Jackass’ Bad Grandpa Shouts Out Xbox Video

To give a little attention (and publicity) for Microsoft’s Xbox Video service, Johnny Knoxville, in his Irving Zisman persona from the Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa, has given a little shout out, which you can view in the short video below.

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1683d ago
Stsonic1683d ago

I wonder how much Microsoft paid him to get dressed up for that.

Fireseed1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Probably nothing. That's like saying I wonder how much did WalMart pay Sony to tell customers the PS4 is in stores now...

Fireseed1683d ago

Because the publishers want people to know when and where their product is available, so customers can go out and buy it? I'm sure Microsoft wants the movie to sell so they can get their take of the profit but it's the publishers job to promote said product.

trywizardo1683d ago Show
Shinox1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Whatever you say "Grandpa" ( who look clearly a guy dressed up as a Grandpa )
I know that sound stupid , But Is it just me or he had an Xboner ?

FITgamer1683d ago

Have you never heard of Johnny Knoxville?

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