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The Nintendo Delusion - Good Games Don't Sell Good Consoles

Why the good games will sell Nintendo's consoles argument doesn't hold up. (Nintendo, Wii U)

NYC_Gamer  +   610d ago
Nintendo should invest in some fresh/different kind of franchise if they wanna move units in the western market
Vegamyster  +   610d ago
To be fair they funded W101 & Bayonetta 2.
ritsuka666  +   610d ago
lol,you OWNED this guy.
AKR  +   610d ago
Don't forget LEGO City: Undercover.
curtis92  +   610d ago
@Vegamyster Think he meant games that would appeal to wide market, not a niche market.
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cyguration  +   610d ago

What does that even mean? Every core sector of gaming IS a niche market. Nintendo is catering toward every sector just like they said they would.

Everyone complained when Nintendo appealed mostly to a wide market with Wii Fit and Wii Sports and Wii Party during the Wii's lifespan.

Now you're saying that for the Wii U they need to go back to doing what they did with the Wii?

There's no such thing as having it both ways.
mpnothanks  +   610d ago
I think he means first person shooters. Because we don't have enough of those. /s
miyamoto  +   610d ago
To be fair W101 & Bayonetta 2 are not fresh/different kind of franchises

W101 is like Pikmin and Lemmings and Bayonetta 2 is like Bayonetta 1.


lol, you are OWNED by your own fanboyic blindness!

Wii U is a victim of Nintendo's own greed and arrogance like that dog who wanted two bones at the same time and eventually lost both- the casual and the hardcore. Right, Kinect?

Now I know why Sony won't do kiddie toddler games even if it means slow steady sales. They can not go that low to maintain an uncompromising hardcore gaming image since 1994.
Its risky but the rewards will be great in the long run!
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Thepcz  +   610d ago
nintendo forgot who they are and where they came from. they now think they are a games developer who makes games for mobile phone, hence the relentless wave of shallow mini games collections and party games.

nintendo forgot that to sell a console you need deep, immersive and ambitious games. ie all the games they are refusing to publish- metroid, starfox, f zero, earthbound etc

instead they are force-feeding us crap like nintendoland, wario game and watch and a years worth of luigi (WTF!?) - nintendo think the wiiu is a mobile phone and gamers only want shallow, quick fix trash to play.

nintendo are wrong (the sales figures support my claim) and its too late for them to gain back lost market share. its hilarious that the wiiu is a hd console, but nintendo dont provide any games that can match that scale of gaming. ie, all the games seem to be little more than upscaled wii games.

X is the only game that even remotely shows any promise... and that is simply not good enough.
staticdash22  +   610d ago
Finally someone that gets it. Nintendo should have invested in brand new franchises for a brand new console. People like to see new, and fresh ideas not dressed up in the same old franchises. Give gamers new characters to get attached to, new lore, and new worlds to explore.

