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Submitted by krackchap 2837d ago | preview

New MGS4 preview: The biggest PS3 game of the year proves its status.

snippets from playstaion official magazine's preview of MGS4

Call it the circle of life, PS3 style. On June 12, one of gaming's most beloved franchisees comes to a conclusion in what's arguably the most ambitious console game so far. Yet on the very same day-a day of brilliant ending-the Playstation 3 will come of age.

Through platform demonstrations in the battle for next gen mindshare, MGS4 has become the poster child for PS3 potential. But with such high hopes from so many parties, could one game really live up to all of the lofty expectations
The answer, simply put, is YES.

The very opening cutscene demonstrates high end, modern cinematic style that prevails to the end. The attention to visual detail in every character, environment and effect is simply mesmerizing- even the desert fatigues are astoundingly realistic. This Middle Eastern environment teems with realistic details that could have been culled from CNN's coverage of the war in Iraq.

At its heart, MGS4 is a simple story about saving the world from the one main bad guy intent on destroying it. It's weaving; winding exposition explains snake's Werner syndrome symptom as well as the various other unanswered questions from the past games

Watching characters move with astonishing realism, execute tactical maneuvers against your position and work together as military personnel should is simply stunning.

Its all part of the balancing act that MGS4 seems to have nailed- an elegant balance that will also affect millions of gamers when the conclusion of the key franchisee will also signal the beginning of a new era for PS3

have merely scratched the surface of what you'll get to experience in the full game. So much is still unsaid, unrevealed, that you shouldn't think that you know every detail of what to expect come june 12. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3)

Cadence  +   2837d ago
this this is a game
of all the game that i have seen on the ps3 as far as now, everyone should put both there hands up and say 10 of 10 cause is awesome it makes me wanna cry for real i need to get my hands on this game as soon as it comes out if not am gonna kill my self O.o!!!
sonarus  +   2837d ago
every preview seems to say it lives up to expectation. Expectations for this game are high as i have beeb anticipating this game for yrs. The release is upon us ppl:D
TresTrendu  +   2837d ago
60 buck's for a movie, i will pass.
sonarus  +   2837d ago
Keep on singing that tired MGS movie line if it makes you feel better.
jwatt  +   2837d ago
That is what makes mgs4 so great the mix of gameplay with great story telling through it's cut scenes. The cut scenes in MGS give the game so much emotion and it is probably why there won't be any game as big and epic as MGS4, not even GTA4.
theKiller  +   2837d ago
MGS4 is game to have without doubt
it is the game of the year of ps3 and maybe of all platforms,
i can understand if someone has doubts in buying GTA4 but not MGS4, its a master piece game, action stealth and movie like game!! u will have a lot of emotions in MSG4 more than GTA4, GTA4 is about having fun and doing bad things, MGS4 is about u going to another world, the world of snake and that is one of the best characters of gaming of all time!
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AlterEgo  +   2837d ago
once again.

this game...

i don't know what else to say.

i simply don't know what to say.
CrazyMystical  +   2837d ago
not too long before soon
i cant freaking wait playing the beta & using snake for just one game/mode gave me such a rush it builds on my hype.
pp  +   2837d ago
WRONG sony droids the biggest game of the year will go to GEARS OF WAR 2 i'm sorry to break the news
TheEndzor  +   2837d ago
@pp Pants

every time you post a comment that is all we see.

GoW2 will be a great game but MGS4 is a Masterpiece

That is the difference. deal with it
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DomUltra  +   2837d ago
PP The Retard, is at every single piece of PS3 news, seriously fυck off down syndrome boy.
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Phil Harrison Mklll  +   2837d ago
pp how do you type this stuff while your being breastfed?
juuken  +   2837d ago
Would you shutup about Gears of War 2?
This is getting to be a bit annoying. MGS4 comes out before your Gears of War. You're just mad that this game will probably be THE best game in the history of gaming.

And the xababies continue to cry, and wail, and cry some more.
TheEndzor  +   2837d ago
Epic just Epic
Instant GOTY

I already pre-ordered my copy

This is a must have for all ps3 owners

even some of my xbot friends are buying a ps3 just for this game
games4fun  +   2837d ago
if gta4
can get a ten then mgs4 better get one as well and if it doesnt i'll still buy it regardless

i'm saying this because gta4 although great is stunning from a technical standpoint (endorphin engine and size of city). But the singleplayer imo is not even in the same league as mgs series.
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jwatt  +   2837d ago
That's what I'm saying gta is a great game I guess the multiplayer help push it to a 10 but mgs4 has multiplayer too which is good. But the single player in mgs4 is going to be so huge that I'm looking into getting an hd tv and surround sound to get the best experience I can.
RecSpec  +   2837d ago
Technically MGS4 doesn't have multiplayer. Metal Gear Online is classified as a separate game.
Le-mo  +   2837d ago
Got mine preordered and the release date is two days after my graduation. I have all summer to enjoy this masterpiece.
Will-UK  +   2837d ago
one of the best games coming out this year
sonarus  +   2837d ago
I seriously doubt any game can top MGS4 in my eyes for a while
crimsonfox  +   2837d ago
i think this the best game
of the year even if xderfs want to call it a movie its the best damn movie movie ive seen haha i want to know what happens
games4fun  +   2837d ago
i just read
the source and c'mon its a post in a forums, why was this passed?
SUP3R  +   2837d ago
I thought the same thing.
Mike134nl  +   2837d ago
Sounds awesome, just hoping my expectations won't be too high.
phalanges  +   2837d ago
Rumor of REVIEW?
Was this the magazine that was going to review the game?
resistance100  +   2837d ago
This preview looks like its from the US version of the Playstation mag, the UK version HAS the MGS4 review and is being released on Friday.
clintos59  +   2837d ago
This game is going to be big man sadly ppl are underestimating its greatness....
The reviews for this game should be as high as GTA4 reviews, because from what we have heard so far, the game almost seems, "FLAWLESS" from every preview hands on from IGN, Gamepro, 1up, Edge, and a few other sites. I cant wait to get this game, I been enjoying the MGO beta and like one of the other users said, it is just a head rush when using snake in the beta because u can just feel a bit how the game is going to be. :)
TresTrendu  +   2837d ago
Ok well i feel otherwise on the MGO beta, i tried to suck it up for a few hour's but uninstalled and cancled my pre-order. I despise the control's....Just IMO
GaMr-  +   2837d ago
BRO "TresTrendu"
Give up You have been trolling for a response since the first post. Half these guys probably have you ignored and the other half probably just know your trolling and don't care. Yea.. 60 bucks for a'll pass... yada yada yada...MGS is horrible game. You canceled your pre-order. OMG your comment just made me cancel mine too.

