didnt lie when they said they will sell more but they lied when they said they sold 2-to-1 in 360 favour in NA!

Feihc Retsam3873d ago

Then more copies of GTA IV for XBox 360 were sold... That's it...

I understand that the "per console" numbers are better for the PS3, but to a developer, that doesn't mean sh*t...

And in the end, you want to make developers happy so that good games will keep showing up on your platform.

If another games maker looks at the sales figures, they will see that the Xbox 360 version of GTA IV made more money than the PS3 version. That's it.

Yes, the PS3 market is growing, and looking healthy, but the raw numbers are still in the Xbox 360's favor.

sonarus3873d ago

More consoles sold on the 360 than PS3 is fact and no one can take it away from them but tagging along with gamers have chosen with their wallets is misleading considering 360's install base advantage and their cheaper price.

Monchichi0253873d ago

They are saying they sold more copies on the 360. Everyone can agree that tat's a FACT. Sales numbers show it.

Nowhere in the press release does it mention anything about a higher attach rate. NOWHERE!!!

Shady journalism, YES. But it being a lie, NO!!! Let's stick to the FACTS people and clear out all the BS!

kurochi3873d ago

@ 1.7

I beg to differ... At the end, I feel Sony/MS and the developers should make the gamers/consumers happy, not the developers.

fenderputty3873d ago

Yes they do look at attach rates. Especially when the PS3 is outselling the 360 WW now.

Still ... both companies should be happy. Both companies sold the game really well. Each camp has a talking point. MS has sold more and PS3 has higher attach rates. The one company that should be really happy is R*.

ericnellie3873d ago

Does it really matter?? Since it's release people have tried to make a distinction between GTA on each console and now this. Now it's to the point where it's just retarded!! What next, we'll compare the average time spent playing per person on a particular console;)

LastDance3873d ago

to all fans were all touting how developers look at attach rates and they will develope accordingly.

im not saying it was any of you...just..putting it on the table.

KingME3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Why are the writers of this article and some of you twisting this up. Listen to what MS said, now without adding your own spin to it (i.e. dividing the numbers of kid in rome by the numbers of sunsets in the north pole.) Did the 360 outsell the PS3? Were there in fact more copies purchased on the 360? Regardless of fanbase, count the units sold. Now, did they lie, hell no. Stop grasping for straws.

And based on vgchart numbers (I'm sure they can't be trusted this week.) The 360 sold 2.3mil while the PS3 sold 1.3 mil. Now, that may not be 2:1, but it is a 1 million unit difference; which equates with about 60 million more dollars made. So, twist, and tweak the numbers however you please. But, based on what MS said, there is more GTAs being sold on the 360 than the PS3.

RiceBoy3873d ago

xbox 360 DLC for gta4 big whoop! why bother when theres online gameplay

tokugawa3873d ago

there was an article from the uk saying that the 360 sold more software copies. and the ps3 saw a rise in hardware by 127% and the 360 saw a rise of 125%.

but at the end of the day...does it really matter??

jadenkorri3873d ago

GTA4 for 360 sold more, get over it, i would hope they would with 17 million consoles out compared to the 12 million that sony has, however the attach rate is a good thing to bring up in the argument that more PS3 owners bought GTA4 on PS3 compared to the 360...Which is true if you crunch the numbers, but its not gonna change the fact that MS sold more copies compared to ps3. thou they did not outsell sony 2-1, i believe it read it was 4-3 in favor of 360, but still it makes me wonder about that 50 million MS paid for extra DLC...Did it make an impact, and in all honestly, I don't think it did....MS would of sold this many regardless if they had the extra DLC......

Rock Bottom3872d ago

Most people here can't tell the deference between lieing and misleading, this sis sad.

Silver3603872d ago

Is that people will buy a PS3 just to play this game. If you love GTA you are buying a PS3 or 360 right now so it isn't about install base it is about game sales.

potenquatro3872d ago

i don't think they lied,but they are trying to spin.sad when companies have to spin but they all do. this is pure fanboy bait.

samfk3872d ago

cmon whoever runs this sight the bickering is tiresome and most of the time its guesswork! tell me when the newest info on a top game is heard of!! not another fanboy war story yawwwwwwwwwwn

Feihc Retsam3872d ago

The high PS3 attach rate was probably due largely to the lack of good games on the PS3. The PS3 fans have wandering in the desert, and GTA IV was the drink they'd been waiting for.

