Game Debate: hardest game you've ever played?

Destructoid wants to hear what the hardest game you've ever played is. Was it a game with insanely difficult enemies and bosses? Or a game with terrible controls that made it practically unplayable? Perhaps the game was so awful that you could never even figure out what to do? Or maybe you had the balls to play an untranslated foreign import game and failed miserably? What's the hardest game you've ever played, and why?

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leetHAX3845d ago

Hardest: Definitely Contra

Easiest: Oregon Trail!

BeaArthur3845d ago

Really, Contra? This is a hard question to answer because games can be hard do to poor design. For a game that functions properly I would have to say Guitar Hero; I have never been so bad at a game before.

thisguywithhair3844d ago

Easiest game I ever played was StarFox 64. Beat the main game in 30 min, got all medals in 5 days, beat the hard version of the game 3 days later. Never had a game that I beat so easily yet had so much fun in.

Kill Crow3845d ago

Maybe I'm just to old to play these games anymore ...

Alltidxx3845d ago

Lost Patrol - Amiga500

I don't know anyone that made it through THAT jungle alive...

Alltidxx3845d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

also the qualification times required for pole on both medium and hard level in MotoGP 2007 (PS2)
It received the "punishing difficulty" award from Gamespot for a reason :)

KyonoRocks3845d ago

For me, either Ikaruga (playing for combos with default 'no continue' settings... impossible) and DDR

I don't think I'll ever be able to do Max 300, let alone get an AA or AAA on the majority of easier songs

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The story is too old to be commented.