10 Bold Predictions for 2014

As the new year begins, Jay outlines ten suprising predictions for 2014.

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MikeGdaGod1598d ago

i definitely hope Agent is announced as PS4 exclusive....that would be awesome

Eonjay1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

As much as I love my PS4, I am not the type of gamer that thrives off of having a handful of titles that no others gamers can play. My only problem with TLOU is that more people couldn't play it because it was exclusive.

BadlyPackedKeebab1598d ago

I agree. I dont get off on others not being able to play exclusives I can. Its infact a shame. I do however get annoyed when I cannot play exclusives that are on platforms I dont own.

MikeGdaGod1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

the reason i'm hoping its exclusive is because i'm hoping they take full advantage of the system.

let's be honest, we buy consoles because of the exclusives they have, the more the merrier.

i totally agree about the TLOU....every gamer should be able to play it. but it also reenforces the idea, that if you want a certain need a certain console.

more exclusives is what will make me get an xbone...common sense if you ask me.

Frodosmugins1598d ago

No 11: Servers Getting hacked more frequently!

Eonjay1598d ago

Titanfall will not come close to touching COD this year simply because its gonna miss out on the unstoppable PS4 hype train. Destiny... I'm not sure but they are making a play from their Halo playbook (beta access) so its gonna be a quality product when it launches for sure. Destiny may beat COD and Activision will be laughing all the way to the bank.

andeaaro1598d ago

Titanfall will crush COD and expose the stale state that the franchise has had for the last how many years. The franchise is obsolete pure and simple. The sad thing is EA had the opportunity to demonstrate this with Battlefield 4 but instead they allowed for one of the worst launches in history, even for their standards.

Eonjay1598d ago

EA...really sucks. Trust me though. Titanfall is already doomed and it is EA's fault.

Rzep1598d ago

Bold predictions my ass...

8amoreno1598d ago

I am definitely want to see how well Destiny will do to compete against COD and Halo.