Batman: Arkham Origins - Explaining Mr. Freeze DLC

IGN's DC Comics nerds sit down and delve into what they think the Batman: Arkham Origins Mr. Freeze DLC will be about.

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Ron661328d ago

Mr Freeze DLC for a game that freezes. Pun intended! :)

-Mezzo-1328d ago

LOL, TBH, it never froze on me.

ZILLA1328d ago

Like the new dlc but im hooked on the multiplayer.its ONLINE INSANITY!!!

OpieWinston1328d ago

They BETTER be working on a "Suicide Squad" game with Deathstroke leading it... I was convinced the game was going to be Deathstroke DLC...guess WB Montreal doesn't want me to put anymore money into Arkham origins.

ZombieKiller1327d ago

Just watched this animated series episode the other day. Looking forward to seeing Mr. Freeze's origins.