New WWE game exclusively for current-gen

The report says: "The WWE game titled Legends of WrestleMania developed and published by THQ and JAKKS is under way for current-gen consoles (ie PS3 and X360) for a release in March 2009. ..."

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PR0NE3871d ago

I'd like to see more people do this, hey slackers upgrade to current-gen consoles, i am not making you a game ( and possibly don't buy a Wii, kidding)

Will-UK3871d ago

they need to all upgrade to current gen


KozmoOchez3871d ago

the only non current gen system that is still being made is the ps2, and that's because people are still buying it. Also some of the games that are being made on it are still pretty good...

not everyone has the money to front out to get a new system yet and since there is no clear better system, a lot of people who get one, might miss out on a good game that comes out for the other system, which makes things worse b/c some people feel the need to buy all the systems, and again, money becomes an issue...

Basically i'm just saying its all about money...I still have my ps2 and still play ps2 games, but i have been playing mostly ps3 games, and only a few psp