The Xbox 360 consumers have had a string of good games to buy, and Microsoft has managed to pull in a good amount of casual gamers that aren't necessarily the same people that are into what GTA has to offer.

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Relcom3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Is it really surprising that microsoft tends to lie about things. Lots of companies do it but they are ACE at it.

I say we all wait for the NPD, that'll settle it

titntin3873d ago

For the last time - NPD is America only!!!!

Maybe thats all you care about, but it is simply not showing anything about what is happening elsewhere on the planet, and believe it or not, there are other important markets in the world!

This article talks about Chart Track, which is the most reliable set of sales results for the UK - the UK's 'NPD' if you like.
It's not the numbers that are disputed by this article. Its how those numbers are used. So other sources of figures are not what this is about.

Microsoft are rightly saying they have sold more copies, this article rightly points out that actually a higher proportion of owners bought it on the PS3.

Both points of view are valid, certainly if you are a marketing man.

3873d ago
ice_prophecy3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

I disagree with your blatantly short sighted statement. I also feel that I need not to justify my reasons for this.

It is a matter of perspective.

IceVenti3873d ago

its not like they make videogame consoles. leave the big talk to US and Japan, tose are the only 2 i care about. if u wanna feel important, make a videogame console and join the big boys

Ghoul3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

@ iceventi

i applaud your complete ignorance, its not like the europeans inventing 80% of your so called us technology in the firstplace. Europe is the 2nd largest gamesmarket and we will pwn your us butts in marketshares pretty soon.

im tired of this us-centric worldview.

grow up.

PR0NE3873d ago

@tintin why didn't you receive yet your tenth bubble, those evil mods... anyway, believe it or not, the European market is as big as the North American Market, and when you add Japan into the equation, you'll have an in-equation...

Unreal013873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

silly comments...

Lets face it, if we did bring out a console, it would have no competition :) Na, seriously though, you shouldnt undermine the UK, I agree with Ghoul, a lot of good things come from Europe.

And haha! Great pictures Ghoul :D

Lemons3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

... you complete and utter ignorant, if it wasn't for the UK you wouldn't even be playing GTA IV as developers Rockstar North are based just outside Edinburgh in Scotland. For the ignorant (now pay attention IceVenti) Scotland is a part of the UK.

Next time, try to apply a little thought before you go banging those knuckle dragging fists of ham on to your computer. That way, it is possible (though doubtful) that something remotely coherent may spew forth.

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LaChance3873d ago

how stupid this article is.

BY the way MSFT sold more copies of GTA4.period.

Ace Ventura3873d ago

Yea, and they should have by ALOTTTT more than they ahve... they are going to BARELYYYY beat the PS3. Its a joke. And PS3 is selling tons more hardware.

If GTA 5 makes it to the Xbox 360, which if you listen to the CEo of doesn't sound like it will, but if it does, PS3 will EASILY beat it in sales.

ps3 is now BARELY losing to the XBox 360 in Worldwide software sales on a weekly basis... They get beaten by 100,000-300,000 every week... THAT'S NOTHING.

PS3 has taken over only 1.3 years into its life. Move along BOTS.

Kleptic3873d ago

who ever questioned if the PS3 would sell more hardware for GTAIV? was guaranteed more or less that the GTAIV would move more playstation 3 units worldwide than 360s...a territory or two may have moved more 360s over the last few weeks, but most retailers were claiming PS3 hardware sales at double that of the 360...its just a factor of MGS4 being out next month...who on earth would pick DLC for fall over MGS4 for early summer?...

TheOutsider3872d ago

Wow, Your a dumbass!!Play B3yond!!

SlappyMcTaint3872d ago

Well DUHHHH!! Simple numbers: there are more 360's out there than PS3's. What's important (what this article is about), and maybe more than your brain can comprehend is that out of all the PS3 owners, more have bought GTA4 than 360 owners have.

for example, let's say there are 100 PS3 owners, 60 have bought GTA4. If there are 100 360 owners, only 40 have bought GTA4.

