Nintendo Has 36 Months To Produce Something Eternal Darkness-Related To Retain The Trademark

Looks like Nintendo is going to have to put up or shut up with their Eternal Darkness trademark. The USPTO has seen Nintendo's request to extend the Eternal Darkness trademark, but has responded to that with a Statement of Use or Extension Request. This means Nintendo has 36 months to actually do something with Eternal Darkness, otherwise they'll lose the trademark request. Well...things just got really interesting!

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wonderfulmonkeyman1540d ago

I wonder if some sort of spinoff would a comic or something?

3-4-51540d ago

Such a non-interesting generic title for a game. Probably part of the reason it doesn't sell as good as it could.

wonderfulmonkeyman1540d ago

The sur-title makes it more interesting, but people don't use it enough.

Chrischi19881540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

If they make a game, I buy it ;)

LOL_WUT1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Did you buy Game & Wario? ;)

Not many people bought the game mentioned above... let alone the W101 or Zombie U. And if you look around the game for the gamecube didn't sell too good that's why Nintendo doesn't plan on reviving the trademark. ;)

Chrischi19881540d ago

Why Game and Wario? This article is about the Eternal Darkness trademark. On Gamecube it was a really good game.

Nerdmaster1540d ago

It's because the way you said "If they make a game, I buy it", it seems that you meant "I'll buy any game they make", not "I'll buy another game in this series".

RetroGamingBlog1540d ago

I have read many of your comments. You seem to have an agenda toward the system, and you say nothing of the good aspects that have been put forth. While W101 has a relatively low sales count, it doesn't stop it from being a really good game.

I question your ability to judge something you have no actual experience with. It's easy to stand at the sidelines making sly comments through the looking glass and
your fixation on every sales statistic aimed toward Nintendo, every negative one at least.

It would be interesting to see a more balanced approach. Or just don't make any comments, as it's quite obvious you dislike the system a great deal. Why keep tabs on it?

Metallox1540d ago

Three things can happen:
1- Nintendo announces a new game.
2- Nintendo announces stuff of the game in the Club Nintendo.
3. Nintendo doesn't care and let die the trademark in the dust.

LOL_WUT1540d ago

I don't know why Nintendo didn't fund that new Eternal Darkness game that was being made not too long ago which eventually ended up being canned. Missed opportunities... ;)

lilbroRx1540d ago

Your misinformed as always. That wasn't an eternal darkness game, otherwise Nintendo would have sued.

Second, that was multiplatform game. Nobody opted to fund it on any platform it was announced for.

That game had a lot going on behind the scenes that made most informed people avoid putting money into it.

RetroGamingBlog1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Because the developer, head creative at Silicon Knights, has had an exetremely dodgy past with money. Much like Pitchford abusing Sega's funds during A:CM.

Also, he couldn't use the IP, so he tried to ride on past glory from Twin Snakes and Eternal Darkness to get the money. Fortunately, people became wise and wouldn't put the funds into the hands of someone who can't be trusted with large sums of money.

Thepcz1540d ago

that is why nintendo wont make it.

they do that with all the games we want. they shelve all the games we want, and force feed us wario game and watch, nintendoland and other games we desperately didnt want lol

Austin481540d ago

I agree we want a new f-zero they ignore us we want a new eternal darkness they ignore us so they keep making mario games. I like Nintendo and all but they need to realease other games or at least a new 1p.

GuySloth1540d ago

Many people make comments about how Nintendo isn't very innovative and that they keep rehashing the same old titles. Nintendo is actually very innovative; they just tend to innovate within their own IP. Miyamoto has mentioned that he doesn't know what more he could do with F-Zero, which is part of the reason why Nintendo hasn't revisited the game.

wonderfulmonkeyman1540d ago

I've wanted a sequel to Bayonetta and Xenoblade Chronicles for a long time, and nintendo is making both happen....

TheEvilWithin1540d ago

I would totally pick up an HD Remaster of Eternal Darkness. Maybe we could see something announced at the January Nintendo Direct or E3. More then anything though I want a new Fatal Frame or a localization of 4 in Japan.

iplay1up21539d ago

HD Remaster, with some of the clunky movements and controls (compared to today's games) fixed. It would be amazing. The spells and insanity affects, wow. I have Eternal Darkness under my TV right next to my old Wii, and it is one reason I do not put my Wii away(I have Wii U). Sometimes I get the urge to play it still.

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