TeamXbox: Operation Darkness Demo Impressions

TeamXbox writes: "A disclaimer found within the load screen of Atlus' and Success' Operation Darkness alerts gamers that the game is based on historical fact, but proceeds to tell of the fictional nature of the action and how any resemblances to real life are coincidental. After a quick run through the Operation Darkness demo, we get the whole fictional part due to the supernatural nature of the material. The last time we checked, vampires were not Axis members. But names and likenesses of dead chaps by the name of Hitler and Himmler say something else about Success' new role playing game– something that most World War II and general history buffs will definitely want to become more familiar with.

It isn't, after all, everyday a feature-length RPG comes to the Xbox 360, and it's even stranger that said genre gets subject matter steeped in military history, rather than the normal dude-looks-like-a-lady sci-fi festival. For these reasons alone, we entered into the Operation Darkness demo with interest pre-piqued; hoping to leave with Success' latest a bright red blip on our clunky, pre-solid state radar."

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