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Submitted by TheDesertRat 768d ago | opinion piece

Alone Among the Dead: On Bioshock 2′s “Would You Kindly?” Moment

Ricky writes, "Bioshock 2 is oft remembered as a disappointment compared to its predecessor, but that does not mean it does not have its moment of glory." (2K Games, 2K Marin, BioShock, BioShock 2, Irrational Games, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

HarryMasonHerpderp  +   768d ago
I really enjoyed this game, I don't understand the hate.
CrossingEden  +   768d ago
The hate is because this game is a great game while the original was an amazing game. Amazing>Great
Azfargh  +   767d ago
TheGOODKyle  +   768d ago
I enjoyed it thoroughly. Just because it wasn't as good as the first game doesn't mean it doesn't deserve to be played.
NukaCola  +   768d ago
Bioshock 2 was great and I enjoyed it very much.
nidhogg  +   768d ago
true. and let's not forget that Bioshock Infinite borrowed thoroughly its combat mechanics such as charged plasmids. moreover, I found this game much more engaging and sweet by the end. :)
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pyramidshead  +   768d ago
The game pretty much fixed all the kinks that the first game had in terms of gameplay but the narrative didn't have that amazing twist. I don't think that should hinder its greatness, however.

Playing as a Big Daddy: Feel like a bad ass.(Changed perspective).
Ability to now dual wield gun and plasmid: feel like a bad ass.
Crappy hacking game fixed and streamlined.
Introduction of the Big Sister(nice touch).

Protecting Little Sisters added some strategic fun with those Trap Rivets and some how Big Daddies still had that dread factor.
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tdogg  +   768d ago
Illiked both bioshock 1 and 2 but didn't like infinite.... must be something about the sea I liked
mafiahajeri  +   768d ago
Lol I can't say I hated infinite but it was definitely not as good as the original very rarely do sequels to critically acclaimed games impress as much as the originals. Also yes all the games in rapture were better...
Summons75  +   768d ago
I honestly really enjoyed it. Gave a fresh perspective in the world of Rapture. While the story didn't have the twists like the first did it was still a fun ride. Only thing I really didn't like about the main campaign is the train segments to separate parts of the story, that just felt too much like Dead Space 1. BS2 online was decently fun for a while but not too great.
parentsbasement  +   768d ago
The worst Bioshock (whichever one you think that is ) is still better than 90% of all other games out there.....imo
pyramidshead  +   768d ago
Agreed. Hoping for a 'next gen' one if Ken still has it in him.
TheGrimOfDeath  +   767d ago
Bioshock: Space Odyssey
InTheLab  +   768d ago
As far as gameplay goes it's the best Bioshock by far. Loved setting up an entire room full of traps to take out big daddies. This game was an improvement on every level and while Lamb doesn't really compare to Ryan, neither does the protagonists of Infinite.

Also, I loved digging a little deeper into a really cool world. The citizens of Rapture trump the nonexistent people of Columbia and the enemies are better as well.

No idea why people hate on this game. Irrational also failed to live up to the original but Infinite was critically acclaimed despite it's glaring faults.
parentsbasement  +   768d ago
I REALLY like the visuals in Infinite ,and the story too.....but to be confronted by automated chain gun welding ex-presidents was just epic imo......and not sure where the next one would take place either.....maybe sub-terrainen or space I guess, either way, if they make it, I will come (both spellings of that word)
r21  +   768d ago
Hmmm, that was pretty deep. Never looked at it that way. Props to the author.
Azfargh  +   767d ago
A humble opinion of mine:

Bioshock 2 > Bioshock 1 > Bioshock Infinity

Although I agree Lamb wasn´t compeling as Ryan, the game itself has a better rhythm, better gameplay, welcoming depth of Rapture culture and the ending is far far more rewarding.

Never played a game that made me thing about Eleanor and actually be worried about her after ending the game (I have social life)! And I still wanna play the game again right after ending it. Bioshock 1 was great, but the game is really heavy to re-play again soon...

Besides, using charging drill attacks are delightful... Being Big Daddy is satisfying for ANY Bioshock 1 fans.

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