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Global Weekly Chart WE 12/21/2013

Gen 8 Hardware Lifetime Totals (Global):
PS4 655,970 (+64%) 3,443,791
XOne 357,303 (+10%) 2,549,633
WiiU 319,860 (+33%) 5,039,869

Gen 8 Software Lifetime Totals (Global):
WiiU 1,744,668 (+26%) 17,705, 097
PS4 1,404,805 (+38%) 8,115,79 4
XOne 927,070 (+15%) 6,032,564

Global Top 5:
Call of Duty: Ghosts (X360) Activision, Shooter 589,864
Just Dance 2014 (Wii) Ubisoft, Misc 570,153
Pokemon X/Y (3DS) Nintendo, Role-Playing 545,522
Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS3)Activision, Shooter 509,117
Grand Theft Auto V (X360) Take-Two Interactive, Action 444,076 (Call of Duty: Ghosts, Grand Theft Auto V, Just Dance 2014, Pokemon X and Y, PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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G20WLY  +   692d ago
PS4 with almost 1 million lead already?!

That's impressive. Now hurry up and restock those shelves, Sony, or I'll have to fit revolving doors on my house for my impatient mates! :)
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xHeavYx  +   692d ago
Not surprising, if they could meet demand they'd be a lot further ahead
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mikeslemonade  +   692d ago
The heck is going on with WiiU software sales.. Those kids actually buy there games. Such a 180 from last gen when the systems sold but the software sales were weak.
TomShoe  +   692d ago
Playstation Domination. That is all.

When you look at it, there is a surprising lack of certain..."people" in this thread...

@mikes A lot of the people that bought Wii's when they were popular were very casual gamers like little kids, females, and the elderly. That was just a perfect storm, and a lot of those gamers either moved to PS4/X1/3DS or just stopped gaming altogether.
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Infamous298  +   692d ago
PS4 will have third party exclusives just like the PS2 had, i hope ps4's game library match the ps2's game library.
FITgamer  +   691d ago
@TomShoe They obviously been through here, look at all the phantom disagrees.
Shnazzyone  +   691d ago
Oh I'll show up... Wii U, still holdin it's lead. Wii U software sales are good because we got games. #reality
xHeavYx  +   691d ago
@ above
Lol, you are comparing a year worth of sales to a couple months, it week take 1 or 2 months to next gen consoles to surpass the WiiU
pyramidshead  +   692d ago
Demand is certainly unprecedented. Much deserved. Once they get their supply sorted they'll be hitting the ground running.
bleedsoe9mm  +   691d ago
not unprecedented wii's were hard to find for a full year
BelkingOfSony  +   692d ago
its vgchartz, the lead is likely to be over 1 million. if only sony had the supply to meet the crazy demand, they would be miles ahead of xbone and already at the wii u total.
torchic  +   692d ago
ha! props on the username :D
Sarcasm  +   692d ago
Wii U isn't doing too bad. But well see how it goes the next few months
pyramidshead  +   692d ago
was just about to say that actually. That's a healthy plus percentage.
InTheLab  +   692d ago
There's no games due out in the next few months and they're about to be overtaken by 2 2month old consoles. That's exceptionally bad.

Yeah they've had a good Holiday but only because they've done terrible all year long.
PeteyMcPickle  +   692d ago
Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze in February, and numerous Q1 titles with non specific release dates. January Direct will show off what the next few months have in store.
kwandar  +   692d ago
I haven't been able to buy and keep up with titles as it is!

Finishing Deus Ex DC now. Next I'm looking at getting Rayman Legends and Wonderful 101.

Really ... so many "good" games on Wii U at the moment I won't need anything for a bit.
BosSSyndrome  +   691d ago
dude mario kart comes out in march.
Infamous298  +   692d ago
I just hope wii u comes in the second place this gen.
LOL_WUT  +   691d ago
Don't count on it the X1 will most likely take 2nd place just look at what Microsoft managed to pull off with the 360. ;)
Ju  +   691d ago
Yeah...360 is already 3rd. They managed to do that.
_QQ_  +   691d ago
NSMBU was at 1mil 9 months ago and now its around 3.5 mil, just goes to show how Nintendo games sell over time.
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GordonKnight  +   691d ago
It was also put in a bundle. That helped sell it. I have the game and it's great game. The thing about Nintendo games the high quality holds their value. Not many games sale for the launch price years after its release.
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MsmackyM  +   692d ago
Wow, the Xbox One doesn't have at least one title in the top 30.
TheFallenAngel  +   692d ago
I thought this was the week where the Wii u outsold the xbone?
Ol_G  +   691d ago
Vgchartz not gonna put Nintendo above Microsoft
Concertoine  +   691d ago
they predicted the wii u sold better they had wii u numbers almost exactly at 319,000, but they were 50,000 off on the xbone which they said sold 307,000
LOL_WUT  +   691d ago
Lol it never outsold the X1 that was just a sensationalist headline NintendoEnthusiast used to get hits. ;)
BelkingOfSony  +   692d ago
PS4 almost 1 million lead over xbone. PS4 World Domination!!!!

