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Submitted by MariaHelFutura 697d ago | news

We Don't Want You To Buy Titanfall Just "For Technical Reasons", Says Respawn

"The game is awesome on all fronts," insists software engineer. Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall is a bit of a technical stunner, albeit not so much in terms of raw visual grunt as in terms of how it makes use of Xbox One's cloud capabilities. Speaking to OXM in our latest issue, however, software engineer Jon Shiring has resisted the idea that you should buy Titanfall on the strength of its technology alone. (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

JeffGUNZ  +   697d ago
It looks really good. Everything I have seen shows a lot of action. I really hope it delivers.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   697d ago
I'm looking forward to this game but man this cloud talk better be worth it. Dynamic AI, Large armies, Dedicated servers etc.

They've been talking about all summer long. Imo both MS and Respawn will look foolish if the cloud stuff they've promised turns out to be a joke.

Sorry to be negative here. I'm just being real and I truly want these guys to succeed with Titanfall.

I will be picking up my copy come March.
ShowGun901  +   697d ago

the longer they talk about the cloud crap and dont show it, the more im convinced its BS... put up 2 xbones on 2 tvs, and SHOW me the difference between a game hooked up to the cloud and a game stand-alone. its the same "it'll be awesome, so have faith" crap you hear in politics and elsewhere, and its usually all hot air...
P0werVR  +   697d ago
I believe we "gamers" have been through more than enough gimmicks last gen to call BS, at least I have. I was just 16 8 years ago and fell for most of the BS gimmick technology Sony was hyping up for the PS3 and many titles at that, and why I became a PC gamer.

If anything this boasting from Microsoft and developers has lasted more than long enough for anyone to continue stating Cloud Computing as a gimmick. This is REAL folks and you don't want to experience a kool-aid crash Sony has served up once you see some great titles releasing for the Xbox One. You can talk resolution and frame rate BS, as a gamer I know gameplay is the CORE of what makes game great and Microsoft is focused on just that experience.
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ALS365  +   697d ago
I find it hilarious how this comment has more disagrees. Shows how many PS4 lovers there are.. If this was multiplat, everyone would be loving it.
JeffGUNZ  +   694d ago
haha It's a joke man, Pretty sure if you put that URL in you'll be directed right to this site!
DonFreezer  +   695d ago
Judging from the disagrees a lot of people hope that it under delivers.
XboxFun  +   697d ago
This is going to be the game! I have heard nothing but good things about this title. Going to be some endless fun on the weekends blowing people away in my mech.
first1NFANTRY  +   697d ago
Yeah like this hasn't been done before. Give up the propaganda already. I thought ryse was supposed to be the game or have you decided to pin all hopes on Titanfall instead? lol. This game will be decent at best. It's not a CoD killer nor a battlefield killer. The fact it's releasing on less platforms won't help either.

EA must be kicking themselves for backing the wrong horse in this race. TF2 will most certainly not remain exclusive for long. Happy beta testing.
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malokevi  +   697d ago | Well said
Yes, because the hype for Ryse is definitely the same as the hype for Titanfall, which has been unanimously loved by all who have played it. What a sound comparison you have made. Have a cookie!

Show me any game, any time, anywhere, that is doing what Titanfall is doing. OK, thanks.

XboxFun expressed his excitement for what is probably the most anticipated game of 2014, and you took it like a gunshot to the chest.

"EA must be kicking themselves for backing the wrong horse in this race. TF2 will most certainly not remain exclusive for long. Happy beta testing."

ahahah. Butthurt, much? Why don't you suck up the fanboy crap and get an Xbox if you care so much.
XboxFun  +   697d ago
The salt and tears in this response lets me know you're already bored with KZ: Shadowfelloff.

I bet you were one of the many on this site running around yelling they couldn't wait to play this on PS4 when there was talk of it being multiplat. Then it turned into you getting it for your mythical high end PC and now the salt has grown tremendous and turned into you not wanting it at all and just waiting for part 2 to come to PS4 right?

