New HAZE screenshots

To celebrate the HAZE demo that has been unleashed on PLAYSTATION Network, Sony has also sent out a handful of new, very nice looking screenshots.

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Farsendor13575d ago

i haven't gotten to play the demo yet but that looks fun i can't wait for us to get this. im to lazy to make a European account

titntin3575d ago

Its really rather good fun - and you can pick it up from the US tomorrow, so give it a go! Multiplayer co op is particularly fun, so check it out:)

niall773575d ago

poor graphics and generic gameplay dont seem like fetures to hype IMO

PS3 owners save your money and get MGS4 and resistance2.

keep playing GTA4

trancefreak3575d ago

graphics are nice its just not a fluid graphical jungle like crysis with all its glory. some textures look poor on the ground and the rocks but the characters look great the controls are tight and the game could be a blast depending on your gaming preference.

pp3575d ago

graphics are crap and so is the demo

trancefreak3575d ago

the demo doesnt work on your xbox and stop playing with your pp

DomUltra3575d ago

Please just nuke his bubbles, I'm getting really tired of this guy.

Skerj3575d ago

Making people OD on Nectar is funny as hell.

Will-UK3575d ago

i agree overdosing is funny

games4fun3575d ago

i think radical made a bad decision they should have released an mp demo it would have shown off a lot of cool features

the problem is the game is as my title of the commment suggests its ok not great. not good. its ok and they arent showing off the mp features they were talking about so all we get is an ok beginning level when the storyline needs to develop

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The story is too old to be commented.