Get it?

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power of Green 3873d ago

Per console? WTF, What does that even mean?. If PS3 sold 50 copies of something and 360 is selling 100 of something that means PS3 is getting beat.

DomUltra3873d ago

You should join a support group, I haven't seen anyone cry as much as you on N4G.

TheEndzor3873d ago

You xbots dont know anything about the industry

its not just simple numbers

you have to do a little math to see who is doing well. perhaps the math is a little hard?

BeaArthur3873d ago

power of Green...typically I don't post in the open zone, and I am really trying not to insult you, but how do you not know what per console means?

power of Green 3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Stop dissagreeing the 360 sold more copies period. lol. will fanboys use this excuse for now on? will the devs care about hard numbers I think yes. Sony losing when the PS2 made GTA what it is; is the real issue.

BeaArthur: I normally don't respond to common sense remarks but it was a figure of speech in repsonse to a poor spin or excuse by this media outlet and PS3 fanboys.

Lets say we flip the PS3 and 360 fanbase numbers around and lets say Halo 4 was multi platform and PS3 sold more copies of that version but the smaller 360 base had purchased more copies per console but the PS3 still sold more due to the bigger fanbase, that doesn't matter to anybody but fanboys.

TheEndzor3873d ago

We disagree because you make no sense and you make unintelligent assumptions.

Devs care about numbers yes but the attach rates are just as important as total numbers.

To make it simple if Console A has 10million units and sold 1million GTA
Console B has 1million units and sold 500k GTA

which console sold better?

BeaArthur3873d ago

power of Green...well then you might want to take more care when you post comments. You clearly asked what per console means, which makes you look kind of simple.

Spinner3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Really? This is the same tactic you xbots use when it comes to Japanese sales number ... is it really a surprise to you?

And @ PoG: Notice how M$ can't talk about sales numbers outside of the UK ... could it be it's because they were obliterated again? :)

power of Green 3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

You sure about that? your comprehension skills seem *simple* the post makes the point" and points out that the remark was a figure of speech when the comment goes on to suggest that the news post was a poor excuse and only units sold matter to anybody except fanaitcs, this franchise should have helped Sony to a defaul victory in units sold even DMC4 pulled off a better start for Sony.

*Simple* is your poor excuse to try and cover up your intent which was to attack me for what I was saying.

Got to put you on ignor for being too *simple* now even the rabid PS3 fanboys make more sense than you do.

JadeTyrant3873d ago

Xboys are always screaming "attach rate is higher" on 360, but when the attach rate for GTA4 is higher on PS3, then they choose to ignore that argument

360: highest attach rate
PS3: except for GTA4
360: attach rates don't mean anything

BeaArthur3873d ago

power of Green...okay now I'm just going to call you dumb. I was never referencing the article at all, I was referencing your comment. And I was never trying to cover up anything. I was blatantly attacking your stupid question and your apparent inability to comprehend the idea of "per console" . If you being sarcastic (or whatever your excuse was) then you did a poor job of it.

caffman3873d ago

say that you have 10 green eggs and 10 blue eggs. You sell 10 green eggs to 10 people out of 100 and 7 blue eggs to 7 people out of 100. You have sold more green eggs than blue eggs. So the green egg is more successful. You can't sell anymore green eggs than you have even though that 100 people might want them.
This is the end of maths for beginners.

power of Green 3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

I see this news post is being used for PS3 fanboys to vent their anger from GTA 4 being superior on 360 and PS3 AAA's being delayed and exposed for what they really are taken down from their godly status.

Go find the MSFT's remarks stating the 360 is kicking Sony's ass in copies sold per console numbers then come back and attack me when you prove me wrong.

We know we know: when things go wrong with Sony, attack MSFT and their fans.

Kleptic3873d ago

POG...they are talking about the attatch rates that you mindless idiots never shut up about...

a higher percentage of PS3 owners bought GTAIV than 360 marketing...thats a big deal...

that further proves that the 360's EPIC software sales are simply a matter of it having a higher installed the PS3 catches the 360 in overall units, which it clearly has been doing, it will begin to move more software than the 360...

to put it in words that your feeble mind would understand...PS3 owners are buying more than movies...

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