2013 Has Been a Great Year for the 3DS

Pixelgate writes:

''If there’s one bad thing about the launch of the next generation consoles this year (as I live in Europe I can keep saying ‘next gen’ ’til the 29th!), it’s that they’ve overshadowed the fantastic year the 3DS has had. Nintendo’s once-doubted hand-held has had a stellar year thanks to a number of strong titles, but the chances are people wouldn’t have noticed how good 2013 has been for the 3DS. But that’s fine. In fact, its more than fine.''

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GamerEuphoria1572d ago

A link between worlds, Lugi's Mansion 2, Monster Hunter, Pokemon, Fire Emblem,Layton, Animal Crossing...just a few games that impressed me hugely this year. 3DS had it's best year yet!

WolfLeBlack1572d ago

I have to admit that the slew of good quality games released for the 3DS this past year has made me seriously consider picking a 3DS up.

Up until now portable gaming hasn't really been my cup of tea, but I had the pleasure of borrowing a friends 3DS with a few of the games you mentioned and had a blast!

TheFutureIsBlue1571d ago

I think if they keep this up it will be go down as one of the best handheld consoles and might even compete with N64 as far as great exclusives go.

Chrono1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

What do they have for this year though?

animegamingnerd1572d ago

hopefully monster hunter 4 localization

JonahNL1572d ago

Bravely Default, two Professor Laytons, Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Smash Bros. and Yoshi's New Island. Not a lot yet, if you think about it, but we'll probably see four-five announcements before or during E3.

DCfan1572d ago

SMT4 thats the sole reason for me to own a 3DS.

Concertoine1572d ago

Check out fire emblem as well... Also SMT soul hackers

DCfan1571d ago

Isn't Soul Hackers a sega saturn remake??

Concertoine1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Yeah its pretty good too. Also try etrian odyssey 4 and untold, more atlus goodness. And also bravely default is supposed to be good
No console is only worth owning 1 game for...

Inception1571d ago

You should check Bravely Default demo on eshop. It's really really good. Persona Q also got my interest.

Ripsta7th1572d ago

Pokemon really pushed consoles. I even saw some poeple buy the 2ds specifically for it

someoneagain61571d ago

> I even saw some poeple buy the 2ds specifically for it

Your post doesn't prove or disprove anything, and will be permanently and publicly available for all to see how useless you are to this conversation. It might as well be your epitaph: Here lies Ripsta7th, he can't tell the difference between anecdotal and empirical data.

Zerotino1571d ago

Honestly that's exactly what I did last week, already 60hrs logged into it so certainly a good buy.

MrTimesplitters1572d ago

Obviously its been the best year for the 3DS because it was the YEAR OF LUIGI.

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