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Battlefield 4 December Premium Double XP Event Now Live in January

The latest round of Battlefield 4 Premium Double XP event is live after being postponed several days. The event should be running for 58 hours from January 3rd to January 5th starting 8 AM EDT (1 PM GMT). This event is part of the premium subscriber events where DICE usually hosts a double XP event once a month for their premium members. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

urwifeminder  +   479d ago
Premium lol yeah I will get that on sale when the game is stable again fix ur drunk game.
dannphou  +   479d ago
The game is pretty stable now on PS4 at least... Except for some crashes here and there but they don't happen too often...
dazzrazz  +   478d ago
And a conquest lagfest
Funky Town_TX  +   479d ago
I will never buy another BF or EA game at launch. This game was bad before all the patches and got even worse after. I played a full conquest match (15 min) with out sound. I cannot play the campaign because it gets deleted. Texture and object pop-up is very bad. BF3 will remain my main shooter until they kill the servers. BTW, I'm playing on the PS3 and was going to upgrade to the PS4 version once I got one. Now I may just pass on the game all together.
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rbluetank  +   478d ago
I would advise not to upgrade from ps3 bf4 to ps4 bf4. my upgrade version checks in with EA every, every, and every 10 to 15 minutes. I was playing a match and was kicked out because it could verify my digital version that I have been playing since Nov 15 2013. I am getting very bore of playing this game. I still can not play china rising because of the glitches. no new maps before the end of this month I am gone!
spike  +   479d ago
To bad I cant get into a game.
gixer  +   478d ago
It's total BS. After the last patch things were working a lot better. Now for the last week I haven't been able to get into any game mode with the standard maps on the game. The only servers I can get into are the china rising and second assault ones if I do a search for them and the queues are horrendous for them. Sit in a queue for 20 mins before I can get a game. I just don't get why they can't get this sorted
iistuii  +   478d ago
I've got a great ISP & great pings on every game i play, be it on PC, PS4 or Xbox One....Apart from B4 on large conquest on PS4, it's getting better, but still piss poor compared to any other game. Personally I just play Domination, as it's perfect to play. I want to play a less hectic conquest with 32 players, but there still isn't any servers.
Hartsy  +   478d ago
If anyone thinks the game is stable they must love being f****d by EA. The game has been out ages and I don't think it's even playable, severs are jam packed, I'm queuing to play online? WTF?, and when I do get online and play a game iv got input lag, sound drop, and when I get past those problems ohhhh hello dashboard!!! And has EA given us any money bk or anything in the form of compensation ?? I don't think so ! A free scope for an m1911.....something I can't use and could have unlocked anyway?! Brilliant ! What a fucking con/joke!
NintendoYouth  +   478d ago
A bunch of liars on here who I bet do not own BF4, let alone a PS4.
You had the game since launch and haven't completed a Conquest?
Thats BS, last patch fixed most issues but campaign erasing.

Just did 3 Large Conquest in a row and it was fine (as its been for awhile now)

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