Bravely Default's Western release tones down its skimpier costumes

The Western localization of Nintendo 3DS title Bravely Default: Flying Fairy includes less-revealing versions of costumes, among other edits made to tone-down the game's more mature content.

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FRAKISTAN1600d ago

Welcome to America, We kill for a living and always say no to sex

HelpfulGamer1600d ago

Woman's Freedom of Expression will not perish by this tiny attempt of western censorship!

Anthotis1600d ago Show
UltimateMaster1600d ago

Well, I don't say no to skimpy.
But in recent Japan made games, skimpy has been too big of a cliche.
Then again, so did a lot of PC exclusive games.

thorstein1600d ago

Think there is a connection?

Neckbear1600d ago

Polygon's comment section never fails to inflict physical pain on me from all the stupid.

DragonKnight1600d ago

You mean you can stand to actually visit the site?

wonderfulmonkeyman1600d ago

You have to deny their reality and substitute your own after dividing by zero, but it's possible...

DragonKnight1600d ago

Damn, I wonder how many lives were lost to find that out.

wonderfulmonkeyman1600d ago

The battles in Star Wars and 300 were filled with less casualties...XD

ArtificiallyYours1600d ago

Nothing to see here, censoring reality...

CrossingEden1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

I am completely fine with underage girls being covered up instead of wearing skimpy outfits. :D There's freedom of expression and then there's just being plain creepy while trying to appeal to creepy otakus.

Neckbear1600d ago

But what about real life underage girls? They would wear some of the outfits seen here in public.

Xof1600d ago

Have you not seen what the big JRPGs are that sell in the west lately? Ignoring the very different handheld market, most of the PS3 JRPGs are either marketed directly to the creepy otaku demographic (Atelier Anything, Neptunia Anything, etc.) or go out of their way to directly appeal to that demographic (Final Fantasy XIII-2/3, Anything NIS brings over, Tales Of, etc.).

And most of the time that "catering" is done by dressing up a prepubescent girl like a streetwalker.

dcj05241600d ago

As a pubescent boy i can say many of my female classmates dress like that.

DragonKnight1600d ago

What defines underage? You can't make the claim that the Puritan West's definition of what age is considered an adult is the universal definition. Biologically, one becomes an adult once puberty begins and many cultures reflect that sentiment. What is underaged to you isn't what is underaged to all.

I am personally more disgusted with the double standard involving this kind of censorship than the actual censorship itself.

wonderfulmonkeyman1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Biologically "adult" because of the changes just barely starting, doesn't mean adult either mentally or in growth.
Younger women, who are just starting or not all the way through their pubescent changes, are at higher risk of death from pregnancy due to their smaller size being unable to accommodate the birth process.
And in our society, there's no way a kid of younger than 18 is ready to be a mother, or in the case of males, a father, as a general rule.

Call the west Puritan and be insulted all you like by the double standard, that's your right.
But keeping hands off until 18, if not a little later, lets girls grow up fully in both body and sometimes mind.
Not a bad policy.

DragonKnight1600d ago

Again, you can't make the claim of what is and what isn't an adult, even mentally. Development isn't a regulated, uniform process. It, like opinions, is subjective.

A claim can easily be made that a girl of 14 isn't mentally ready because of the society she lives in forcing the extension of childhood well into the physical maturing process.

And I'm not talking about girls going out and getting pregnant either. I'm stating that deciding that one age is the universal "adult" age is wrong and not based on any science but instead on Puritan sensibilities which, if you look back far enough, has some religious root somewhere.

Human history is a lot older than the "age of majority" rule. What do you think 14 year old girls were like even before the 17th century? Or 14 year old boys for that matter.

Xof1600d ago

There are skimpy costumes?

Eww.... that's disgusting. Bravely Default character design looks makes women look more like potatoes than people.

Xof1600d ago

I know it's not real. Honestly, a depiction of a potato in a bikini is grosser than an ACTUAL potato wearing an ACTUAL bikini.

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