Grand Theft Auto IV, first week sales: Halo 3 is still the champion

Now that one week has gone since GTA IV release, the statistic for the GTA IV sales the first week has been released on
If we take GTA IV on both consoles and compares it with Halo 3, then GTA IV would of course win, but since Halo 3 is exclusive for Xbox 360, should we not compare GTA IV side by side with Halo 3 one console at a time?
Well then it shows that GTA IV has sold about 3.3 millions copies on Xbox 360, and about 2.65 million copies on PS3.
The conclusion is still that Halo 3 is the leader of first week sales with a crushing 3.75 million copies sold the first week

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sonarus3877d ago

combined sales surpass halo 3. But 360 sales do not. Halo 3 had more marketing power and is an exclusive game so this really shouldn't surprise anyone.

sonarus3877d ago

PS3 install base hasn't grown much since halo 3. Halo 3 was responsible for their massive xmas season and they have been on a decline since then.

cloud3603877d ago

what an idiot u are

halo 3 had mroe marketing power!!!

everyone knows GTA4 is the most over hyped game of all time becuase its like a consolne saviour/survivior liek ffvii was for the ps1

GTA4 iz teh scuk 1111

Time Lord3877d ago

so much so that my father who is 60, and never played single game in his long life, wanted to try it.

KingME3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )


Did your father want to try it because of the ads on TV intrigued him, or because of the amount of money MS pumped into marketing it. Also, exactly how much money did MS spend? Also please provide the GTA IV marketing spreadsheets for comparison purposes.


Your friends at N4G.

@tamd (Below)

Did you even check the rating on Halo 3 before you spewed that out, or is this how you respond to everything. (Spurting out non-sense)

JasonPC360PS3Wii3877d ago

decline? 360 sales have increased in europe do to the price cut, 360 has taken back NA, and game sales continue to dominate all gaming platforms combined.

sonarus: declined is a fantasy word for PS3 fans that still live in denial, while driving to work everyday in never never land.

"decline" would be Blu-Ray movie and stand alone player sales, the 360 has been nothing but progressive from day one.

sonarus3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

But they are not selling as much as they were when halo 3 came out. Hence the sales declined as expected once the halo effect wore off.

Overall yr to yr, their sales are about the same, maybe a little bit more maybe a little bit less but they are still being outsold by a more expensive console? So go figure

chaosatom3333877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

xbox does not equal gta.

xbox = halo.
see the argument here?

xbox does not equal third person games.

xbox = FPS games

see the argument here?

RecSpec3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Eh, marketing doesn't really draw nongamers in,

Most non-gamers I've converted have been due to first hand experience, time with the Guitar Hero controller, dance pad, DS, etc.

Then again, it's easier for them to jump in because there are those cheap plug and play things as a gateway drug into gaming.
I got my 6 year old cousin one for her birthday, a week later, my aunt and uncle are going, ok what exactly do we need to play this. (referring to my console version of GHIII) and of course the answer is a lot simpler than they think.

Of course more non-gamers are talking about it because of the face time on news and magazines, not cause of the marketing. Heck, even local news stations are interested, and not in that "Look at this weird thing" No, they are treating it like a big movie launch.

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mabreu3877d ago

Just kidding. Seriously though, good move by R* to release this game on both platforms.

Breakfast3877d ago

they sure did cash

Deadman643877d ago

Ridiculous amounts of GTA:IV sold, and ridiculous amounts of Halo 3 sold.

aaquib3877d ago

Those thoughtful, sensible comments belong in the Gamer Zone. You're not a useless, mindless fanboy. Therefore, head to the Gamer Zone at once!

Meus Renaissance3877d ago

1 in 2 Xbox 360 owners bought Halo 3 upon its launch

Bnet3433877d ago

That's more then you'll ever get in your life.