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Submitted by doctorstrange 771d ago | news

PS4 Available at Amazon for January 10th Restocking, Hurry While Supplies Last

If you happened to miss the massive pre-Christmas restocking of the PS4 that kept Sony’s console available in standalone and bundle forms for nearly 24 hours (and skyrocketing to the top of the bestsellers list), you again have the chance to own a shiny new PS4 as Amazon has just kinda restocked their supply of PS4 consoles. - PSLS (PS4)

Sev  +   771d ago
Still a few days to wait before it'd ship, but securing a PS4 is a good thing no matter how you slice it.

I haven't seen ANY in stores. However, I've seen packed shelves of Xbox One consoles at Best Buy, GameStop and Target. That said, I can't say if MS is just doing a better job at staying restocked, or if PS4 demand is really that much higher.
Sevir  +   771d ago
It's such a difficult situation to assess, because we know both machines are hot items this season, but when you see no PS4s and Stacked XBO boxes it makes you wonder if MS has a better supply chain, or do more people want the PS4 so XBOs are ignored while people wait to purchase a PS4 the second they restock.
Eonjay  +   771d ago
Good question. I have pondered this myself. Even if Microsoft has a better supply chain, the PS4 has still sold more. Therefore, I think that it is clear that Sony could not have adequately prepared. Remember, they sold more PS4s than Xboxs, so without knowing what Microsoft supplied, it can even be assumed that Sony actually supplied more stock.

Or as Amazon would say:

"Every PS4 every created has been purchased."
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mikeslemonade  +   771d ago
Well it's pretty clear, Sevir.

On Amazon the demand is growing with resell value going up $15 since I last saw it 2 days ago. While Xbox One is in stock for almost 2 weeks straight in a lower ranking with the arrow pointed down.

Furthermore, with the weekly sales updates it only confirms which one is the hot item. With WiiU outselling Xbox One while both systems are in stock. The only thing Microsoft has done well is manufacture the system at a fast rate just like the PS4 is.
mikeslemonade  +   771d ago
It's gonna be a while before PS4 supply-chain meets demand with the resell value currently at $520. $120 over the the MSRP.
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malokevi  +   771d ago
Probably a happy mix of the two. I imagine it isn't so cut/dry. More supply of X1s, more demand for PS4s. Bound to be X1s on the shelf in that scenario. It's not like nobody is buying them.
Boody-Bandit  +   771d ago
Sold out already or am I missing something?

Nope. Double checked.
It's sold out already.
The demand for the PS4 is simply insane.
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eferreira  +   771d ago
they're both selling well but I've only seen xbox's in stock at almost every retail store I've been and no PS4's.

This is in Canada btw
Ashunderfire86  +   771d ago
No PS4 has the better supply chain. Just look how much PS4s sold compared to Xbox one. Those Xbox Ones are in stock from when it first launched. Have you wonder why Microsoft is promoting Xbox One sweeptakes in Mcdonalds, and that 2 minute Doritos sweeptakes? They are desperate to get those Xbox Ones in most households as possible. Face it man Xbox One is too expensive for people. Plus your already paying more than $600 with a Xbox Live, and a game.
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GraveLord  +   771d ago
Give it till the middle of January. The holidays are over and Sony should be able to better meet demand now that it is lower.
vigilante_man  +   771d ago
PS4 demand is just so high. Especially here in the UK.

Top retailers Amazon and ShopTo are out of PS4s (apart from really high priced options) but the XB1 is in stock on most bundles.

They cannot make the PS4 fast enough. Bottom line - if you want a XB1 you will easily find one in stores and online. If you want a PS4 get in there quick when stocks are replenished or wait in line...

Hands up who really thought the PS4 would be so damn popular?
Regis  +   771d ago
I didn't preorder one but I was able to get knowing that my gamestop will have extras. That night about 120 or so was sold. I was the first person at that GS to walk out with the PS4 and been loving it ever since. Now I need new games to play March can't come quick enough now.
Eonjay  +   771d ago
"Update: And, moments after being available, it’s sold out. Sorry."

Wow O_O
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evilbart  +   771d ago
No it's amazon UK and it's the bundle which includes killzone it is still available for jan 10th shipping
daboosa  +   771d ago
You wont regret it :D
BitbyDeath  +   771d ago
I saw one on a shelf at a Big W store yesterday, it was gone when I walked past again 10 mins later.

They don't last long.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   771d ago
PS4 Diease is spreading wide and i want to be a part of it
DanielGearSolid  +   771d ago
That would be a cool commercial...

Ppl get infected, start gyrating, and doing all the cliche, get infected movements...

But the effects of the infection is they turn into a PlayStation character

Then a news guy says the Ps4 epidemic is spreading fast, and theres no cure

...or something like that
heisenberguk  +   771d ago
Just saw a USED PS4 with killzone and fifa auction on ebay with a bid for £1020!! Crazy when there's new ones going for £550 buy it now!! EDIT; Winning bid was £1020 with £22 postage yet the seller has strangely relisted it!! NICE TRY HAHA
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Lon3wolf  +   771d ago
See plenty of those and the "winner" usually has 0 feedback.
heisenberguk  +   771d ago
Yes neither the buyer or seller had any!
LAWSON72  +   771d ago
Great for those wanting one, just as of now my PS3 has too many games that need purchased and my PC can supply me with enough new games for a while, while the PS4 has no games that interest me. I want to wait for a special edition console that is white or designed after an awesome title (this console already looks great and these would only make it better), or a price drop. Perhaps I am not the gamer I used a be and like to buy things just for the hype
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frostypants  +   771d ago
These were sold out hours before this made the headline banner.

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