What are they afraid of? They are making the mistake that konami is, making metal gear their face and almost dependent on its success. People just don't understand that nintendo of all publishers is the one that can take multiple risks on new projects. All that money especially stemming from the Wii's success.
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ForgottenProphecy  +   610d ago
Waooooh. No reason to bring Metal Gear into this. Metal Gear is still awesome to this day
punishing1  +   610d ago
I own a PS4, so let's talk about new & fresh IP...Killzone...FOUR...Battlef ield...FOUR...NFS...lost count of what version this is. They had ONE...ONE new IP...Knack. And reviews say it sucks. I bought KZ4, BF4, and NFS:R, because I love those franchises. Kinda like a bought Mario Bros, WiiU Party, 3D Land, Wario. I also bought Nintendo's new IP - W101, ZombiU, and Rayman Legends.
andrewer  +   610d ago
It sold to me...
JohnnyTower  +   610d ago
The Wii U launch was a trainwreck. The only way Nintendo will get people to remember them amongst the Xbox one and PS4 is nostalgia games or kiddy-Skylander games. Look at the expectations for Super Smash Brothers and Zelda Wii U. Those are decades old franchises that are tapped to bring focus to the Wii U. Nintendo should try out some new IP's, but they shouldn't be relied on as system-movers. I love my Wii U and I play Mario 3D all the time. If anything, I would love to see a Jet Force Gemini or Eternal Darkness HD remake.
Vegamyster  +   610d ago
The Wii-U launch wasn't bad, the following months after where games got delayed like Pikmin 3, W101, Rayman Legends ect caused the system to stall out, sales have picked up considerably the past few months.
JohnnyTower  +   610d ago
The Wii U launch definitely needed some clarity as to what the Console was. The title Wii U was a little confusing. I wasn't sure if it was a tablet add-on or not. You are absolutely right about the launch games being good, but there was a lull waiting for some good games. Deus Ex filled the void nicely until Mario 3D came out. I wish Nintendo nothing but the best. And make another Eternal Darkness Dammit!
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   610d ago
Uh Wii U launch was a success. Post launch wasn't due to Rayman, Pikmin, LEGO City, TW101, Game & Wario and Deux Ex delay. Wii U sold 3.06m units in 2012.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   610d ago
If the launch was a train wreck, it's mostly because the AAA third parties didn't do jack crap as far as actually making games the core audience would wanna get the Wii U for, during a time when they had very few high-quality first-party Nintendo IP's to contend with.
Chrischi1988  +   609d ago
The launch of the console was really good. Looking at numbers, it sold as good or slightly better than the Xbox One. During this time a year ago Wii U sold around 3 million, the problems started after its launch and not during it. That is also why I am saying, that people should stop to compare launch sales with sales in like may this year.
Dravidian  +   610d ago
It's a sad day when good games dont sell consoles. New ip or not. That being said, new IP's are rarely system sellers BECAUSE the casual gamer has never heard of it. The few lucky ones usually have great sales on their next game or two and my be system sellers, but by definition they're no longer a new i.p. at that point. Very few have ridiculous sales or sell consoles on the first try.
ritsuka666  +   610d ago
I feel you pain dude. I love supporting devs like Platinum Games, they are doing their best to make new IPs, but get overshadowed by an overrated videogame casual games. it's really sad times for us harcore gamers.
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Mister_Dawg  +   610d ago
Crap games don't sell good consoles either.
Most of the exclusive PS3 games did little for sales.
Hicken  +   610d ago
Most PS3 exclusives weren't crap, though. And most sold well, enough to warrant sequels in many cases.

Not seeing what your point was supposed to be.
SpiralTear  +   610d ago
This article is pessimistic in the worst kind of way, offering no real solution to the problem it repeatedly highlights. We all want a fresh IP from Nintendo; I don't think anyone would be against that. But the article says that nothing, not even a new IP can keep the Wii U afloat, going so far to say that it'll be dead within the next year, which considering the 2014 Wii U lineup, is very hard to believe.

Like the other commenters said, a new IP would do something significant for Nintendo, especially if its aesthetic was a big departure from the venerable Nintendo IP's, something that its competitors haven't really experimented with yet.

That being said, this article is one big downer on Nintendo. If you're going to highlight a problem, at least make the effort to offer some kind of remedy instead of hammering the current situation again and again.
ShowGun901  +   610d ago
lets get this outta the way, i love ninty (who doesn't?) and owned an nes, n64, gamecube, and wii... i don't think ill get a wiiu, unless there is a model with a SUBSTANTIAL price drop. How? ditch the damn tablet controller! nobody likes it (based on sales), its not essential (based on its useless, tacked on features on most games), and its EXPENSIVE! if the ps4 had been $50 more to add the trackpad to the ds4, i'd have said drop it! THERE SHOULD BE A KINECTLESS XBONE SKU!!!

don't force stupid, useless stuff on people, and make them pay for it, they won't buy it! if they dropped their price $100 and made it come with a classic controller, i'd buy it! who wouldn't with those games? LOL
truechainz  +   610d ago
Have you played it before? I was without my gamepad for about a week because I had to send it in for repair and was left with the pro controller. I hated it. The gamepad is comfortable and honestly makes me wish I had one with my PS4 and X1. You think the gamepad is useless, but when you check on miiverse (with the people who actually have the system so they know what they are talking about) that is not the popular opinion. I get that the Wii U is not the console of choice for people, but don't generalize incorrectly like that.
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mpnothanks  +   610d ago
I love the gamepad. I think people are a little unsure of it if they haven't tried it though. I was trashing it when it came out but I picked it up at a display unit in a store and was pleasantly surprised.
Chrischi1988  +   609d ago
You all talk about innovation and all, but everything, that can actually change something in a good way, you want it to be removed. The Tablet Controller offers the experiences of new genres on consoles. It could be the first step for RTS games, even if its still not as good as with keyboard + mouse. It could also be the right tool for MMOs of any kind. This way they could be really playable, with only a normal controller, thats not possible or a real pain in the ass.
JBSleek  +   610d ago
New IP aren't system sellers though.

