Sony Boss Talks Farm Animals and PlayStation 4

Kikizo's latest 1-1 interview with Sony's global PlayStation boss, on everything from farm animals to PlayStation 4. Executives like Kaz Hirai are media-trained up to their eyeballs, so Kikizo used certainly Jedi mind tricks to get him talking about everything from farm animals to PlayStation 4.

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Kaz Hirai3874d ago

Can you guess what it is, Sony Soldiers?
That's right..........PIGS!!!!!!!!!!

36 days until Judgment Day, Nazisoft!


PSWe603874d ago

good interview, congrats with the growing install base for the PlayStation 3

belal3874d ago

troll as mutch as he wants ;) do you have a problem with it so go to the gamer zone .

as for you kaz keep up the good work

Ace Ventura3874d ago

lol They are already working on the Playstation 4

PirateThom3874d ago

Most companies don't just release a product and then rest on it. They've probably been working on the PS4 from the PS3 launch.

Just like Microsoft will be, just like Nintendo will be.

TresTrendu3874d ago

Yeah i went behind the scene's they showed me a movie trailer and told me it was all in game footage. So i already bought one for 1700 buck's but i have to wait till 2115 to play any of the games. Only problem is i can't play it cause i don't have any HDcable's (cause it didn't come with any). Cause the have this cool online social experience the was showing me from a demo, It's called Retirement Home. You can buy new wheelchair's and walker's. And you can upgrade to new retirement home's.

feejo3874d ago

"And we certainly don't want to confuse the consumers once again"

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The story is too old to be commented.