Revisiting Spira: My first impressions from playing through Final Fantasy X Remastered

Games in Asia: "It’s no secret that I love Final Fantasy X. I was in high school when the game first released for the PlayStation 2, and, seeing how I was under my father’s roof, I had to live with a primitive form of torture that restricted video games to a weekend activity. This left me with nothing but my imagination during the weekdays, and I have far more memories of my daydreams in Spira than I do of what happened in my Earth and Space science classes.

I say all of that to say this: I openly admit a bias. I love this game. I would have found myself ecstatic with a straight up port, let alone remastered in HD. So when I say these first five hours of playing through FFX has been my favorite gaming experience in the past decade, take it with a grain of salt."

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Godmars2901569d ago

Rehash is here. Rehash and bankrupt creativity.

Not to deny or diss FFX - and only FFX - but what else is Square Enix doing reliving - milking - things which Squaresoft did.

PeaSFor1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

is someone really forcing you to puchase a product you dont want?

why are YOU here? i dont know but your whinning is clearly here.

TRGMatt1569d ago

They are also doing FFXIII/2/3, FFXIV, and Dragon Quest X (which remains exclusive to Asia for now). Whether or not you LIKE the 13 series or MMOs like 14, there is greatness there, muddled by undeserved verbal bashing.

Oh, and XV is on its way.

I am personally excited for FFX HD. My PS2 has long since burnt out and I ended up skipping this FF game - the ONLY FF game I have ever skipped - due to personal issues. I realize I am probably a unique case but even without my situation, these HD remakes are just fine with me. Nobody likes to admit it but FFVII is difficult to play because the visuals are outdated. Hell, FFXII, my favorite FF ever, is a chore to play because of the visuals AND outdated control schemes. FFX is no different. Updated graphics and sound and controls and etc. really DO make a difference on old games.

Let them rehash and cash in. That's their job as a company - to turn a profit. And the money they get out of shit like this leads to bigger budgets in the future even if they choose to spend some of that money on remakes and spin offs.

Square knows what they're doing. They get a bad rap but they're the most successful modern Japanese gaming company outside of Nintendo for a reason. I'm buyin what they're selling. Not every time, but enough to warrant some praise.

Dakidog1569d ago


I don't agree with the visuals statement in your post, if you love a game you can play it no matter what. I just finished replaying Grandia last year and loved it, from time to time i hook up my SNES to play Top Gear.

I won't lie though I did like Squaresoft much more than Square-Enix, and SE will only get my money for FFX-HD and FFXV atm.

abzdine1568d ago

i have to agree but i still hope FFXII and DQVIII Remasters come out one day!!
Sad but that's all i am expecting from SE

Taislin1568d ago

DQ X, Drakengard 3, Bravely Default Sequel, FFXIV, KH3 and FFXV. That enough for you?

LAWSON721568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

I agree (except about knowing what they are doing) but for future clarification
remake =/= rerelease (big difference one is remade while the other is the same game)

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worldwidegaming1569d ago

We begged for a remake and this is clearly not IT!
Will we buy? Yes for the most part...
Will we get the remake we really want?
Most likely not...maybe we need the Japanese to want the game too...

LAWSON721568d ago

Nothing by Square needs remade get over it (or sequels for that matter unless the story actually leads into one). Square does not need to live off the past. Classics dont need remade unless time did not do it justice, which has not happened with any FF.

princejb1341568d ago

This the last game I enjoyed from square before they fell off

Stringerbell1569d ago

Well it may be a rehash, but I've never played this game before. So for me it will be a brand new experience.

Godmars2901569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Point is that while this is new to you - hope you enjoy it and all - there's serious doubt that Square will be able to actually repeat much less improve upon it.

Though really, if you want Square at their best, try Chrono Trigger. FF4 & 6.

Also a very important thing to remember for FFX: Phoenix down is usually an instant kill for zombies.

Its not that they're rehashing, its that what they're doing new is soulless, convoluted, pretentious and paint by the numbers.

They need to bring back in script writers. Something the stopped doing since FFX.

And no, they don't know what they're doing. That they've been in the red financially definitely says that.

Godmars2901568d ago

So, S/E *ISN'T* in financial trouble? Have been losing money or overspending on projects or doing projects All the Bravest? Are literally planning on running into the ground titles which have worked like Bravely Default with yearly - YEARLY! - releases?

worldwidegaming1569d ago

you will be in for a great time.
Not to sure about X-2 (Death rattle sound)

Dakidog1569d ago

The hours of playing blitzball are worth it I the only one who would've bought a stand alone blitzball title alone back then lol.

chikane1569d ago

yea just shows the sad state that enix is in right now.That they need no Revisit a 15 year old game to get sells..

PS don't reply to my post cause i really don't care what you have to say about my post here and plus not gonna read it anyway so don't waste your time

Stringerbell1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Well truth be told you shouldn't post here then. This is a social site. If you aren't looking to engage in a conversation kindly leave. The internet already has enough people who just want to hear themselves talk.

MonChiChi1568d ago

Crazy, one of my most anticipated games this year is one I've played plenty of and is a remaster!

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