1UP Previews: Resistance 2

By Thomas Puha:"Previews: Resistance 2
We play competitive multiplayer mode at Sony's London PlayStation Day."

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thereapersson3873d ago

It won't have the hype behind it that Halo 3 had, but it sure will bring a lot more to the table in terms of an overall experience.

If 1UP walked away impressed from a PS3 first-person shooter, there has to be something that Insomniac Games is doing right. I can't wait for this November to get here!

heyheyhey3873d ago

its like i subconciously, telepathically told you what i was going to say and you said it first

pp3873d ago

I'm really excited for gears of war 2

heyheyhey3873d ago


its going to be to funny reading the responses to your comment

FLOPbox 3603872d ago

LMAO We don't give a sh1t.

zapass3872d ago

you've overcome your erectal dysfunction.
clap hands everybody, peepee has a boner!

Heir2theThrone3873d ago

I like how this gen is improving

Bigbangbing3873d ago

i'm sorry after i watched the trailer and i didn't like it
i have to say that the movement of the player didn't change and the graphics looks like the old one and i know its still work in progress

rhood0223873d ago

well, for an unfinished build of the multiplayer mode (which is usually not as graphically impressive as the single player campaign) I think it shows promise. And this is coming from someone who has very little interest in multiplayer.

Qbanboi3873d ago

^^ i love how he says that the graphics look like the old one, but he's watching a really low quality video.

rushbd3873d ago

it's true. idiots who decide game's fate by watching a blurred out off screen pre-alpha gameplay footage.

I don't think a person can be randomly this idiot. god must have crafted them carefully to be an idiot.

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