(considering this is vgchartz, and they have a reputation of undertracking sony console sales, the lead is likely to be over 1 mil)
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hatsume-miku  +   692d ago
3DS world domination you mean...
InTheLab  +   692d ago
Well, Nintendo is to handhelds what Sony is to Consoles..
keabrown79  +   692d ago
VG charts, nothing to see here.
Hicken  +   692d ago
There's something to see. You just don't WANT to see it.

... which, in retrospect, makes it odd that you'd come here to NOT see it, but...

Edit: Hey, XboxFun, thanks for stalking by. (Get it? Cuz you're stalking my comments, even going back as far as 6 days to respond, and even then only making inane, uninformed comments.) I'd like you to point out how many Sony fanboys are claiming VGChartz as fact, rather than the speculation we all know it is. I'd PM you with a long list of comments that say just that- that it's just a guideline used to gauge trends- but you blocked me... and then complained about me doing the same. Funny how that works.

Well, I won't keep you. I know you have more comments to make that don't require you to think, so I'll let you get back to that. Again, thanks for taking the time to respond with a BS comment anybody with a functioning brain could pick apart.
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XboxFun  +   691d ago
It's only something to see if VGchartz tracks PS3/4 ahead then it's rliable.

It's nothing to see or it's known fubar if Xbox is ahead as said by sony fanboys all last gen when Xbox 360 was constantly ahead according to VGChartz. I remember you all stating they undertracked PS3 or VGChartz was ran by a known 360 fanboy.

The flip flopping you sony fanboys accomplish is historical.
keabrown79  +   691d ago
I was a Xbox Guy last gen, and a PS4 guy this gen. Last gen everyone bashed on VG Chartz numbers for being wildly inaccurate when they listed PS3 so far behind but all of a sudden with PS4 ahead they numbers are the gospel. I have a feeling sometimes they just inaccurately report the console they favor least. I just find it a bit hypocritical that's all.. Play consoles people not numbers. I got my PS4 for exclusives and multi-plats I got my Xbox One for it's exclusives, both are great both will be successful, that's all that matters.
LeCreuset  +   691d ago
Or maybe people still believe that VG Chartz is prone to under reporting Sony sales figures.
Ju  +   691d ago
Nah, they still try to favor Xbox - both 360 and the One...but it's getting harder, me thinks. You can twist reality just so much. And, sure, those numbers are quite inaccurate but still fun chatting about.
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Hicken  +   691d ago
Oh, it's not the gospel. Everybody knows the numbers aren't exact. But, as it was said last gen, if vgchartz actually has a playstation system ahead, it's probably further ahead, as they routinely under tracked the PS3 last generation.

It wasn't everyone last gen, but Sony fans that said the numbers weren't exact, while xbox fans called them gospel.
Beastforlifenoob  +   691d ago
I was a Ps1 guy, a ps2 guy, a ps3 guy and now a PS4 guy... When I told everyone back in 2006 that the Ps3 was better than 360 i got bashed shitless. Now when you finally realize msoft are scumbags you run back to the PS croud. Im sure lots of people who ran to the PS croud saying "MSOFT HAS CHETAED ON US!!" will run back next gen and by and xbox because guess what noobs all of you are sheepies who buy what is most popular.
Gemmol  +   691d ago
you own two consoles that play 90 percent same game...wow, but umm to respond to the people below sony mostly post ship numbers, the numbers vgchartz posted is sold to customers so ps3 numbers always look higher.....when xbox release their numbers it was sold to customers just like what Nintendo do, sony hide their sold to customer numbers with their shipped numbers.....its kind of like how they hide the ps vita numbers by adding the psp numbers with it so no one can see how bad the Vita sells....its all smart business
keabrown79  +   691d ago
@Beastforlifenoob it's not about going with the most popular choice, it was about a better online service, party chat, better versions of multiplats, most of the time, I go where the primary focus of devs are as my main system ensuring I get the best version of a game, minus PC, of course.

