What New Year's Resolutions Should Sony Make in 2014?

Push Square: "We’ve somehow lurched into 2014 without a nuclear disaster or some other life-ending apocalyptic event, so that means that it’s time to make resolutions for the future. While the majority of the planet ponders whether it should finally stump up for an expensive gym membership, the arrival of a New Year can also provide perspectives for organisations both big and small as they aim to capitalise upon their successes from the past twelve months, and simultaneously learn from their shortcomings. But what should be at the top of the agenda for Sony’s popular PlayStation division?"

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Goro1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

To concentrate more on the PS Vita. I know the PS4 is the priority but that doesn't mean you can just abandon the Vita, they seem to be treating it like more of a PS4 companion now rather than an independent console.

Mikey322301606d ago


Also to improve System Software for all consoles.

And of course bring the games, that we are all anxious to play!

Bowzabub1606d ago

Better networking and better software. No excuses, we pay for It now. Not that I wouldn't have PS+ anyhow..but I think we all know that both of these issues could be better. Not that I feel entitled, I just want to see it be what it should be. Hopefully the different Sony divisions will work together more closely like they were saying at E3.

godofboobees1606d ago

I hope by better software you don't mean the games

Bowzabub1606d ago

No, I mean system software.

Killzoner991606d ago

No resolutions are needed. Just keep doing what you're doing Sony. The Playstation brand is stronger than ever. The PS4 is the declared console of the TRUE hardcore gamers because Sony listen to their fans and give them what they want. This is the new golden age of gaming.

daboosa1606d ago

Release suspend mode update ASAP!

Codey471605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

A silent mini nuke in each PS4 and PSN N4G integration.....SO when they talk shit on N4G..slight hissing sound as it releases a toxic plume of nukegas...few weeks later the offending person will not be able to type said shit because...his/her fingernails have fallen off leaving very painful lesions.

Microsoft and Nintendo should also employ these draconian measures.

Who knows smoking and leaking...Microsoft may of seen the future from my eyes.

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