Dragon Age: Inquisition dev explains game’s morality, classes, strategy & much more

Bioware producer Cameron Lee in an interview with OXM has explained why it’s not all that similar to Mass Effect 3, along with game’s morality, classes, strategy & much more.

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ScubbaSteve1605d ago

Hoping for something good.
Expecting something bad.

trywizardo1605d ago

i really can't wait to get my hands on this game , it looks great and i loved the gameplay videos , with blend of hack n slash with RPG elements and open world like dragons dogma and skyrim it sure is one of my fav games for 2014

IndiaFPS1605d ago

Game will be awesome , they are taking more time it's not Battlefield 4 that was rushed for release without even complete bug removal

SolidDuck1605d ago

I have high hopes for this game. The first one is a favorite of mine.

Sheikah1604d ago

Ditto. And with The mention of ME3 MP, I can't say I'm not hyped :). Also, a next Gen fantasy game.. Yes please

pandehz1604d ago

I absolutely adored ME3 multiplayer.

Roccetarius1604d ago

Maybe you'll have more than just a blue and red morality bar. ;)

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