These new consoles don't have a system seller that is a new franchise as of launch. The games that did the best were sequels.

I think it's a mixture of both but I can guarente you that people are moe inclined to buy the Wii U once Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, and Pokemon come to the system.
ThatOneGuyThere  +   610d ago
titanfall is a new IP that is going to sell tons of consoles. gran turismo sold a ton of ps1's. I think people buy consoles for different reasons and nintendo just doesnt give anyone a good enough reason who doesnt care about mario. Wii sports sold the Wii.
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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   610d ago
not if you can get a better experience on PC
JBSleek  +   610d ago
How do you know Titanfall is going to be a system seller? It is being released on PC and 360. You don't have to have a One to play it.

The fact that you just said Wii Sports sold the Wii I don't even know what to say.
WeAreLegion  +   610d ago
Wii Sports DID sell the Wii.
Killzoner99  +   610d ago
Nintendo's dead this generation. The WiiU was a failed experiment that has tarnished the companies name. Nintendo will crawl back and milk the 3DS dry but as far as the console business goes it's "Game Over" . I expect them to go third party and hopefully get scooped up by Sony eventually. You can't keep releasing the same IPs and expect to stay relevant.
DoctorJones  +   610d ago
Sony couldn't afford to buy Nintendo.
ThatOneGuyThere  +   610d ago
nintendo is having another game cube moment. next console will be legit.
SLUG  +   610d ago
nintendo is dead in this generation its ps4 and xbox one turn wii u dose not use anything that the ps4 and xbox one has it will not survive at all
Theallplatformer  +   609d ago
Wii didn't have anything that PS3 and X360 had and it still won, so your point is invalid.
ritsuka666  +   610d ago
Nintendo's dead this generation.''

Say the guy with avatar of Killzone...
Beastforlifenoob  +   610d ago
yeah just like all you Nintendo fankids have avatars of link/zelda/mario/yoshi/kirby/e tc

How are you any different then him your avatar is that of link an iconic nintendo charcter.

Plus his avatar wasnt going to be a Nintendo charcter because he doesnt like nintendo. Why would he set his avatar to something he doesnt like?
lassenwolf  +   610d ago
If the wiiu is dead how did outsell the xbox1 last week
Ol_G  +   610d ago
Are you twelve or something your reasoning is stupid
dragonx21  +   610d ago
tell that to sony about releasing three sequels of uncharted in one generation lol
AJBACK2FRAG  +   610d ago
You're in for a huge disappointment.
Theallplatformer  +   609d ago
Sony scoop up Nintendo? hah that's a laugh, considering that Sony had to down size its organization to make ends meet. Sony only profited from a weaker Yen when they sold their buildings in the U.S., firing 2300+ employee, letting go of an online advertising group(which was scooped up by Nintendo). There were no profits from PS3, and considering that their other products such as TV and Audio systems aren't doing to hot, Sony is in danger of sinking if their main business(which isn't gaming) goes under.
LOL_WUT  +   610d ago
Nintendo is just too old fashioned when it comes to creating something new they always stick to what they have. This gen ought to straighten them out some ;)
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   610d ago
The Wonderful 101
Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem
Style Savvy
Dillon Rolling Western
Harmo Knights
Disaster Day of Crisis
Elite Beat Agent
Hotel Dusk
Steel Diver
Endless Ocean
The Last Story
Pandora's Tower
Brain Age
Wii series

IPs created in the last 7 years
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staticdash22  +   610d ago
Yet none of those are selling Wii Us in tons. I'm not talking about Japan either.
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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   610d ago
Can you even read. If you can you would had seen that I said 7 years.
TW101, Wii Series and SMT x FE including Nintendo Land are Wii U.
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Chrischi1988  +   609d ago
Most of these games are not out for Wii U yet... hard for a game to make a console sell, if its not out yet. That is something only Nintendo IPs can actually do.
Incipio  +   610d ago
Their image needs to mature. They need to grow with the core audience that helped build their success, and cater to newer, younger generations of gamers on the side.

