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Submitted by Nineball2112 767d ago | article

Xbox One and PS4 sell millions, forget some of their promises and introduce quiet revolutions

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 both sold over a million units in their first 24 hours on sale. Sony was quick to announce even higher figures following the second of PlayStation 4’s staggered launch dates, thanking players for the console’s 2.1 million sales across 32 markets. Some 250,000 PS4s were sold within 48 hours of its UK launch, the fastest-selling console in the region’s history, putting it dramatically ahead of the 150,000 Xbox Ones that sold in the same amount of time.

But early figures are a poor indicator of longterm results. (PS4, Xbox One)

HelpfulGamer  +   767d ago
My PS4 release date is February 22 2014, until now, no promises that I want has been forgotten. :D
il-JumperMT  +   767d ago
I just got mien from UK :P
miyamoto  +   767d ago
I thought Edge's recommendation is PS4 as the next gen console of choice....what is Xbone doing there? Freeloadingpon the PS4'success? I guess money changes everything.
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fOrlOnhOpe57  +   767d ago
Thats an excellent article and spot on the money.if it underlines one thing, it's that Sony and Microsoft need each other to drive the competition and benefit all gamers that have invested in this generation.
Kudos to the 'new' listening Sony. It wont all happen overnight but with Yoshida providing a relatable gaming personality, it really shows where the battle for hearts, minds and sales, can be won.
Shad0wRunner  +   767d ago
The promises that I want (MP3 playback, DLNA, External HDD streaming, Extended headset support for both wired and bluetooth...legacy and new, Dashboard personalization and customization, Friends list enhancements, Web browser enhancements, *youtube videos wont even play* game mode suspension/resume, The ability to jump into another person's game and "help them" by taking over their controls for them, *we saw this at E3* One On One video chats with friends *video sessions that are private, NOT broadcasted to millions of people around the world, The ability to use PURCHASED PSN avatars on your PS4 *instead of being restricted to default avatars* And lastly....GAIKAI, the supposed solution to backwards compatibility on the PS4, cloud based streaming service.)Will or should all be coming in future firmware updates.

My question long are they gonna take to get these features rolled out? Months, years? After having a foundation to copy and mimic from, on the PS3...I cant see how it would take the PS4 as long as it took the PS3 to get all these features and abilities off the ground.

Based on my understanding, the first MAJOR firmware update should go live "sometime" this month. I can only hope they cram as much as I've listed above, in this one single update.

As much as I love my PS4, and I knew what I was getting into, buying a launch model...I just hate the waiting game. LOL.
DanielGearSolid  +   767d ago
You're greedy
Shad0wRunner  +   767d ago
It's not greed. Im just eager. I keep hearing "Greatness Awaits"...and I keep waiting, and waiting. Seriously tho, everything they advertised at E3, should have been integrated into the console at launch, on day one. They had those features up and running, they even demonstrated them. They even had 10 months to get it done. But they were more focused on console production, than console features and abilities. Guess what took a back seat....
mikeslemonade  +   767d ago
Won't take long because the quicker they do it the more money they will make. That's enough motivation for Sony. It took a while for PS3 because the install-base grew a slower rate.
combatcash  +   767d ago

Why is he greedy, this is what was promised. Shame on him for expecting those features to be available from the get go.
Sarcasm  +   767d ago
It's not greedy, it's a fair request.

I personally wish they let us customize the background or theme again, sort the icons, have a download queue system, have customizable avatars, and be able to use the suspend feature.

I love my ps4, but it needs some missing features.
DanielGearSolid  +   766d ago

Did you read his list? Sony didnt promise any of it at launch...

I want that stuff too but its only been a month
Majin-vegeta  +   767d ago
Damn son chill can't expect everything at once.It has to go throught testing and stuff.Main thing i want right is to be able to use my Sony stereo head set.

I agree the waiting game sucks.Lets play hungry hungry Hippos.
TruthInsider  +   767d ago
You can use a stereo headset!
Its in controller options, change audio from speech to all.
guitarded77  +   767d ago
I'm ready for MP3 support too. I want custom playlists. Love my PS4, but some future features will make it better. I just hope MP3 and custom playlists are ready for Drive Club, I need custom playlists for racing games.

I also would like an answer of if/not Home will be coming to the PS4 at some point. I think a simple "yes/no" wouldn't be too difficult at this point. Either they're working on getting it on PS4, or they aren't.
Shad0wRunner  +   767d ago
You're a Home user?! O_O

Omg...I thought I'd never meet another Home user on N4G. LOL. Most people I poll, usually say they hate Home, dont like Home, think it's a waste of resources, time and money...

