No other PS3 hard drive configurations planned for Europe, says SCEE president

Speaking to videogaming247 at the SCEE PlayStation Day in London yesterday, SCEE president David Reeves said that PS3's hard drive is staying at 40Gb in Europe for the foreseeable future.

"I don't know that any other hard drive configuration is even planned," he said when asked when an 80Gb SKU - so popular in the US - would release in Europe.

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Blackcanary3874d ago

Europe get screwed again no 80gb for europe.

Tempist3874d ago

It's not that big of a hardware deal. In many ways the 40GB is better. Yeah there's no emulation, but it's not going to stay that way forever.

Britjadg3874d ago

how is that screwed? you wanna update ur HD - do it urself. or buy external storage.

i for one am gald that they are not releasing yet another incarnation of the hardware. i think its ridiculous they gave up on the 60gig so easily. differing HW is exactly the reason PS3 had so many issues with GTA.

Bullseye3874d ago

since you can upgrade easily on Sony's machine.(good move Sony)However,it's the loss of the other features that's more of a concern to me.I was waiting for a wipeoutHD release before a PS3 purchase,but i'm not keen on buying a stripped down model,bad move Sony.You have turned me into a possible purchaser rather than a definite one,not cool,not cool at all.

hay3874d ago

Great option for anyone who don't have PS3 and want to upgrade HDD after obtaining the console. It sucks that Sony didn't release it earlier... I would buy it.

ben8063874d ago

im quite happy with my 40gb ps3. maybe i will look at at hard drive upgrade when the tv adapter comes out.

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