12 minute Killzone 2 Gameplay From JeuxFrance

Heres some new KZ2 footage from JeuxFrance totalling 12 minutes, showing the FPS cover system in action

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somelikeithot3876d ago

awesome, epic and immense, not a lot of words to describe how good this game looks and for the bashers of A.I., the dude actually died this time. must have increased the difficulty or he sucked hard at FPS's.

Fishy Fingers3876d ago

Well 99% of the videos we've seen are being played with "god mode" on, that alone can cause big problems for AI. But with yet another 9 months development time remaining I wouldnt be surprised to see KZ support some of the best AI to date.

One thing I've noticed from the new videos, there still is a HUD, well ammo display anyway, they said the complete game will have zero hud, wonder if they havent finished that yet or certain guns might not look right with an LCD displays showing your ammo count and they may have binned that idea.

Graphics and that aside, this game seems to capture the atmosphere perfectly, that's very hard to do.

will113876d ago

too bad xbox will never have a game this amazing, PS3 FTW!!!!!

JsonHenry3876d ago

Gotta say - I doesn't look as good as I was hoping. I think Resistance 2 is better looking IMO. But this game does look like it will be fun. Just not the "blow me away" factor I was expecting.

Violater3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Lol jasonhenry you never let me down, please don't ever change.
And to get back on topic would you explain what it is you were expecting to see that you didn't and why the 5 second blurry shaky cam video of R2 was more impressive?
I'm sorry if I overlooked the fact that you were there at the show my apologies.

Jok3r3876d ago

"too bad xbox will never have a game this amazing"

I don´t think they do any more games for Xbox so I think we will never find out...

Ju3875d ago

@Violator I thought the same thing. I hope R2 will be equally impressive, but to say "R2 looks way better" is funny. No HQ video released for that game yet. LOL.

Kleptic3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago ) are always underwhelmed with PS3 stuff...normally you make some comment about PC games after...

and Resistance 2?...looks better? only saw a crap camera phone video of the online...which looked pretty bad...

whether it didn't impress you or not...there is more tech going on in this demo than some other games combined...the volumetric explosions...the insane lighting...the dynamic destruction...animation that puts even uncharted to you could say 'its not as good as I expected' is beyond me...there is pretty much absolutely nothing this advanced...

gameraxis3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

they made true on the 2005 CG... Now for all those people that were [email protected] themselves because "Sony lied" or "Gurillea games cheated" saying "thats not real" here ya go now $TFU!


Maddens Raiders3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

and watching the whole thing, it's safe to say that this is the game that all others will chase fo years to come. As for the here and now -- the PS3 has proven beyond all doubt that it is "the" next-gen system of this generation.

Guerilla has delivered and then some.

Lifendz3875d ago

I saw color a plenty. Holy crap that looked good. Sony, you did it. I don't like the CGI target render strategy but they really pulled it off this time. This game looks better than anything I've ever seen. And I'm not talking PCs here so please save your Crysis talk.

BTW, I wonder how big an install this is going to be.

alexM3875d ago

KZ2 looks miles better than anything on your xbox 360.

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Will-UK3876d ago

KZ 2 gets better everytime we see it

mesh13876d ago

this game looks average the gun modeling is great but the environments look very very awful take a look at the texture of all the building and the walls they dock for cover reminds me of mgs4 with a lot better post processing effects the weather effects are also cool and the explosion look odd but look cool, tbh this game will look pale to games coming out IN 2009 not to mention gears of war 2 is coming out this year and has gotten goty and set benchmark for graphics and gameplay so if

Amanosenpai3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

2009 is gonna be great

TheExecutive3875d ago

highly doubt GOW3 is coming in 2009.

ikkokucrisis3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

i highly doubt GOW3 is not coming in 2009.

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Kain813876d ago

sorry, but i must say this in german Hammer Übergeil dafür gibt es keine Beschreibung man.

so i must calm down....

THC CELL3876d ago

Pog mart bring gears up and u are Stupid
Its just been P1ssed on

phony force slayer3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

weres your proof at
we have not seen any real ingame footage of GOW2 YET.

oh this looks nothing like the footage shown a few years back lol
you droids will believe any thing.

i must say though, THE GUN MODELING RIVALS COD4 if not better i will giv you that. proberly is gonna be a good game though. i am still gonna hold my cash back though. i dont see any inovation on the shooting side exept for the cover system.

alexM3875d ago

It is over XBUTTTS for MS and XFIX ME


this BOT thinks GAYERS2 has any chance vs KZ2???????????????

GAYERS2 wont even challenge UNCHARTED

and it is made on that LAME UNREAL CRAP ENGINE

xhi43876d ago

just incredible.

jaw dropping gorgeous, its great that this generation of games is really turning out to be unbelievable!