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Killzone Developers Evaluate Players Feedback;Introducing Clan Matches,Classic Weapons Pack And More

GearNuke: Killzone Shadow Fall is a launch exclusive for PlayStation 4 and Guerrilla Games are still working hard on bringing us new features in the multiplayer based on players feedback. The latest update by the developers promises Clan Matches and Classic Weapon Packs among others. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

qu1ckset  +   504d ago
Not sure if I'm a minority but i not sure if it's the framerate or a motionblur feature but please remove it off the multiplayer and make it smooth and clean like SP , shit makes the mp unplayable to me!
claterz  +   504d ago
i agree whats the point in having 60fps if there's loads of motion blur. it's worse than the single player and it's supposed to be running at twice the frame rate..
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Hatsune-Miku  +   504d ago
I would love at least four different operations mode in multiplayer and marked for death would be an awesome addition to the warzone options.

Killzone's warzone is the best multiplayer option in any multiplayer game and i love the balanced gameplay of killzone shadow fall. I do miss the m82 and the STA52 and cant wait for the retro gun pack. It would be awesome toplay on radec academy, pyrrus rise , corrinth crossing and other killzone maps from the past
Clover904  +   504d ago
The motion blur definitely took some time getting used to. Not sure if GG implemented motion blur because of some technical limitation or for aesthetic reasons, but it was a pain at first. Had a buddy come over and play some np Killzone, and the first thing he said was, "why is it so blurry?"

Thank you GG for working on decreasing the motion blur.
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Ju  +   504d ago
Oh boy. Are people really that brainwashed, lately?
Twiggy  +   504d ago
Getting rid of it completely is welcomed, whenever I stand still to admire the world it's just brilliant to look at, but when I start running.. different story.
johndoe11211  +   504d ago
Let me get this straight, the motion blur makes the game unplayable for you?
qu1ckset  +   504d ago
Not unplayable but gives me a headache after awhile , I'd rather them give the option to turn off this feature
klass  +   504d ago
I'm guessing that the "motion blur" you are seeing is the Temporal anti-aliasing (which uses the previous frame to make the thing work).
Keep in mind that engine used in kzsf is a deferred rendering engine and some compromise had to done in order to get over 50 fps in multiplayer.
For example in the SP part of the game, most of the render buffers are rendered at 1080p while in multiplayer for example the ambient occlusion buffer could be rendered at sub 1080p resolution.
Its just an optimization used in multiple games which use deferred rendering.
N311V  +   504d ago
I had a go at the multiplayer while it was free on plus and thought it was smooth as. I ended up buying it because I was so impressed. It probably is the first shooter I've played at 60fps though.
Oldman100  +   504d ago
The multiplayer looks blurry at times because it's running at a dynamic resolution to maintain 60fps. Notice how the picture becomes blurrier when action is present and then jumps up in clarity when you stand still. Killzone Mercenary on vita also uses a dynamic framebuffer(throughout all modes in Mercenary, Shadow Fall only uses it in multiplayer).

Here's an example:

Standing still: http://images.eurogamer.net...

Player moves the camera: http://images.eurogamer.net...
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klass  +   503d ago
nop, no dynamic resolution going on, it's a lot simpler then you think :)
qu1ckset  +   503d ago
@Oldnan100 yes! This is exactly what happens and I find it really annoying and wish they didn't go this route!
Tru_Blu  +   504d ago
Kill the supply box. So lame they get people BANNED from PSN for boosting on that. Everything else ya but that box WTF??

If you don't know it you need to get 250 with plenty of ammo already to use your ammo box for one upgrade. I doubt anyone has done that legit. And GG has taken it to another level and getting peoples PSN accounts banned for boosting. As in all the money you spent on PSN is gone, cause your ammo box is 2 seconds faster.
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S-T-F-U  +   504d ago
I imagine this isn't a problem for people who don't boost?
Tru_Blu  +   504d ago
So it's ok to ban people for using a supply box more then once?? Use it more then once your boosting. Have you even played the game???
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Tru_Blu  +   504d ago
Good luck with that low player count and your 'virtues'
nategrigs  +   504d ago
Wow this sounds pretty good. I am a bit curious about the classic weapons. The game is really balanced as is, hope they don't do anything to ruin that.
Lazarus69  +   504d ago
I wouldn't mind if they gave us the M82 i liked that weapon
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Pillage05  +   504d ago
Gimme my M82 with the green dot scope.
BiggCMan  +   504d ago
I feel like the Rumbler acts a lot like the M82. And when you put the holo sight on it, it looks almost identical as well.


