GameStop ad – weekend deals starting January 3

Alongside its traditional weekly offers, GameStop is hosting a few extra sales for this weekend only.

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Stringerbell903d ago

Weak sales - those PS3 controllers are overpriced. Target has a much better deal for them.

Nodoze903d ago

GameStop ALWAYS has higher prices. I don't understand why anyone shops there.

MNGamer-N902d ago

I shop there when I want to pre-order something. Otherwise I'll search online for the best deal. Got my PS4 from Gamestop, so yeah, people do shop there.

Prime157902d ago

As someone who just quit one as a part time job for two years, I will only pre-order certain things there, never shop.

Even with my discount, it didn't make sense to shop there aside from the staff knowing their games.

Munnkyman902d ago

Got my bro the skylanders wii u deal for his bday from gamestop. Not a bad price for 249

MAULxx902d ago

They call these deals?