Step into the big-boy realm, Nintendo. The Wii U is being left behind by your former supporters, while they leave for more mature platforms like Xbox and PlayStation (and even PC).
truechainz  +   610d ago
Catering well to younger gamers should not be something done "on the side". It should be a prime focus. The difference in quality between Mario 3D World and Knack (I have played them both) is proof of that. Also you should listen to Sony exec Shuhei Yoshida because he has a much better understanding of Nintendo in this industry.
WeAreLegion  +   610d ago
I own both games. Both are incredibly well polished. What do you mean?
ShowGun901  +   610d ago
ill give you that SM3DW is better than knack. but the average age of gamers in general is around 30. so based on purely #s, catering to the less than 10 crowd SHOULD be something thats done more sparingly.

look at the games that sell really well. its all games that someone whos and adult won't feel embarresed about playing... although i think that SM3DW is fantastic, i don't think the ad that has a girl pick up the wiiu tablet and magically transforms into a cat suited weirdo is moving in the right direction for the financial success of Ninty. games people really want on the system, like zelda or metroid, (or maybe even mario kart and SSB) are all fairly badass in their own way. Ninty needs to embrace ALL gamers, not just the young'uns, because they turn into teenagers pretty quick, and wanna play battlefeild with their dads and uncles. ask a 360 cod player, its all 8yr olds LOL
ritsuka666  +   610d ago
Their image needs to mature. They need to grow with the core audience that helped build their success, and cater to newer, younger generations of gamers on the side. '''

Nintendo cater both audience, i really don know what you are talking about.
mpnothanks  +   610d ago
Uh huh. "Feh...I've outgrown Nintendo. Look how macho I am"

You shouldn't take life so seriously.
admiralvic  +   610d ago
I wouldn't say it's delusional, since it worked for the 3DS. Once the 3DS got a price drop and started to get some good games, the system started selling and now it completely destroys the Vita, which is easily the better console (in terms of hardware) with a solid line up.

The issue with the Wii U is that it costs a lot of money and there is still nothing that drives an immediate need to pick it up. The Xbox One and PS4 are lacking in this same area, but people know that there will be third party support for these consoles, where as the Wii U is a big question mark. This is the main driving force against the Wii U, which probably won't change until Holiday 2014.

At launch there was nothing and people thought the system cost too much (gamepad is often forgotten in the equation of system value). The Wii U then didn't have more than 3 or 5 games release between launch and August. Pikmin 3 was never going to be a system seller, Nintendo didn't have much faith in The Wonderful 101, Wind Waker HD was an HD port, Sonic Lost Worlds was never going to be a system seller and then they had their big game Super Mario 3D World, but it isn't enough to beat the hype that next generation consoles had/have. Remember, many people view Nintendo as a secondary system and it will probably continue to do bad until SSB or Mario Kart releases. If the system flops at this point, then it's probably safe to assume it's a lost cause.
bobsmith  +   610d ago
lol wii u is going to own ps4 and xbone when kart 8 and super smash are out
its way cheaper free online and comes with the tablet controller
danny818  +   610d ago
I never saw why Nintendo cant be a teen/kid friendly company. why cant they invest in a fps or mature ip's while keeping Mario and friends. I just think they have too much money and are plying it safe
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Ol_G  +   610d ago
Why do you think they play it safe?
They already exist 100 years or so they think about the long term and don't take too big risks (too expensive hardware)
In comparison look at Sony they seem to do everything right with a lot of gamers these days paying money for games and bringing quite powerful hardware
Now look at their financial situation and you'll see what that money spending earned them
Yes a lot of gamers worship them now but what they did to get there almost bankrupt them
So if you ask me Nintendo's decision to not spend every dime you make seems the most rational
Theallplatformer  +   608d ago
Well said. Gamers forget that it's business first, Nintendo does what it needs to do to survive, and has survived for more than 100 years. Sony right now is in danger out of the big 3 who are in the gaming industry of going bankrupt, they have already downsized their business to make ends meet which isn't good news for any business. Sony needs to put more focus on what their business was built from, which is TVs and Audio hardware(stereos and all that junk) and not gaming. Microsoft will survive but not from Xbox, sadly their gaming side of the business has been a failure since the launch of the Original Xbox, they should put more focus on their actual successful products which includes phones, Operating Systems(which Windows 8 total freaking disaster XP)
OmniSlashPT  +   610d ago
*Good games don't sell bad consoles