STFU and GTFO. no one cares if you buy MGS4 or not. But us PS3 owners are gunna be enjoying what will probably be one of the biggest games of the year. While you sit here and troll N4G and whatever other sites you troll on.

bootsielon  +   2837d ago
"WRONG sony droids the biggest game of the year will go to GEARS OF WAR 2 i'm sorry to break the news "

Are you kidding? How can you possibly even try to compare GoW2 to MGS4? The difference in production values is HUGE. The time to make each one is huge. DVD9 game vs. BD50 game? How do you expect GoW2 to beat that and to beat the excitement in all of the press? GoW2 wishes to even be better than GTAIV (since that one had to be forced to fit on a DVD9).
DomUltra  +   2837d ago
After a disappointing GTA4 launch (not saying its a bad game, it was actually great) I'm hoping MGS4 will blow my pants off, extremely high expectations for this game.
bob1234567  +   2837d ago
Does 1 even need words for such a game ?

MGS1 = Regarded as 1 of the best PS1 games of all time (Opinion: IT IS )
MGS2 = Best opening game for PS2 and 1 of the best
MGS3 = Regarded as 1 of the best on PS2 and my fav game of all time
MGSPO = 1 of the best games on PSP
MGS4 = Soon to be best on PS3 and take MGS3's title of my fav game of all time

At this point kojima letting us down is as rare. This game will deliver no doubt.......
mabreu  +   2837d ago
This brings a smile to my face.
Metal Gear Solid is the perfect example of what an ambitious exclusive title for the PS3 can deliver to gamers. Any multi-platform game for the PS3 will never achieve such complexity and detail that MGS4 demonstrates. Game developers and publishers should learn from this game.

This makes me wonder about a lot of games that are released for both PS3 and 360. I feel that most of the development for multi-platform games lose a lot of potential to become even greater. The use of processing power of the cell, the 50 gig amount of data on a single Blu-Ray disc, and the use of a standard hard drive is all pushed aside because it needs to be developed for the 360.

I hope I don't angry 360 gamers but thats just my opinion.
RecSpec  +   2837d ago
I just realized that I go on vacation on the 15th of June, I'm going out of town...goddamnit.

Hopefully MGS4 is remote play capable! (that...was a joke)
resistance100  +   2837d ago
This will be something special, however imo with Killzone not out til 09, its got to compete with LBP for Ps3's biggest game
FourtyPoundSteak  +   2837d ago
Little Big Planet will be great, but i dont see it running with MGS.
juuken  +   2837d ago
Sweet God, this game is...I don't even know what to say.
Kojima, you better be satisfied.
jinn  +   2837d ago
but i dont think anyone will go back and replay the whole thing
28121986  +   2837d ago
What a ma ka lund this guy is
Most of this stuff is already everywhere...The need of the hour is to get actual gameplay stuff...not itsy bitsy useless snippets
Alvadr  +   2837d ago
Been so busy with GTA that I forgot this game was coming out so soon. Just over a month away arrghh! An awesome time to own a PS3!
DarkSniper  +   2837d ago
Microsolaves continue to wait for a quality product on their Waitbox 360. Dark Sniper knows where all of the AAA games are going. PLAYSTATION®3.

Britjadg  +   2837d ago
dude, this consistant referring to urself in third person is disturbing!

on topic: role on june 12th!
Angelitos  +   2837d ago
A must have game
sumfood4u  +   2837d ago
Both games is AAwesome, i'm just waiting for Final Fantasy XIII!
FourtyPoundSteak  +   2837d ago
Metal Gear Solid
I can truly say is the best story ever told in a video game... I never played a game with such emotion and cliff hangers that make you crave to know what happens next that isnt a RPG. MGS4 will stun the world when released.

Go Snake! best anti-hero ever created.

"I'm no hero... never was. I'm just an old killer... hired to do some wetwork."

omg i cant wait... my fanboyism for MGS is showing right now, but some games just make you do that. and i hope you guys enjoy MGS as much as i will.
Scions Wrath  +   2837d ago
Metal Gear Solid always delivers and the story is great, i can't wait to see how it all ends!
Run_bare  +   2836d ago
Limited Edition MGS4 for Australia
That's it, no more trailers, nor any MGS4 advertising for me. It's killing me already, i wish i could sleep until June 12th.

BTW, i preorderd mine on EB Games (the Special/Limited Edition one), but they are not sure if Australian will get the Limited Edition one ? does anyone know if Australia get the LE ??

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