No one said it would be a CoD killer, no said it will be a BF4 killer, and no one cares if it isn't. Everyone though says it will be fun as hell and a killer exclusive for the Xbox One.
first1NFANTRY  +   697d ago
The console is certainly not worth getting for one game. Besides I'm betting it will run in 720p the same as on 360. I'll just play it on my bros 360 lol.

I'm not American so I'm not patriotic towards MS. I mean ps4 gamers will not be missing out on anything special. And besides the Sony exclusives far outshine that of MS.

We all know where the goty candidates will be this gen.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   697d ago
@Infantry Most of what your saying is not accurate. Considering the game has literally been praised by most gaming outlets.

Now I wasn't gonna shoot down some of your negative statements. Like I said SOME I understand the realistic negatives towards this game. But when you said.

"I mean ps4 gamers will not be missing out on anything special. And besides the Sony exclusives far outshine that of MS."


"EA must be kicking themselves for backing the wrong horse in this race. TF2 will most certainly not remain exclusive for long. Happy beta testing."

One is pure fanboy statement and the other is just trolling in which is a fanboy tendency. So your relevancy you had here is gone. You have one sided opinions and thoughts so your comments are just useless all together and don't matter.

Don't be a fanboy and you won't get the underhand treatment.
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dantesparda  +   697d ago
Game sounds and looks like another generic fps to me. Nothing about this game screams impressive. All i see is fanboys hyping this crap up
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P0werVR  +   697d ago

Most of your comments are generic. So why bother posting on this if you believe this article to be a "generic" game?! Be a gamer, don't be a hater.

btw...your pic is TERRIBLE!
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mediate-this  +   697d ago
You mad? Who is donning this game as the bf4 or cod killer? This game will be sick, different mech classes, vertical gameplay. Every one i showed this game too loves it, even my buddies who got ps4 and dont lije xb1 say they think its cool, but no one i know said it is going to mediocre. Thats the thing being able to give a game props thats not on your system of choice.
Gobacon29  +   696d ago
To malokevi:Blacklight Retribution has mechs, Starhawk has mechs, Lost planet 2 has mechs and verticality, and brink has verticality. I seen alot of Titanfalls, this is nothing special. Oh! But yes it is! It is an Ms exclusive and it is made by Respawn! Extreme sarcasm because it will be on the 360 and PC so you don't need an Xbox One for it. But for some reason someone will deny the truth and say this is a conspiracy against Microsoft because they have their finger so far up their butts.
christocolus  +   697d ago

Lmao...first1NFANTRY seemz really really bitter.i was surprised at his reply to your comment....lmao.

That so hyped for this game.all the previews have been good, gamers, devs and even the japanese are all hyped for this game....They also stated that besides the use of dedicated servers,they are actually off loading ai calculations to the cloud and the dev seemed super hyped too.

Man this game is going to be super awesome and it makes the wait for halo5 even worse.I wouldnt be surprised to see bots in halo5....very soon all will be made clear.
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staticdash22  +   697d ago
Of course, I get it. But I wanna feel like I'm playing a next gen game, like this gen went on too long and I'm still waiting to be wowed. The division was the game that wowed me, not just in visuals but technical reasons and the gameplay hooked me immediately. That's an example of a game that's announcement had it all, gameplay, graphics, intruiging lore.

Titanfall looks fun, but I don't get the feeling that I'm playing a next gen game. IMO(yes my opinion) the environments don't look inspired. The color palette is the exact same thing that people ragged on killzone for, the environments being brown. The art style isn't really doing it for me either. I'm just not excited like I am for Destiny and The division. I see true leaps in those games. They look fun AND impressive. Titanfall looks fun, but not impressive. I'm not feeling like this game is pushing the FPS genre into next gen. Once again, IMO of course. Don't disagree just because, let me know why and we can debate :p
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first1NFANTRY  +   697d ago
The Division and Destiny certainly look more fun to play in my opinion. While the minority plays TF most gamers will be enjoying these two games.
staticdash22  +   697d ago
Here's comes the disagrees from fanboys. It's true, those games look impressive in their scope and ambition. The developers are venturing into uncharted territory and are taking risks which have huge potential to not work out. I feel like gaming is being pushed with those games, not tianfall looka fun but its not pushing the genre.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   697d ago
@Dash I agree with you because its your opinion. Because its a real opinion not obvious one sided opinion. I see what your saying you want the works when it comes to next gen. Presentation, gameplay and interesting story.