@Gemmol Why not? I traded in all my multiplat games for the xbox and ps3 and only had to pay $200 to own both. "I'm not a collector and rarely re-play old stuff" There will be great exclusives on both systems as a gamer I won't want to miss. Add on the fact that I feel the xbox one is a better multimedia system, I realize that kinect doesn't work for everyone but in my setup it works great, so my ps4 is just for games my xbox on is for some games and multimedia
MichaelLito79  +   691d ago
VGChartz is all of sudden the gaming sales go to website. LOL

Last gen all of the ps3 owners didn't want to believe when there system was behind in sales. All of sudden the same people are believing now what a bunch of hypocrites.
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Eonjay  +   692d ago
Just Dance 2014 has is selling very well. It got mixed reviews but it looks really fun.
DEEBO  +   692d ago
Well i know that i am one of those console lifetime numbers in the millions for sony and nintendo i can say that i didn't add to MS console numbers because i brought my X1 used.
Eonjay  +   692d ago
How much did you pay?
DEEBO  +   691d ago
lol i just cut gamestop off froma cash trade.
guy needed money and gamestop was only giving him 300 store credit,i offered 300 cash.met him at his home and paid for it.
he tried to sell me a 40 t.v too 200 but i hav enough t.v's already.
he didn't give me the mic but he left call of duty in the system so i still got the better deal.
but to be honest i just got lucky.
G20WLY  +   692d ago
Brought it to where? :P
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DEEBO  +   691d ago
i shortcut a gamestop cash trade,you should try it some times.
amazing deals lol
Ilovetheps4  +   692d ago
Honestly, they don't care if you buy the console used. Most companies initially lose money on the console and make it up on the software sales. And even if they are making a small amount of money on the hardware, they'll be getting their share of the money off of games that you buy.
KakashiHotake  +   692d ago
Those are some really impressive launch numbers for both PS4 and XOne especially Sony. It's crazy because their not even done launching ( Japan ) yet and didn't even have the supply to fully meet demand. It usually takes consoles at least 6 months to reach those numbers so this is impressive. Even though Xbox One is a million behind Sony they still have the second best launch in history. Now the question becomes can they keep it up?
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T2  +   691d ago
ya it's been crazy all right... walked into my local futureshop yesterday and asked about ps4.. the games dept dude stated that he had about 150 people ask about the system THAT DAY and that they were expecting about 20 in a week... this could well go on into feb. at this rate.
MichaelLito79  +   691d ago
Both consoles are doing great. The better the content the more the sales of these consoles. To early for any one to declare which console can keep up when they are both doing well. Also many on this website forget that Xbox One will be launching in more Nordic countries, china, india and Japan. This is not a one sided victory by any means. Lets see how the next few years go. To many folks on this website think that sales at launch are the tell all be all to a gaming console when in reality we have about 7 to 8 years to go.
Unreal01  +   692d ago
Great sales Sony! One million ahead already. Great numbers and thoroughly deserved.
AdmiralSnake  +   692d ago
Glad to see All Next Gen Consoles are healthy, great for the industry and the gamers. PS4 is doing fantastic.
solidworm  +   692d ago
No surprises here Sony are dominating massively. Hopefully the bone will keep some momentum to stop Sony from falling into complacency
GirlOnFire  +   692d ago
PS4 The Win! Well done all. ^~^
lonewolfjedi  +   692d ago
the gaming industry is looking strong from these numbers
Clarence  +   692d ago
This is vgchartz so the PS4 lead is probably higher. Also notice how much more the PS4 sold in NA. Well that's because Sony has been able to restock the PS4.

To all the people that said availability is a excuse, look at the numbers now.
Wait until the PS4 is released in Japan.
Gemmol  +   691d ago
just like I told the people above, you and others are getting confuse, the numbers sony announce are shipped to retailers numbers so those are always higher then sold to customers number, its just like sony hiding the bad Vita sales by adding the psp and vita sales together so no one knows how bad it sells.....in this case sony sold a lot to retailers but vg chartz number show an estimate on how much consumers buy the console
Axios2  +   692d ago

PS4 3,443,791 divided by 5 weeks = 689k per week in 49 countries (note PS4 not in 49 countries the entire period)

X1 2,549,633 divided by 4 weeks = 637k per week in 13 countries

Great numbers for sure
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imt558  +   692d ago
Countries doesn't matter. Sony produce 1 million units per month and they must deploy a few thousand units in each country.

