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Submitted by bunt-custardly 771d ago | video

Xbox One Offline Play here's what you can and cannot do (video)

A video which looks at what can and cannot be done on Xbox One when in an offline state of play. (Xbox One)

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NatureOfLogic   771d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
XiSasukeUchiha  +   771d ago
Only games ! that actually pretty good, and some games are stripped!
But achievements really X360 thing that didn't online now it online too?
Dmr still usuable cool, but can u upload it to Youtube without internet!?
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UnHoly_One  +   770d ago
How could you upload anything without internet?? lol
Thatlalala  +   770d ago
Do you even cloud power bro?
UltimateMaster  +   770d ago
The real article should be named:
What can you do without Xbox Gold Live.
-Media Services like Youtube, Netflix and others.
-Streaming with Twitch needs Xbox Gold Live permission.
-Video Chatting at and likes needs Xbox Gold Live.

Essentially, everything is behind an additional paywall. It's sh*t. You pay for something you'd normally get for free.
All those features can be done for free on the PS3 and PS4.
user5575708  +   770d ago

not even just ps3/ps4 but wii, wiiU, PC, android and iphone, ipad, smart TV

xbox is the only one with a paywall
jackanderson1985  +   771d ago
except for the achievements (which is admittedly odd) did they really need to make a video saying that online dependent apps and games aren't useable/playable if you don't have internet?

to sum it up for those who want to save 7 mins of their lives... apps that require internet like store, netflix, youtube etc aren't accessable... all your gaming content is except the online multiplayer part... and for some odd reason pins (think that has something to do with them only being stored on the "cloud") and the achievements (thought i heard MS say both are stored on the system and cloud but meh) also aren't available
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DOMination-  +   770d ago
I noticed the other day when I didn't have internet that the ps4 needs to be connected to view trophies. With X1 you can view but not earn them offline which is really stupid.. but I uear the achievements you earn offline pop when you connect and are playing the game. Not an ideal solution though imo
Welshy  +   770d ago
The PS4 doesn't need to be online to view trophies.

I use Virgin Media in the UK and my service went down for an hour for maintenance, i was still able to view my trophies and also earn them in NFS Rivals while i waited on the service to turn back on no problem.

I'm unsure whether you can earn achievements on Xbone while offline but you can see clearly in the video you can't access them at all while offline to view at least.

No need to go making stuff up about PS4 in an Xbone feature article.
GadgetGooch  +   771d ago
That video seriously made me mad, why the hell would u be able to play online on BF4 or COD or access internet based apps if u have NO access to the internet...What was the point in that video at all...pointless...not being able to access your achievements or pins is pretty crap but apart from that it operates exactly how I thought it would operate.....rubbish article....pointless....
despair  +   771d ago
You are a good example of a rabid fanboy. Nowhere in the video did he say he was disappointed or expected anything otherwise when it came to online features while playing offline. He was just covering all bases and yet you take it like an attack.
lonewolfjedi  +   771d ago
wtf no achievements thats dumb as hell. you sneaky bastards putting achievements behind the xbox live wall
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cl1983  +   770d ago
You have to be connected to the internet to see them since that info sinked to the cloud network it isn't hidden behind a pay wall.
TheRedButterfly  +   770d ago
Bro… Xbox LIVE Silver.
Godmars290  +   771d ago
Kind of odd that of offline features the thing he only really talks about are the online features.
ssj4wolf   771d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
S-T-F-U   771d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
despair  +   771d ago
What about demos, I heard something about some demos (Dead Rising 3 was the one I heard), not working offline. I can't verify since I don't have an X1 (yet) can anyone help me out here?
SLUG  +   771d ago
i have live and i have no problems at all in xbo
Ashby_JC  +   770d ago
I would suspect that a internet dependent device would be almost useless without a internet connection.

Things such as my tablet I wouldnt want to use without a wifi connection...same with my cell.

The days of consoles w/o internet are gone. You need to have a internet connection and hopefully PS plus and/or XBL Gold.
MAULxx  +   770d ago
Why should it be dependent on internet? It doesn't unless your a multiplayer junkie.
IDK about the xbone but I can play PS4 offline.
If internet is ever required to play a single player game then I'll find a new hobby.
UnHoly_One  +   770d ago
"You're" not "your"

And it can play games offline just fine.

