Playing WoW With no Hands

On a project at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK which cooperates with University of Tampere, Finland have expanded on the "Gaze" technology you might (or might not) have heard of, which controls your pc with your eyes. The research team lead by Stephen Vickers have taken the Gaze to the next level, where it is tested in WoW.

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Leord3817d ago

It would be very helpful even to non-handicapped people with an extra set of game controls, that you could use with your eyes. Further implementation of this would be very cool.

Fallen_Angel3816d ago

I got to disagree playin any mmo like that be bad. Those things are worse then drugs you play non stop till you pass out half the time. Think about using "gaze" after you been playing for like 12 plus hours and your eye start getting heavy. ya not good

Timesplitter143816d ago

would be good as a way to control a special feature of a game, but not the whole game.

Leord3816d ago

I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be more tired in your eyes than if you were playing normally. Do you realize that you move your eyes like 10 times a second normally?

Maticus3816d ago

I can't see you would be able to control every aspect of the game. It would be handy for grinding, but imagine trying to PvP with it.