But allow me to debate. You say Titanfall looks fun but doesn't look that great. But doesn't Gameplay is what matters most. I mean gameplay is what brings me back to a game.

Killzone and Ryse both got traded in the most but yet those games look visually impressive. Like I said you want the works. But don't you think gameplay is what's important first? Great addictive gameplay?

That's what keeps bring people back to COD every year because of its fast paced and addicting gameplay.
Ashby_JC  +   697d ago
I agree with your post.

We all haven't played titan fall. So all I have to go by is word of mouth. And so far it's been very positive.

If I had seen screen shots etc I wouldn't be that excited. Even the intros for the different mechs aren't all that exciting. BUT....I'm looking forward to playing it myself to see what got everyone excited about it.
imt558  +   697d ago
Quote :

We Don't Want You To Buy Titanfall Just "For Technical Reasons"

I'm sure that Titanfall will be a great game indeed, but according to this quote, game in graphics terms will not be outstanding.
bessy67  +   697d ago
Fine by me. Killzone is super pretty but there's a reason people are trading it in like crazy. Make the gameplay great and people will play it.
ELCUCO  +   697d ago
I'm going to take a wild guess and say you haven't played KZSF.

It plays great.
Bigpappy  +   697d ago
You are spot on. Pay no attention to the disagrees. The gameplay can do way more than for a game than a graphic upgrade can. When I saw videos of Kill Zone gameplay, I new right away it was seriously lacking Good AI and gameplay mechanics.
Nail13  +   697d ago
@Bigpappy "When I saw videos of Kill Zone.." so based on you watching youtube videos?

Personally I've never played any of the Killzones enough to comment on them. And a youtube video would not change that.

so your opinion based on a video and not playing the game means...
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Bigpappy  +   697d ago
@Nail13: That is correct. It is there plain as day for all to see. The AI literally walks out in the open, some not firing a shot and dares you to shoot them. Then there is zip line and a flying camera to help you see where the rest of them are incase it is still to hard. Watching the videos was more than enough evidence that this game's single player would be a complete waste of my time.

I would be bored in 5 mins of shooting practice. Been playing shooters since Doom, or may be before. Doom had way better AI than KZSF and was and 8 bit game running on 8088 CPU's with about 2 Meg of RAM.
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Nail13  +   697d ago
@Bigpappy: sigh.. gameplay videos don't get taken down and refreshed with patches. Lots of pre-retail videos of games on youtube. Thought people knew that..

But we both played Doom so let's talk about Doom's gameplay. Not KZSF, because nether of us know shit about that game. If Doom has IDKFA plus IDDQD on in a old tech demo video. It would be silly for me to say the gameplay is to easy based on the video.
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imt558  +   697d ago

I finish KZ : SF on hard. A.I. is quite good. Not good like in KZ2, but is quite good, a little better than KZ3's A.I.
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Ju  +   697d ago
Back paddling already starting...
ELCUCO  +   697d ago
Prepare for Titanfall Damage control landing.
Aleithian  +   697d ago
How about you just make the game and leave the reasons-for-buying-it to the consumers?
staticdash22  +   697d ago
Here's a man that gets it.
Killzoner99  +   697d ago
We Don't Want You To Buy Titanfall Just "For Technical Reasons"

Translation: We over hyped the game and it's not as good as people are expecting.
LogicStomper  +   697d ago

How do you know something's been over-hyped before you've even tried it? You've got one bubble left, come and answer it buddy.
Killzoner99  +   697d ago
It's just another COD/Haloclone. Only with Mechs wow. Considering COD and Halo suck explain why I'm supposed to be impressed?
LogicStomper  +   697d ago
"It's just another COD/Haloclone."

Two things wrong with this sentence.

One: How do you know it's like CoD/Halo when you haven't played it?

Two: CoD and Halo play VERY differently. So if it's a blend of both, it's something new isn't it?

"Considering COD and Halo suck explain why I'm supposed to be impressed?"