HellzAssassin  +   504d ago
Me too! Though I would love to see the VC32 back and the M82... Though with the VC32 back, what would be the point of the LS70? I guess they'd figure out a way. I'm be psyched to see the classic weapons come in play though. I adore the multiplayer, and this constant support is downright awesome!
nategrigs  +   504d ago
I guess they could slightly tweak settings (accuracy/damage/recoil/even sound) to make them feel slightly different. Maybe they could do something cool with secondary fire
true_fan  +   504d ago
They just need to accept that Killzone sucks, PS4 players defend it because that's all they have. PS4 players just want to look at the game anyway since gameplay doesn't matter, it is native 1080p./
Lazarus69  +   504d ago
Why does it suck?
true_fan  +   504d ago
It's freaking boring, you have to force yourself to pick up the controller again.
IRetrouk  +   504d ago
Yeah, im sure you have picked up a ds4 to play haven't you? Have you f**k.
xHeavYx  +   504d ago
Don't feed the troll, he just joined and is doing nothing but bashing Sony with non sense comments.
Killzone is a great game
DigitalRaptor  +   503d ago
Oh, true_fan, that was such compelling factual argumentation.

Do tell me more...
nategrigs  +   504d ago
I think its really fun. Thats all that matters to me
5eriously  +   504d ago
Ignore the troll, sadly he's just got another two bubbles to troll with, just vote him down all the time!!
Majin-vegeta  +   504d ago
It sucks cuz you suck at it now please shut up.
true_fan  +   504d ago
Lol it's a multiplayer game and its among the most resold. BWAHAHAHA, that should tell you all you need to know.
snp  +   504d ago
Other accounts out of bubbles?:)

Nothing personal, but they really should find a way to block/ban people who have multiple accounts here. Obviously if you're doing this, and in a position where you have to do this, you're up to no good.

ed: And now you're bubbles have jumped from 3 to 5 in space of 10 minutes. lol. Whole site's a piss-take.
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GTgamer  +   504d ago
@true_fan lmao Most resold maybe because its the highest selling exclusive for next gen lemme put in perspective for you KZSF sold over 1 million copies and only a thousand resold do the math buddy boy :)
NoLongerHereCBA  +   504d ago
true_fan, just because you dislike this game doesn't mean that the game sucks. Stop the trolling and go do something useful.
DA_SHREDDER  +   504d ago
im a long time kz fan, and even I have alot of issues with the new directions they took. I think they changed the things that didn't need changing, and took out what made killzone really good. Then to make matters worse, they completely failed on making it feel like a next gen killzone game, it feels like a total different dev team made this game, and had no idea what made killzone the best fps last gen. I mean, besides COD, killzone is the only game that I would recommend people cause the online had so much depth. Even the production values seemed like they took a shot in Shadow Fall. If it wasn't for KZ3 being so good I would have totally abandoned this game. Here's hoping for the right changes to come about this rushed mess. Its sad really, kz3 was, and actually still is the pinacle of the whole series, besides the lack of maps and the lack of more operations mode maps, killzone 3 to me was a flawed masterpiece. It dont even feel like kz anymore. I was really let down, but on the bright side, here's hoping that Sony really pushes for quality dlc and new map packs. Friggin sad isn't even the word i would use to describe this game.
Ju  +   504d ago
I want to know how I can play custom game modes. I have my own map reel playing C&C only, but I can't get it published. What's up with that?
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BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   504d ago
i would consider myself a fan of the series but for ME KZSF sucks so bad. The single player starts off pretty good but then you get flying levels that completely goes against the gameplay. You get boring level design and weak A.I. The MP is ok at best but i find myself burnt out after one match and have to force myself to keep playing. This game will be forgotten as soon as the good ps4 games start rolling out. and if some of you think im trolling because i dont like KZSF then maybe its YOU with the problem.
elda  +   504d ago
I agree it's not as good as the past KZ games,it's lost & boring.
LoveSpuds  +   504d ago
Personally loving KZ and so are my work mates, it is currently our game of choice.

Really well balanced, great sound (love that 'chirrup' sound when you get a kill!) and it looks utterly amazing.

I am also very impressed with the campaign too, not quite sure why this universe gets picked apart when the likes of HALO are no better as far as story is concerned. I love the ambiguity of this universe where no side is really the 'good guy' and they all have blood on their hands.

Just my two cents.
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elda  +   504d ago
I'm a KZ fan but KZ:SF is the worst KZ game out of the series except its graphics,the SP doesn't have any life,no excitement totally frustrating & no direction it's just plain boring.KZ 2 & 3 were the best,the first KZ is better than KZ:SF imo.
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Tru_Ray  +   504d ago
KZ2 is definitely the pinnacle of the series to date. However, I thoroughly enjoyed Shadowfall. In particular, I love the implementation of the OWL and the jaw-dropping graphics.

My only gripe is with those zero-gravity sections. Seriously, wtf were they thinking? Did they set out to infuriate gamers deliberately?

Other than that, I would say that the campaign provided a decent challenge for experienced FPS gamers. I played BF4 after this game and it was a cakewalk by comparison.

Rhezin  +   504d ago
Hope I get PS plus in time for this! All my free subscriptions ran out :(
Twiggy  +   504d ago
If they bring back the Killzone 2 Sniper Rifle & Assault Rifle, I'll be one happy chappy!
mayberry  +   503d ago
KZ:SF is BOSS! Stick with it, and it shines!

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