It will be same shit if they selling PS4 in just 5 countries. It will be sold out anyway.
Axios2  +   692d ago

Just like when both reached 1m in 24 hrs

It will matter later, just like selling cookies in school, the more class rooms you sell them in, the more will sell, some classes will be small others large, but if you sell in all the same class rooms then 36 more, you will sell more

I can't help but laugh at ppl disagreeing with facts
#16.1.1 (Edited 692d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(12) | Report
LeCreuset  +   691d ago

Arrogance can make you look foolish. You laugh at people disagreeing with facts? What facts? For the sake of conversation let's say that we both have 1,000 cookies to sell. I sell 1,000 cookies in 100 classrooms, but on average I can only sell 10 cookies per classroom. You sell 1,000 cookies by concentrating your sells on 50 classrooms for an average allotment of 20 cookies per classroom.

Now, because I have sold in more classrooms than you does that mean that I have sold more cookies than you? No. We both sold 1,000. I just spread mine to more classrooms by sacrificing how many I could sell per classroom.

Does your argument take into account that demand for my product could actually be 30 per class, even though I am only able to satisfy 10, whereas you are right at demand with 20?

Does your argument take into account that you deliberately chose to sell in less classrooms because my sells frequently dominate yours in the other classrooms, but you wanted to keep it competitive in classrooms that were your stronghold by making more cookies available to them?
mcstorm  +   692d ago
I agree but the Sony and xbox fan boys will try to swing the numbers one way or another. Have to give it to Microsoft Nintendo and Sony for a job well done over the last few months.

Gaming is still alive and none of the 3 current consoles are going anywhere any time soon.
LeCreuset  +   691d ago
You agree even though Axios, whether intentionally or unintentionally, swung the numbers? The number of launch countries does not matter. That just means Sony spread their stock wider whereas MS concentrated theirs in a few territories. It's my belief that the reason Xbox scaled back their launch countries was to remain competitive in certain regions, primarily NA. Can you imagine what the NA numbers would look like if MS had shipped less units there in the interest of shipping to more countries?
GraveLord  +   691d ago
Your numbers are completely bull.

PS4 came out 1 week ahead in the US. That alone means your numbers mean nothing.

Your worse than Major Nelson with meaningless stats.
Axios2  +   691d ago
Actually it came out in the US and Canada

The US is the worlds largest market

Pachter says 55% of PS4 production goes to the US.

It will later drop to the norm of 40%
LeCreuset  +   691d ago

You do realize that you just nullified your previous argument? What happened to it being about the number of territories you sell in?
Ju  +   691d ago
And it came out a week later in Europe. Where did you actually subtract that week?
scott182  +   691d ago
If Microsoft thought they could sell as much as Sony by being in more territories they would be... They are trying to keep a large stock in the major territories right now, Sony just happens to outsell them in every country they are both in. Sony is actually taking a risk by spreading themselves thin. It was an amazing week for Sony, I am even a little surprised they are doing so well.
#16.4 (Edited 691d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
AceBlazer13  +   692d ago
That gap just gets wider and wider.
saimcheeda  +   692d ago
Good performance
A healthy prospect for the future!
solidsheep  +   692d ago
I hope Microsoft response to Sony early dominance is a games arms race. Plz plz plz quit focusing so much on tv partnerships and focus a bit more on your developers. Better games on the xbox will lead to better games on my ps4.
TristanPR77  +   691d ago
PS4 is dominating and that is even without Gaikai or the incoming VR Device or the big franchises.

When the big guns arrives, Uncharted, Infamous, Ni No Kuni, GoW etc etc and GAIKAI Wow, this New generation belongs to the PS4.
Letthewookiewin  +   691d ago
Ya those X1's are stacked sky high with no where to go. Theres no shortage they are not selling. Its a weak system, done deal.
Mr_Writer85  +   691d ago
I know people say "oh it's VG Chartz"

But the truth is they might not be 100% but the fact is there isn't anyone out there doing a better job.
3dmariofan68  +   691d ago
2 wii u titles in the top 10 and no ps4 or xbox one games? yeah wii u is doomed, what ever!! and with smash bros. mario kart 8 and donkey Kong tropical breeze, Nintendo is showing they will last!
sebzhd  +   691d ago
PS4 rules now and for all the 8th gen. bye bye and thx M$ for your funny E3.
Whiskeyjacked87  +   691d ago
1 million huh? Love it!

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