So, finding someone like you on like finding a leprachaun. xD

Im a Home user, too. I've been with the service for the past 5 years. Since closed beta days. I love it and I also think it deserves it's place on the PS4.

Sadly...I dont think it ever will. :/
Pogmathoin  +   767d ago
Leprachaun eh? Watch your shoes....
Koyes  +   767d ago
I hope Sony never waste resources on Home again! I used it once and in the 30 minutes I wasted, I was asked to have virtual sex with a female character that was most likely a man :/
Tetsujin  +   766d ago
I've used Home off and on since open beta in 2009, and met some gamers on there I wouldn't have met otherwise. If they did add another Home-type experience I would give it a shot, however it's not on my "OMG I NEED RIGHT NOW" list; "if" they do come around to releasing something like that I'd be too busy playing other games anyways. Is it welcomed, yes; would I "demand" or "ask for it?" no.
Killzoner99  +   767d ago
None of those things were ever promised so don't act like Sony owes you anything. Things shown at E3 get changed before release all the time. Enjoy your PS4 like the rest of us and be a little grateful for what you have been provided by Sony.
Shad0wRunner  +   767d ago

Sony did guarantee SOME of those features, Killzoner99. They even came out and said MP3 playback, extended headset support and the suspend/resume game mode would be coming in this month's firmware update. When you say "this is what were working on, this is what were doing, this is what youre getting"....THAT'S a promise, to me.

The rest of the features, I know will come over time, at a later date.

And I DO enjoy my PS4, like everyone else. I AM greatful for the hardware I have. That doesnt mean I dont yearn for enhancements and upgrades. If you think Im gonna be satisfied with the console "AS IS" for an indefinate period of must be high. LOL. xD
CrossingEden  +   767d ago
Delusional post as usual killzoner, do you even bother to look things up before commentating? All of these were things that were promised by Sony.
FamilyGuy  +   767d ago
Damn, I kept trying to add more "Agrees" as I read your post.

I have all the exact same thoughts.
SixtyNine  +   767d ago
If you're a PS3 owner you'd be accustom to waiting when it comes to Sony, although they do deliver, eventually. More like, gamers await greatness. :D
Jack_Reacher  +   767d ago
just a tip or work around. To play youtube vids at hd on ps3 I use to use ps3youtube website before the app came along. This website works on ps4 and lets you watch all youtube content from the ps4 browser

Not ideal I know but it does work. Hope this is of some help
TheFutureIsBlue  +   767d ago

Here here! I agree, man. I love my PS4, but I was kind of sad to hop on and not see many of those awesome features they revealed at E3 and other conferences. Any one that disagrees is really a blind fanboy. I know I defend the PS4, but come on...give me a break if we are being "greedy" by wanting more things on our 400$ console.
monkey nuts  +   767d ago
@shadowrunner: the thing is with avatars all you have to do is link your ps4 to your Facebook or Twitter account/s and you can pretty much use what ever avatar you want. Simply by selecting the avatar you'd like to use on your ps4 as your default FB or twitter avatar.
curtis92  +   766d ago
@shadowrunner you know you can go to on ps4 and it's like having the app right?
ginsunuva  +   766d ago
The whole jumping into friend's game is only possible via game streaming - AKA Gaikai.

So you'll have to wait for one before you get the other.
Mega24  +   767d ago
Wow, that article made some heavy hits against Xbox, like jawbreaking punches. I was originally going to buy an X1, I was one of the Supporters of the DRM, and Cloud gaming, but after really researching it, reading every article, 2 months before launch, I immediately changed my mind, then the Forza 5 200 vehicles and microtrans hit, I was in awe, how did a great console like the 360 fell from grace so quick, the machine and games that are out now are not like the E3/MS revealed, I'm very disappointed on MS.

