10 Video Game Solutions For Power Outages, Blizzards, And More Wicked Winter Weather

GR - With yet another killer winter snow storm bearing down on the American north east, it can feel like all the pleasures of modern society are about to be wrenched from your cold, frozen fingers in an instant. When it'll happen, why it'll happen, and where it'll happen is ancillary to the biggest question:

How can you keep gaming?

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ftwrthtx1572d ago

Handhelds FTW!

Can even charge them with your car if you have a 12v convertor

dbjj120881572d ago

I'm gonna take my handhelds south to warmer weather.

ftwrthtx1572d ago

Stays pretty warm here in NorCal but man we could use some rain.

Wedge191572d ago

Score for handhelds. Located in Utah, I constantly have my Vita charged and ready to go in case of our extremely random outages and storms.