DICE’s Battlefield 4 Producer Hasn’t Played the Game Since November…

You know, this is a very common practice in the gaming industry. Once a game goes gold and ships, the producers and higher ups take their fat paychecks and go on lengthy paid vacations. But when a game is being run as a service, such as a MMO or mostly-online FPS, maybe companies should force the producers to wait and see how launch goes before ditching the game for a long vacation?

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malokevi1601d ago

My playtime has started to take a dive recently. BF4 was the game I was most looking forward to, but in it's current state it doesn't really hold my attention for long. Once they get rented servers up and running, I'll be back in full force. For now, short games, low ticket counts, and not being able to play the maps that I want to play for more than 20 minutes at a time is making it hard to keep playing.

Fix the problems so that you can launch rented servers on console, EA...

sAVAge_bEaST1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

WTF did I just read?

Rented servers are a disgrace.. I hated them in BF3. Joining a lobby with 500% ticket increase. or getting kicked from a server -just for beasting, because the admin is a little b*tch.

My friends and I have rented servers out in the past, and trust me when I tell you this, that's the last thing I'm looking fowrard to.

TopDudeMan1601d ago

Well, the ticket count increase wouldn't be a problem for me. Way it is now if you like playing rush you spend more time looking at the loading screen than playing the game.

malokevi1601d ago

I don't get why people are so against rented servers. There is always the option to filter them out in the server browser. Also, you join a server, you get kicked.... big whoop! It happens. Just join a different server. If you get kicked from that one, too, then in all likelihood you are the problem.

It's a game, anyways. I have read of instances where people quit playing BF3 altogether, after getting booted from a single server, because they were in a jet. lol. Cry me a river! How much could you possibly like the game if you let one or two bad experiences sour you to the whole thing. Time to grow up.

I like having options. I like huge ticket counts. I like playing the same map over and over again sometimes. Can't do that as it stands. Looking forward to EA getting rented servers up and running on console.

Game is fun, but I want to play Caspian and Metro on roll.

DesertFox791601d ago

wtf is your problem ? you don't have to play on rented servers !! go play on EA servers crybaby :D
i can admit that admins can be bad on rented servers, but not all the time !

Kleptic1601d ago

wait, what platform are you guys talking about? Are rented servers not out on consoles or something?

PC is almost nothing but high ticket locker over and i'm assuming we're all on different platforms...

I don't care either way...just wish the game would stabilize...a server can go from butter smooth to unplayable in 3 frames flat...rubberbanding like i'm on dial up...graphical features getting stripped out silently without saying a word, etc...

its my favorite current game...when it works...but its one of the worst launches i've been through so far...and thats being in nearly every BF at launch...this easily takes the cake...

Utalkin2me1601d ago


Getting kicked a time or two, you say? I have gotten kicked alot out of rented servers. People do not like when you are better then them, normally they would just leave out of a EA server. Well if it is their server then they just boot you.

And you wouldn't believe how many times i have been kicked for just playing the game. Shoot down a jet, Kicked. Then get a message "You're not suppose to shoot down jets!". Well the game allows me to shoot down jets, if you can't change it server side that's not my fault. I play within the rules of the game, you can't tell me what i can and can't do in a game. If you want rules then you need to apply them to the server and set it to your liking.

TheFreak1601d ago

Why wouldn't you want rented servers? YOU CAN STILL PLAY ON OFFICIAL SERVERS IF YOU DON'T LIKE RENTED SERVERS! Nooblets trying to hold console mp back in the stoneage ffs.

BALLARD321601d ago

I agree. It's funny that people are using the "you don't like it, you don't have to play it" excuse. You had no choice in BF3 unless you wanted to take 5 mins to search in the server browser. You probably won't in BF4 either since half the stuff doesn't work properly. The people that want to play close quarters maps with suoer high tickets are the worst and have no business playing Battlefield. Lemme get them disagrees.

Gozer1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

I agree. **** rented servers. I had to rent a server in BF3 just to play default settings, that's a crying shame. And no you couldn't play on a EA server in BF3 by choice on the 360. You just had to get lucky using quick match to play on an official EA server.

frostypants1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

You know you could always stay on the official servers, right? Yes, if someone has their own server and is running a match with their buddies and you show up and start dominating them, the admin might kick you. He's paying for that right.

@Gozer: WTH are you talking about? You could find default/official servers in the browser. Sure, it could have been made easier, but it was hardly impossible.

The_KELRaTH1601d ago

Plan B. Rent your own a set it up the way you want to play.

tommygunzII1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

I quit playing BF3 when they started renting servers. It was almost impossible to find a hardcore EA/DICE server after that.

Just like the others have said, the first time I had ever been voted out of a game was in a private server, and that was for completing objectives. One of my last memories of Battlefield.

awi59511600d ago


I dont like the fact that EA doesnt police the ranked severs. I've been only plenty of ranked severs on BF 3 with admins have locked weapons, scopes, and mods they didnt like and thats clearly against the rules. I had one admin that was so cheap he blocked mortar use for our team but left it on for his.

JeromeNtheHouse1600d ago


Yea, I definitely feel u. One of the things I hate the most about rented servers are the stupid ass match rules. I saw a game where you would kicked for Sprinting, crouching/prone, and even aiming. I was like: "what the hell are u supposed to do then?"

Much like TopDudeMan tho, I personally wouldn't mind the ticket increase per match. The matches just don't last long enough for me at least.

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76erz241601d ago

Rented servers ruined battlefield 3 for me. It was a solid battlefield game until those came out and it screwed everything up. Getting in a good game was a nightmare.

awi59511600d ago

Also EA had like no EA official severs.

XiSasukeUchiha1601d ago

HAHAHA Nelson Quote damn EA u just a lot of work to do

TheXgamerLive1601d ago

Yes he has. The author assumes he only has 1 online gamertag? Hahaha

kainslayer1600d ago

just install win 8.1 and u r set oh and a minimum of a 780 or 290 or you can go for a 7970. dont waste ur time on consoles next time a game like this ships be prepared
bf4 rules no issues at all for me
bf3 was worse though for me

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MsmackyM1601d ago

I guess that's the best way to claim plausible deniabilty if the game don't work.

first1NFANTRY1601d ago

"Once a game goes gold and ships, the producers and higher ups take their fat paychecks and go on lengthy paid vacations. But when a game is being run as a service, such as a MMO or mostly-online FPS, maybe companies should force the producers to wait and see how launch goes before ditching the game for a long vacation?"

very well said. this is the sole reason why first party games will be my main focus this gen. too many times have i bought games like COD, Fifa, BF etc at launch only to find out their bug ridden games with faulty online.

Tzuno1601d ago

well i bet he didn't played before release too. :)

Stsonic1601d ago

I buy the game and feel like I have about 5 different maps to play. Why do I have to pay more money to unlock maps that I should have already!

dcj05241601d ago

There's 9........................

Stsonic1601d ago

On team deathmatch there is not 9. Maybe scattered through out all playlists.

Skate-AK1601d ago

If you bought BF4 just for TDM then that's the problem.

Mr_Butata1600d ago

What the hell are you talking about? O.o

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