LOL_WUT  +   610d ago
Agreed someone fix the title! ;)
ThePsychoGamer  +   610d ago
They really need to do 2 things

Get some decent third party support, seriously look at all the third part games that have been announced, and you will see that Most of them are skipping the Wii U.

and Start listening to there fans, there are some many things that I've seen WiiU and 3DS owners requesting, things that would proibably be easy to implement and would cost Nintnedo much if anything, like going region free or a acheivemnt system. It's bafleling that these features haven't been patched in by now. Further more Nintnedo hasn't really commited on these request, which really disrespectful when you think about it.
DanielGearSolid  +   610d ago
Did he mean Good Games don't sell bad consoles? Not to say the WiiU is bad, the, title just doesn't make sense
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   610d ago
The hater delusion; when anti nintendo fantards downplay the facts as delusions despite all prior evidence.
And then write an article about it.
BosSSyndrome  +   610d ago
Worked for the 3ds, didnt it...
n1kki6  +   610d ago
I have a wii-u and love it. I even wrote an article about it being a great 2nd console. http://n4g.com/news/1398304...

But, I rearely use the gamepad unless required, mostly just the pro controller, and I would argue that good games do sell good consoles. Unfortunately the wii-u is an overpriced console with good games. If they would lower the price and get rid of the game pad offering it as a separate accessory it would be great. THe same thing Microsoft should have done with Kinect. But requiring the gamepad at the $300 price point is just two high since most people will want an xbox or ps4 1st. Honestly I thing if they would offer the premium unit at $250 it would be fair, or remove the game pad and drop to $200 or $219.
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RPG_Lover  +   610d ago
Nintendo is doing just fine. There is no fact or reason in this article. Its rather embarrassing.

New IP are generally worthless when it comes to pushing systems or making a system successful. Its the sequels that do it
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Reeze  +   610d ago
Then what's going to sell consoles?

Person 1: Hey, I really like the color of that Playbox U.
Person 2: Me, too! That makes me want it.
Person 1: Here's 400 dollars.

Satire aside, I believe that good games do sell consoles. That's the only thing that makes me want one.
Geobros  +   610d ago
Nice article to read. Personally, I think that Nintendo has not explained well what Wii U can do different than Wii. So, even if we see wonderful franchises, the console won't sell. Most of non gamers think that Wii and Wii U are the same and only the gamepad changes....
ShowGun901  +   609d ago
although thats true, i think the over-informed early adopters aren't buying for a different reason. its not that they dont know about it, its that its not powerful enough. look at the ps4. you have pc elitists saying that its not powerful enough, and its twice (or 3 times?) as powerful as the wiiu.

early adopters take future-proofing serious, and it was the same reason i didn't buy a wii until the back catalog of (1st party) games available was so massive and impressive, and the console was so cheap, that it was a no-brainer. and early adopters are KEY to growing your install base, since they are the people who actually advertise for your system. if i hadn't bought a ps4, i would have 4 friends bugging me to get one, and how awesome it is. guess how many of my friends will bug me to play smash bros later this year? Zero.
3dmariofan68  +   609d ago
That's right the console no one wants, and over 4 million wii u owners and still growing, sorry, but Nintendo wii u is selling. funny how people keep ignoring how x box 360 is bombing in japan, and no worries from the media? yeah, just wait.
for we are many  +   609d ago
It's all about Hype these days, just hype the damn thing and do a celebrity-infested advertisement campaign with some tech jargon explaining the advent of hair in the nostrils of a generic shooter protagonist or moving individual grass patches in Madden 46 using the graphical Power of your box, don't forget to promise copious amounts of online multiplayer fpses with voice chat for the drooling prepubescent kids so they can run and buy the latest CoD/BF and cuss and scream each other's brains out. It's sad but true. Look around you and you'll see that the mainstream quality is declining, cliched-hand holding-watered down generic action games are everywhere, more DLC, DRM, Microtransactions, Incomplete games, more military shooters, and the only games that sell well are for the fragheads or sports games.

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