Final Fantasy XIV 6th Most Tweeted Hashtag in Japan in 2013; PS4 and Wii U Head To Head

The Twitter trend rankings for 2013 in the west were pretty dry in terms of gaming content, but Japanese Twitter users seem to be more interested in gaming, and that reflected in the local twitter trends.

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SonyCloud1630d ago

Multiply your Effort SquareEnix!

imXify1630d ago

PS4 ahead, and it isn't even out !!!

theizzzeee1630d ago

It's just a hashtag. Since the PS4 is new out and soon to be there it makes sense. It will be interesting to see how it does there with few games out that would appeal to the Japanese market in large numbers.

imXify1630d ago

I know that well. It's just to say that the console is subject to many discussions.

CAB18021630d ago

Are you people serious about this? why do you think the PS4 will sell good in Japan while the 3DS and Wii U are dominating it

dcj05241630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Because its playstation. Plain and simple. Many japanese gamers like team orientated games like Killzone and battlefield.

CAB18021630d ago

Um, if Battlefield and Killzone and Call Of Duty Ghost Sell in Japan, they will die in 3 weeks in Japan. While games like Pikmin, Mario, Xenoblade only die in 2 months in Japan

Kurisu1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

I think FFXIV will do wonders for PS4 in Japan. The beta is launching with the PS4, and I'm sure many Japanese gamers are looking forward to the first next gen FF. I guess it's not true next gen because it's cross gen, but still. Many will like to upgrade from PS3.

Tito081629d ago

And let's not forget about Yakuza Ishin. The Japanese launch might turn better than in US and UK, who knows..

BosSSyndrome1630d ago

Playstation is a popular brand in Japan, just like Nintendo. The thing that doesn't sell there is Xbox.

Snookies121630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Um, the Wii U is dominating because the PS4 hasn't come out there yet... Don't get me wrong, I really adore the Wii U from what I've played of it. However, with that said, it's going to get left in the dust when PS4 comes out there.

MrTimesplitters1630d ago

WOW you are really funny once Mario Kart, Smash Brothers, and X comes out in Japan we will see which console gets left in the dust and thats not even including the long rumored Pokemon Wii U game and the rumored Animal Crossing game in 2015 (maybe). Japaneses gamers are way different then western gamers. They go where good games are, and don't buy systems based on hype, and thats the truth.

Snookies121630d ago

I'm funny? Okay... I'm just stating what will most likely happen based on the current situation. The Wii U has been out for a while in Japan. It hasn't been doing all that well. The way you put your comment seems to indicate that you think I'm against the Wii U. Which is entirely false. Again, I adore the Wii U from what I've played of it. I'm simply inferring that the PS4 will almost assuredly lead the pack in Japan. If America/Europe is any indication of how numbers will go once released.

Tito081629d ago

How is it that Wii & 3DS dominating when PS4 isn't even out in the region? You make no sense, oh yeah, you're WiiUMasterRace, a deluded fanboy.

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