Haze Demo Coming To US PlayStation Network Tomorrow (5/8/08)

Today, Ubisoft confirmed that a playable demo for Haze will be coming to the US PlayStation Store tomorrow. The demo was released yesterday on the European PlayStation Network, following the PlayStation Day event. The demo features a sample of the single-player campaign, online 2-4 player co-op (drop-in/drop-out play), and 2-player split-screen play.

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Bloodshedder3878d ago

got it from the uk store!

TheHater3878d ago

I have already download the demo from the EU Store, so I could care less. :)
But it great for the people that don't have an EU account, and want to play the demo

cybervike3878d ago

I created a EU account for this demo and played it but I don't recall seeing a 2-player split screen option. If that is the case I'll be re-downloading it from US store.

TresTrendu3878d ago

No reason to waste your bandwith on this turd.

Phil Harrison Mklll3877d ago

yeah it has got two player , played it last night. have 2 pads on before you start the demo[2 DS3 pads are the best] , and when the demo starts you will see on the right top of your screen it will say - press player 2.
i thought it was a good game , im buying it.
not sure if you can play the full game in off-line 4 player
split-screen mode tho? hope so

mustash20033878d ago

...the demo. Spent all last night downloading it (UK) and well, i am a tad disappointed. Not sure what I expected but gameplay is a bit...meh. Nectar is a nice idea but, hmm, dunno, doesn't work to well in practise. Its just another way to kill people. But I am of course just judging the demo.

gonzopia3878d ago

It's not a classic, but it is fairly solid. It's a better FPS than most I've seen. I really like the yellow, and the design of the weapons and armor. I'll be anxious to try the multiplayer. Whether or not I purchase the game will depend on how good that aspect is.

mustash20033877d ago

like the design of the game. It has very nice art direction, like the Mantel Troops. As for multi-player, haven't yet tried that. My connection kept cutting out. But if that's fairly solid, i might consider getting the game. Its just there is a few little things that i dont like about the game (demo). Such as its speed, can't say its that fast paced or that hectic compared to other shooters. But who am i to complain, Free Radical did Timesplitters:D

BeaArthur3878d ago

I'll definitely be trying it but I am a little suspect after hearing all the very average feedback.

digger183878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

woohoo..looks like Quaz51 made a mistake with Haze being 576P

He's now saying its: 1081P lmaoooo

Quaz51: "sorry finally i think Haze is 1920x1081 (little better than 1080p) with PiAA (a special AA method little better than 3xAA)"

I guess he like's to joke around :D

Varsarus3878d ago

Yeah, found out just then :P, dumb bots AHAHAHAHAHAHA

DomUltra3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Is he that retarded, seriously?

Could you give me a link please.

Varsarus3877d ago

Would this explain GTA IV resolutions???, probably won't, but curious

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The story is too old to be commented.