The point ashby was trying to make is that in this day and age people use their gaming consoles for a lot more than gaming, and 75% of that requires an internet connection.

You could make a video just like this for the 360, PS3, or PS4, and the video would be just as pointless. Hell, make one for your smartphone, tablet, and PC while you're at it.

HUGE SHOCKER!! I can't use YouTube on my PC without Internet!!!

It's a good thing my internet is working, or right now I'd be making a video about N4G not being accessible from my iPad without it.

Christ people, why is this "story" even approved?
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Ashby_JC  +   770d ago
Sure you could play your PS4 OFF LINE without the internet. But it would be a very limited experience.

I do feel that some SP games are going to take a hit ...meaning I can already see some SP games needing the internet and I agree 100% with you that it sucks. NBA2K14 comes to mind.

Pretty much most of what its used for requires a internet connection.

YES you can get some single player games (disc based) but alot of games are accessing servers even for SP (NBA2K12, FORZA 5).

So yeah I can play without the internet but personal preference...I wouldnt want to EVER.

I do so much now with the XB1 that without the internet hooked up to it I can honestly say I would not have made the purchase if I had no internet access.

Back in the day...NES, PS2, XBOX, atari, sega genesis, dreamcast..etc etc...basically BEFORE the internet existed or was in its infancy as far as being in most could game and play all day and it was not a big deal.

Even when systems did start having online enabled games (Dreamcast, PS2) the games that had online werent vast...I remember playing a hell of alot of SOCOM 1 and 2.

I remember hooking up my Dreamcast to dial up the first time. I was like WOW im playing against another real person!! lol
TheRedButterfly  +   770d ago
@Ashby_JC I'd say that OG Xbox was both the end of the "back in the day" era and the start of the "online gaming" era (as far as consoles were concerned).

Xbox LIVE was revolutionary, and we mostly have Halo 2 to thank for that! Bungie worked hand-in-hand with Microsoft to develop the friend's list/"party" features, as well as a major part of what evolved into the Matchmaking everyone knows, loves, and uses today.

Such a great time to be a gamer! Leading up to that was also amazing, but as someone who didn't have enough friends (and/or resources) to support LAN play, XBL offered me a completely new experience.

urwifeminder  +   770d ago
Offline lmao how old school been there done that for years it does not feel fresh playing offline by yourself.
Ashby_JC  +   770d ago
If my new next gen console never had a internet connection from launch I can say I wouldnt have used it as much as I am WITH a internet connection.

The days of strictly gaming devices...that JUST play games are over.

Sure SONY markets the PS4 as a games first system BUT to get the full bang out of need to have it ONLINE.
MAULxx  +   768d ago
I'm mainly a single player gamer. Even SP games that have multiplayer, I hardly even touch the MP portion. I do enjoy some coop from time to time though.
I don't like the idea of my games being internet required. What if I want to cancel my internet at some point? There are other situations as well where I might want to be able to game over at a friends house without internet connectivity.
I buy physical games on disc. I don't want physical games that are really digital which is essentially what they would be if they relied on net connection. I buy my game collection to last for generations. I still play physical PS1 games & it's awesome I can do that.
If SP games become internet reliant then I will have no reason to buy a game. Now, I'm not talking about indie games or remastered digital games. I'm not in total opposition of digital games. They have their place but full $60 retail games, I want to be able to play them whenever & without restrictions. I want that freedom to have a collection that will last. I'm not into games that go poof or vaperware.
MasterCornholio  +   770d ago
I'm just happy that they got rid of their previous DRM policies.
JackB99  +   770d ago
Must be a slow news day. I'd like to test all this out, but since I received my launch Xbox One, I've never been without the internet...

That and the fact it would be a horrific waste of my time. Just like this video. I don't live in a cabin in the woods. I haven't been without internet for years. And if it did go out, I'd do something else for a day. Like go outside. Try it sometime. There is a sun up in the sky. It's cool.
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feraldrgn  +   770d ago
In the words of Albert Penello:

Ulf  +   770d ago
You'd have to be pretty dull to get any new info from this video. I recommend strongly against clicking it.
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