All EA Servers Currently Being DDOS’d

Junkiemonkeys: For the last hour or so, players across all platforms have been complaining about failed logins to EA/ Origin servers. This is due to a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack.


EA services are back up!

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ZitterZap1390d ago

Hate it, tried on my PS4, iPhone and the PC none of Origin EA services are working.

lolCHILLbro1390d ago

People who say they cant trust Titanfall because of EA forget that it will be running on the Azure servers from Microsoft, way better servers than EA`s

MestreRothN4G1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )



PS4 here. Playing BF4 MP.

NatureOfLogic1390d ago

The same thing happened to Planetside and everyone screamed that PSN was hacked. I wonder if those same people will say that Xbox live was just hacked. If we use fanboy logic, all systems were just hacked. Stop giving them attention and they'll go away.

badboy7761390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

All EA sports Xbox One games are on Dedicated Servers........ LOL

torchic1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

who said that? you're so paranoid dude you don't deserve that username

Godmars2901390d ago

And you've just pointed out why MS's servers will come under attack when Titanfall is released.

Prime1571389d ago

But you will still need origin to log in, much like the EA games you can't access now...

Do you really not get it?

NeoTribe1389d ago Show
extermin8or1389d ago

a) no one said a word. b)still need ea's servers to login to origin account something they require on their online games.... so it would be unplayable.

MWong1389d ago

Why would the brainwashed get simple logic? Every EA game requires you to access Origin for online play to verify you have an online account.

This really sucks though. Especially after such a horrible BF4 launch across all platforms. Now unless people read about it on the internet they will just think all EA servers shutdown.

SoulSercher6201389d ago

You really have NO clue how servers work.

frostypants1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Even IF it is running on Azure...which we don't know can bet that you must be signed into EA's service first. Sorry.

MysticStrummer1389d ago

"People who say they cant trust Titanfall because of EA forget that it will be running on the Azure servers from Microsoft"

…which means… nothing at all.

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Insomnia_841390d ago

Can someone help me understandbwhy the are doing this? Whatever effing reason they have I want to what it is.

Evil_Abed1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Boredom/douchebaggery/no life...take your pick.

Prime1571389d ago

Yeah, you are right. Usually "good" hackers have a reason. This just seems like they hate the people playing, while loving the angry reactions they give.

andrewer1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

It's not like EA is a great company and not target of hate of many people (me included, really hate them), so it's not that abnormal. I don't care what happens to EA, but this attack obviously isn't like Evil_Abed said - EA is very very far from our ideal company

RumbleFish1389d ago

Perhaps they are not happy about EA constantly releasing broken software.

frostypants1389d ago

Script kiddies who get beat up at school.

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JackVagina1390d ago

but yet when this happens to sony, people claim its being "hacked"

GTgamer1390d ago

We all know who those people are not pointing any fingers or elbows.

--Onilink--1390d ago

mmmm what? when people say X or Y company was hacked, its usually because thats what happened, and you see said companies ask people to change their passwords... that IS being hacked.

This is not being called a hack because it is not, its a Denial of Service Attack

I dont understand what your point is supposed to be, since both things are not related and usually are out of the companies hands

ShinMaster1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

He's talking about this:
a DDoS attack. Not hacking.
It has nothing to do with changing passwords.

Prime1571389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Companies ask you to change your pw because it's a good practice. If you think that your service will never be hacked, then you are just naive.

extermin8or1389d ago

Both things are out of their control to an extent the best security software in the world can still be cracked by someone smart enough to find the chink in its armor.The DDoS attacks are just annoying... What he's saying is when this happened to sony yesterday people claimed they were being hacked posts just accepting its a DDoS attack what hes saying is why cant they just have accepted that on both pieces of news instead of trolling on the other.

iNFAMOUZ11389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Sony was hacked to the 9th degree, dont kid yourself, of course more uninformed kids agreeing, welcome to n4g.

XboxFun1389d ago

And when the same was happening to Xbox users on FIFA people came out and said Live was hacked.

Simple minded people with agendas who just want to see the other console fail that is all it is.

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gamernova1390d ago

All I need them for is my FIFA. Guess I'll play some of the many games I got on the steam sale :P

SonyAddict1390d ago

Feel sorry for gamers but two's up to EA lol!.