War Thunder: Ground Forces - Closed Beta Gameplay Footage

YouTube's member 'SovereignZuul' has uploaded a video with gameplay footage from the Closed Beta phase of War Thunder: Ground Forces.

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IC3_DEMON1444d ago

Finally. But wasn't there suppose to be infantry too?

supraking9511444d ago

that would be cool if they did, but I'd rather play Warhawk on PS4

OrangePowerz1444d ago

There is supposed to be also Naval at some point.

Einhert1444d ago

They are introducing infantry at some point later similar to how they have ground units in the current air forces build.

They also plan to have AI vehicles like trucks and armoured cars.

They plan to model the coaxial MGs on the tanks and vehicles with exposed crew members like the flakpanzer are going to be able to have their exposed crew killed with those MGs.

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Majin-vegeta1444d ago

Whens this coming statside??One of the games i been looking forward to.

amiga-man1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Been having a blast with War Thunder this looks to be a great addition although I must admit the ships are what I'm looking forward to the most.

BattleAxe1444d ago

This game looks beautiful! You used to be able to drive tanks around like this in BC1 and BC2 without having to worry about jets all the time.

sovietsoldier1444d ago

i have had the chance to be involved with the cbt and all i can say is you will not go back to wot unless your a wot fanboy, it truly destroys it in every way.