Well it's not in your blood to like them unless they were exclusive to PS4.
Nail13  +   697d ago
Coming out for Xb360/Xb1 and PC.

And not for PS3/PS4 because they took Microsoft’s money, for a deal not to. Come on even if you're a XB fan got to understand if it runs on a Xb360 it can run on a Ps4.

Am sure there is a market for this game on PS3/PS4. I know it's a new company (Respawn Entertainment) it needs production money.. but shit values if they let Microsoft’s money control who gets what.

I have a Xb360 and a crazy PC I could play this game on. but I wont. Probably would of picked it up if it was PC only and did not make deals with Microsoft.
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HaveAsandwich  +   697d ago
same here. i was going to buy it for pc at one point, but i'll probably end up just ignoring it. lol
DigitalRaptor  +   697d ago
This is so goddamn true.

Read Pete Dodd's latest blog and you'll see that most major publishers and developers had anticipated a landslide victory for Microsoft this generation based on their supposedly superior vision for gaming and Sony's cards being held close to their chest, and as such, EA (being the company that they are) placed all their bets on the unsubstantiated Xbone, and the mysterious, unproven cloud.

The results of this game's cloud processing MUST be shown and shown soon, or else it's just more hot air that proves nothing but willingness to restrict other platforms. Show us why to buy it, not empty words and promises. That is Microsoft territory Respawn, not yours.
#9.2 (Edited 697d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MegaRay  +   697d ago
Haha, it seems like that, or maybe respawn just mad that EA forced them to make it exclusive
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FITgamer  +   697d ago
The game is less than 3 months away and very little has been shown. Only a very small amount of PC footage, which so far is so so, wish they would show more. I'm still not sure whether or not i'll end up picking this up.
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ziggurcat  +   697d ago
uh... what "technology"?
Majin-vegeta  +   697d ago
Have they even shown any X1 footage??cuz as far as i know its all been PC.

Anyways enjoy this game people.
SLUG  +   697d ago
cant wait for titanfall
MrGunny94  +   697d ago
Guys about the cloud thing... Some food for your thought here.

Microsoft owns the biggest cloud business in the world.. Windows Azure.

Cloud powering up graphics, dedicated servers, physics etc..

It's all possible it's like having a UBER PC loading the stuff and streaming to you, it exists already.

I've been working in cloud business for 3 months, and I gotta say I'm really impressed with this.. ofc the main use.. is BiTCoin cloud farm..
KNWS  +   697d ago
Microsoft Azure servers are already been used for three games Forza and COD ghosts on xb1, 360, just gears, thats it as far as i know.

I've heard no complaints about online from people who play those games.

I played Gears and it was virtually lag free for that game.
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ipach  +   697d ago
isn't this the sort of PR hedging that typically precedes some announcement on <1080p resolution or <60fps? so much of microsoft's 'cloud' story hinges on this title. if it goes anything like BF4 or Simcity, etc., things could get ugly... i've got my fingers crossed on this being an awesome new franchise in the world. but can't help but feel a little nervous
ginsunuva  +   697d ago
I don't think anyone was impressed by the technical aspect of this game.

It runs on Source lol.
MrGunny94  +   697d ago
A highly modified version of the Source Engine 2, the original source engine 2 couldn't do this.
ginsunuva  +   697d ago
Source 2 doesn't exist yet.
MrGunny94  +   696d ago
Why did I put a 2 there lol, sorry I know that I work with the SDK of Source
KNWS  +   697d ago
Guys and Girls, I'm hyped for Titanfall too and lets be fair the guys at Respawn are the real infinity award guys who created COD and made the best Call of Duty of all time (Call of duty 4)

However, i'm slightly worried about the lack of game footage. We've had one trailer of game footage on 1 map since E3 and the other trailers are just showing off mech's.

I want to see action on other maps? Two months till launch and nothing really has been shown of the game and its progress!
#18 (Edited 697d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
SLUG  +   697d ago
i seen 3 maps of the game their just picture right now and 3 mech video so far
gamernova  +   697d ago
I'm a PC gamer so I give no poops about the cloud. I have sufficient power to push the game and it looks like a good time. The only thing that will probably ruin it are EA servers.

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