Hitachi's 2.5-Inch HDD Does 7200rpm Speeds With 5400rpm Power

Fujitsu might have been the first to introduce a 2.5" 7200rpm hard drive with 320GB capacity, but Hitachi is hot on their trail. Today, Hitachi announced that they too have a quick lil'-drive, the Travelstar 7K320. The HDD will support the same SATA 3Gbps interface as the Fujitsu, but will supposedly use less power. With only a 1.8 watt read/write power draw and a 0.8 watt low power idle, Hitachi claims the 7200rpm 7K320 power consumption is on par with their 5400rpm models. So if you were set on getting a faster 2.5" 320GB HD for your notebook, Hitachi's version should be available in a few weeks with a $219 price tag. Press release after the jump.

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DomUltra3872d ago

Ahhh, too bad it's too fast for the ps3, doesn't meet safety regulation :( heat wise.

Trek52003872d ago

Hey Dom could you explain please? I have a 60gig and have been thinking of upgrading, what are the limitations?

kornbeaner3872d ago

Considering that it uses the same amount of power as a 5400rpm, I think, heat wise their shouldn't (Keyword) be a problem.

I'll keep my eye on this one, this might just be my new replacement HDD for a launch 60gig.

Brizla3872d ago

Just ordered the Hitachi Travelstar 5k250. 250 gb sata internal 2.5"hd,that runs at 5400 rpm which the hd that comes with the ps3 runs at so that should be fine.I put a 120 gb fujitsu hd drive in my dads to keep him happy so I went for a bigger one.If your interested Trek check out cause that's where im ordering my Hitachi hd from for £64.99 which isnt so bad.