Also I never new all these awesome games came with plus, although I'm sad I had to sell my ps3 for a vita, sony is really giving a buttload of great games with plus!
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Deltaohio  +   767d ago
If you played Forza 5 you wouldn't be "as" disappointed as you think you should be.
Mega24  +   767d ago
I'm sorry, but after reading/watching reviews of the game in multiple sites and editors, just pushed me away farther, the Fact that the game has no auction house, where I got my cars, sold my cars to make money, no storefont that you can make money off from, its like they made the game where you couldn't make money any other way, and knowing some people out there where they go head first into the microtrans just to be the top dog without any real effort. Sorry bro no offence but Turn 10 killed Forza for me, I will still have my Collecion of Forza 1,2,3,4 and horizon but that it.
Deltaohio  +   767d ago
I'm not an auction house guy or a micro transaction guy myself but what I can tell you is that after completing only 2 race series with my first car and VERY minimum upgrades I was able to get half a million in almost a day. They make making money very easy. Idk if it was like this before or after they fixed the micro traction issue tho.
I personally have never had so much fun playing a racing game in my life. The impulse triggers really do make a dif. I only with they would throw 100 new cars and a few more tracks in as freebies.
Maybe Waiting for Forza 6 would be better for you I guess. It would just suck having to wait so long lol
Mega24  +   766d ago
I understand you point bro, but I just don't feel the same way for this game as I felt for all the previous forzas, I even tried it out at a friends house, it has pretty graphic, but something feels odd, I'm an owner of most Gran turismo games, 1,2,3,4,5 but the first time I played Forza on Xbox OG, I just loved it, it replace GT as my favorite racing game. I'm afraid that has been gone forever, or if they make Forza 6 have everything 4 had, Find it weird that most Next Gen games we're adding new feature while Turn 10 were taking them away.

Have fun with Forza or your Xbox One, maybe I buy one when they remove the Kinect and Lower the price, but if Halo arrives sooner than that, well I'm buying it.
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MarkusMcNugen  +   766d ago
I feel the same way. I was a big GT fan and then Forza came out on the original Xbox and I fell in love. Ive owned every single one since then with the exception of Horizons and the new Forza 5.

Something just feels off about this Forza. I cant put my finger on it, but it just doesnt feel the same as the previous installments.

Id probably own Forza 5 anyways since I love racing games, but recently a tragedy has befallen me. My brother visited and brought his Xbox One with him so we could play co-op games in the same room. We left for 10 minutes and my stupid dog knocked over a cup of hot chocolate which made its way across my desk and into the top vents of my brothers One.

Depressingly, since it was my dog and at my place I felt responsible and gave him my Xbox One. Since then the days around this place have gone by slowly.

I think the Xbox One may have been off when it happened, but I cant be sure. So Im thinking just in case Im going to open it up, remove the peripherals, and wash the board down with a solvent then water and then use an air compressor to blast the air out of any tiny areas. Then let it sit in front of a fan for a few days.

I do not have high hopes, especially because I dont believe the processor can be removed like it can on a PC. But I guess we'll see...
Killzoner99  +   767d ago
Very smart decision . You went with the winning team and you'll be rewarded with top notch gaming. The Forza debacle is one of countless mistakes MS has made this gen. They're shooting themselves in the foot on a daily basis.
mhunterjr  +   767d ago
It would be nice if Forza had more cars, or if the DLC was free, but it's really not as hard to make money as people make it out to be...
Rimeskeem  +   767d ago
Wait but the Xbox one isn't sold out.
Hicken  +   766d ago
Shh. Microsoft said it, so even though that's clearly not the case, it HAS to be.

Don't wanna upset the faithful...
Rimeskeem  +   766d ago
Oh right
chrissx  +   767d ago
Were are those people that said console gaming is dieing and mobile will take over bla bla? They've all vanished lol. Console gaming is here to stay for a long time.
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clouds5  +   767d ago
Ps4 gets interesting when there are some games.
extermin8or  +   767d ago
So will xbox one-late february/march is what we are looking at rhen when driveclub should hit and mgs5:gz and infamous hit and then watch_dogs should release late march/april along witb the crew not far behind and I expect the witcher 3 in may or june :) and dragon age inquisition in september and rhe division in october/november along with something like uncharted for ps4 and I exoect halo 5 for xbox one :)
Oh_Yeah  +   767d ago
Just like the president.
pabadamus1  +   767d ago
Good summarization of the strengths and weaknesses of both consoles. These things will only get better as 2014 progresses.
Morgue  +   766d ago
I bought a PS4 and the last of my gripes is not being able too play CD's. Who even buys CD's anymore unless it's some underground black/death metal that's not available through the mainstream labels. People " praise " Sony for what they've done then b!tch because they aren't able to do something else. Next article will be about how you can't have custom wallpapers yet.
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Gamer666  +   766d ago
There's a lot of room for improvement on all three of the next gen consoles...

Nintendo: Really needs to work the online and social features of their console. Improve performance of the UI, and add a decent achievement/trophy system.

Sony: Needs to continue to improve the PSN to match up feature for feature with Live. They have come a long way, but it still isn't the service Live is...

Microsoft: Needs to bring the great things about 360 to X1, improve Games for Gold to meet PSN+, and needs to ensure they have a strong exclusive showing that shows they are serious about staying in the game.

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