Passing Xbox 360 is important because we've been mistreated, says SCEE president

Speaking to videogaming247 at the SCEE PlayStation Day yesterday, SCEE president David Reeves said that the company decided to make an announcement about passing Xbox 360 sales in Europe in the event's press conference because of previous ill treatment, both from consumers and Microsoft.

"I think the fact that [Microsoft] launched 18 months before… It is significant for us because we get so many things thrown at us, because we were too expensive, we came too late, we didn't launch early enough in Europe, and Xbox have been saying, 'Well, we're doing well and we're the best the console,' so we thought, for once we will say, actually, very quietly, 'We've passed them,'" he said.

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Brian52473873d ago

Now keep the momentum going and leave 360 in the dust, David.

CNIVEK3873d ago

...what a whiny little b1tch. :D

3873d ago
heyheyhey3873d ago


so when's your auto-biography going on sale?


xg-ei8ht3873d ago

He's totally correct.

M$ are about to get KILLZOWNED,MGS4OWNED,LBPOWNED, and every other type of ownage there is.

yanikins1113873d ago

You should have left it at killzowned. Nice

avacadosnorkel3873d ago

doesn't like the taste of its own medicine.

Excpect a spin on these numbers through various media outlets within a day.

heyheyhey3873d ago

Microsoft: "ZOMG ITZ A LIE- Sony is santa and just shoved PS3's down your chimneys to inflate numbers LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL"

heyheyhey3873d ago

wait a sec im not up to speed on this

they passed the lifetime sales of the 360 in Europe?

i swear they said that's only going to happen by summer, and i could've sworn there's still a little bit to go (well, according to VG anyway)

crck3873d ago

If MS doesn't respond within a day or two I think its safe to call it true. And VGchartz will officially be a million+ units off.

Lumbo3873d ago

vgchartz "Europe/other" is more than just europe(as the name should tell you...), it includes Australia Africa southern America and Asia (except japan) AND they never post "shipped" numbers anyways. Sony claims that they now have SHIPPED more ps3s to Europe than MS has shipped xbox360 to the same area. That is quite good considering the 18 month headstart.

Britjadg3873d ago

the 18/12 million split in VG is GLOBAL hardware sales.

other than the uk which seems to show a much stronger 360 preference, the rest of europe has pretty much stuck two fingers up at 360 - (there are a couple of exceptions). lets not forget Japan, (which while not europe)not only stuck two fingers up at 360, but then proceeded to metaphorically piss all over it.

it was in the US predominantly that the PS3 was getting stomped, and as we see on a week by week basis - that hasn't been true since end of last year: the consoles have been pretty much even pegging.

heyheyhey3873d ago

yeah i know VG has global sales on the front page

but the also list that 360 has a higher number for Europe/others than the PS3

a misunderstanding which Lumbo kindly cleared up for me

thanks Lumbo +bubbles

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