GTA IV PS3 patch due today

Eurogamer writes:

"Rockstar and Sony plans to patch the PS3 version of Grand Theft Auto IV today to improve the multiplayer experience.

Speaking to Eurogamer, a Sony source explained that the patch would help by "reducing the loads on the servers at GameSpy and hopefully the completely random hangs that some users have seen.""

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Will-UK3871d ago

good now more people can play the game bug free

cp683871d ago

let's not jump straight to conclusions, let's be patient and test first.

will113871d ago

yay a patch, i hope they don't take away the zombie because you should not be able to unlock it until level 10.

Lifendz3871d ago

now how about that patch to improve the driving or at least give me an option.

Jack Meahoffer3871d ago

How about a patch to give you some video game skills instead? The driving is realistic now. If you don't know how to use a brake then go play Mario Kart Wii so you can jump slide around corners.

The driving physics in GTA IV are on par with Forza and GT4 now. Get over it and learn to play the game. WAAAAAH!

gonzopia3871d ago

Good they are patching - that freezing bug hit me a couple times, so I can't imagine what it would be like to experience it non-stop.

As for the driving - what is the problem? Driving is easy - unless you try and take the turns with the trigger pulled all the way back giving it full gas.

I don't understand all the bellyaching around driving in GTA IV.

MJY2K3871d ago

Hopefully this won't ruin my game.

Mine's been excellent so far, hardly any frame rate drops at all or anything.

KozmoOchez3871d ago

just the online...i got on and it froze after like 5min

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Mc Fadge3871d ago

If the 360 will receive a patch soon as well?

Mc Fadge3871d ago

I don't wonder if the 360 is getting a patch at all. I don't wonder if they're going to fix the online portion and game freezes. Damn you and your telepathic skills!

wicked3871d ago

does the 360 need a patch?

Mc Fadge3871d ago

It's experiencing the same things as the PS3

Jack Meahoffer3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Sony fans like Mc Fadge are just trying to propagate the lie that the 360 version is just as hosed as the PS3 version. Its not.

I own both version I know. Everytime I see some Sony fan say "The 360 locks up just as bad" I want to puke.

The PS3 version has 2 systematic issues.

#1 - Cache overload random crashing
#2 - Gamespy hosted servers are horribly weak causing lock ups everytime you try and access multiplayer during high volume hours.

The 360 version on the other hand has very rare locks up. Much like any other game ever created. Random locks up happen. The difference is the PS3 locks can be duplicated OVER AND OVER while the 360 locks ups happen rarely and randomly.

You can call me a 360 fan all you want I'm just speaking the truth. I know most people on here lie out their teeth but I do on both consoles and both versions. Got the 360 version for DLC and the PS3 version to play online with my PSN only friends. Unfortunately so far the PS3 version has been worthless cause my friends aren't online at 10am or 2am.

EDIT - Disagrees blocking out reality again.

"What you mean the console I worship has a blatant flaw thats hard to defend? I guess I'll just hit the disagree button rather than reply and refute what you say Jack."

Exhaust3871d ago

The primary issue with the PS3 version is the Gamespy servers. I've tried to get a party going with my friends since launch day. We all normally get on after dinner during peak hours... In other words that means we can't play together on the PS3 version of GTA IV.

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darkgod1013871d ago

lol, like a week after launch Rockstar is going to release a patch, compared that to CoD4 when it took months for a patch after launch despite everyone knowing about the problems in first few days.

I find online is fixed for me, but oh well, as long it makes the online experience better its all good.

Will-UK3871d ago

But Hopefully this wont make Gta IV worse,like you said lets test first

mesh13871d ago

ps3 should be called PATCH STATION 3 CONSidering how many patches it needs to get games to run COUGH COUGH COD4 COUGH COUGH GTA 4 COUGH COPUGH HALFLIFE 2 just lame

digger183871d ago

What as lame as you trolling the PS3 threads with rubbish?

DomUltra3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

HL2 have had the same amount of patchs released on both consoles, seriously the xbox fanatics are so fυcking stupid.

At least there is a way to fix the problem for PS3, unlike the Xbox 360.

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