Lords of the Fallen – Gameplay Coming Soon, Trailer has Been in the Works “For Weeks”

OnlySP: Many of you have been asking when we’ll get to see gameplay for Tomasz Gop’s latest game, Lords of the Fallen, and unfortunately, we still don’t have a definite answer for you. Rest assured, it's on its way.

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Homegamer1328d ago

Same here the combination of darksiders and dark souls caught my interest as well as seeing screens for the game, hopefully this trailer will be out sooner than later

Ultr1328d ago

Wuat! Seriously? That really sounds. Cool, gonna keep an eye on that one

DanzoSAMA1328d ago

One of the best games coming in my opinion.
1- The Witcher 3.
2- Final Fantasy XV.
3- Lords of the Fallen.

XiSasukeUchiha1328d ago

Exciting era this generation

Destrania1328d ago

Excited to see it in action.

Evilsnuggle1328d ago

I'm Hoping for true next gen with this one . A next gen Demon's Soul's/Legend of Zelda/ The Wicher would be so awesome.