Killzone Shadow Fall and Ryse lead the most traded in next gen games

Lots of gamers trading in current gen games with Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack and Ryse Son of Rome leading the charge.

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Irishguy951602d ago

These two titles were pure eye candy. So **** to play though. Massive steps backwards in the FPS and Action game genre.

JohnnyTower1602d ago

Dead rising 3 is pretty damn fun.

malokevi1602d ago

I find it impossible to get into DR3. I feel it would be great with a Coop partner, but alone, I can't help but hate it.

Haven't played Ryse. Would like to, though.

Killzone is weird for me. It's my first KZ. The campaign, to me, is unbearable, but that's no surprise. I don't typically enjoy fighting autonomous robots and having to sit through half-baked story garbage. The multiplayer is fun and beautiful... but I always find part of me just wanting to put down the controller, even in the heat of battle when I'm racking up multikills. I'll have gone on a great run, it will feel satisfying in the moment, yet as soon as I die I don't want to respawn. Like the idea of respawning hurts my brain. I feel like KZ MP is too much of that same old formula. Maps are too big, movement is too slow, player counts are too low, and it takes too long to get back into the action. And, when you do, it's kinda... played out.

Warthunder is dominating my time right now. That game is amazing.

BlackTar1871601d ago


I agree Killzone sucks :)

It's COD:Future Edition

JeffGUNZ1601d ago

@ Malokevi

Really? I have been eh with all Dead Rising games but this one was really fun. The acting was AWFUL, but the game was really fun.

abzdine1601d ago

Being a big KZ fan shadow Fall was a disappointment to me but i'm gonna keep my copy cause they might improve the game with what gamers have been asking for, and it already started a few weeks ago.

NatureOfLogic1601d ago

How is this news? Killzone sold more than both. Ryse mediocre sales and still being one of the highest traded games is the highlight here.

UnHoly_One1601d ago

Blacktar that isn't a fair comparison, COD is way better than Killzone.

Killzone, to me, is a cheap Crysis ripoff, minus everything that made Crysis fun.

It's really not good at all.

Ryse, well I can totally see how some people could get bored with it, but I love it. I'm about to fire it up and play some multiplayer right now.

Dead Rising 3 is brilliant, Malokevi, but you are correct in that it is much better with a co-op partner. Hit me up if you want somebody to run with.

snipes1011601d ago

Killzone sold well because it was the first person shooter on a system without next gen first person shooters (Ghosts is not next gen quality). FPS games are, more often than not, outsell more niche games like Ryse. The sales numbers are not the highlight here.

When it comes down to it, neither game was good. Ryse was essentially glorified QTE's, while KZ lacked any sense of originality or inspiration. They've been traded in for a reason.


Dead Rising I have hardly got into yet so can't comment.

Killzone, fortunately I got a free copy. The MP seems ok but if ever there was a case of overkill it would be a great example.

the game looks beautiful graphically, but I don't get why they use soooo much motion blur when moving and stuff.. it's not like your character runs at 200mph. between the motion blur and bloom from the lighting it actually strains my eyes when I try to play that game for too long.

I know the game is graphically amazing but it makes me what to ask the devs "why hide such a graphically stunning game behind so much excessive effects?"

Son of Rome, I already made up my mind I was not going to get it after playing the demo at an event.

so far the next gen games that have kept me playing is AC black flag and BF4.


I think people also need to consider a few other factors as well.

with killzone for example, a lot of people would have got a copy bundled with the console. Considering new games are like £50 a pop I think unless you are a diehard KZ fan and you know you are going to be playing the MP over and over and over... I think most people will think about getting a bit of fun from it and then trading it in to at least get a bit of value back which they can put towards other games.

some people may have got it who are not really into fps games at all but because a lot of launch bundles came with it they didn't have much choice.

I am guessing the same could be said for Son of Rome even more so if it has less replay value then killzone.

fattyuk1601d ago

My 2 ps4 bundles came with Killzone, each Killzone was packed inside the box and says on the front of the cover "not for resale"

so no retailer will accept them as trade ins,

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1601d ago
thekhurg1601d ago

Killzone is incredibly fun, you've clearly not played it.

Studio-YaMi1601d ago

From the looks of it,lots of these pricks haven't played it or just don't know a good story,sure the story wasn't a 5 star novel but it was still good,the pacing is what ruined it.

The gameplay is great and the graphics is top notch,but people like to hate on things they don't/can't have.

GW2121601d ago

I've played it. I honestly don't care for the campaign. It's not terrible but the pacing is off. Graphically, it's the best out there (I've played Ryse and it's good but not great).

For me, even with all the bugs and crashes, I've enjoyed BF4 the most and then AC4 and Resogun would tie for second place.

I cannot wait for Infamous and The Order to get here.

creatchee1601d ago

Kinda surprising to see KZ on here. I've never been a fan of the series, but I can't imagine people being done with the SP + MP after a little over a month.

sobekflakmonkey1601d ago

yeah, especially since they're releasing more MP maps as well as a whole other mode to play, that being co-op, with it's own maps, to be honest I think the only thing that I could complain about is the micro transactions for voices and paint for your automata, it's expensive for what it is too...

jc121601d ago

yeah, its because the game is not very good in all honesty. I have the game and have played about half of the single player campaign - its pretty boring. Plus, I find many spots in the game to be cheap, gimmicky, or downright frustrating. The last time I played I was stuck on a part that asked the player to "defend a base" until drop-ships can arrive. Problem is, they send SO MANY enemies at you its overwhelming, and in order to reload in KZ it takes about 5 minutes. So, I find myself frantically trying to reload while getting shot by 40 AI enemies at once, its so damn stupid.

To top it off, the game play is agonizingly slow, it feels like my character has cinder blocks tied to his ankles. Furthermore, the gun play is simply average at best, offering nothing in the way of originality or excitement. Sure, the graphics are good, but the game play in KZ isn't nearly good enough for me to consider removing BF4 from my disc drive.

Ju1601d ago

KZ is sure more challenging than the other shooters. Much less aim assistance, accurate scopes! (no quick scoping). Of course people call it boring because you actually need skills to play that game. Still, I'm making more kills in KZ than BF or CoD. SF is an awesome game.

Shane Kim1601d ago

Sounds like jc12 is used to CoD. It's people like him who buys the same rehashed garbage over and over, and throws complaints when someone else tries to make things different.

BABY-JEDI1601d ago

@jc12 what are you talking about. Your completely spamming this game. Why don't you just stick to CoD where yo can turn realistically on a dime

ramiuk11601d ago

i didnt like the online much but i enjoyed the campaign.
it didnt really kick off until 70% way though but it was good,wasnt great just good,
the graphics was amazing though imo,cant wait until xbox360 and ps3 are done with and games really start to tap into the extra power

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trywizardo1601d ago

shadow fall is eye candy Oo , crysis 3 looks better than it , halo 4 looks better ...

Reverent1601d ago

You literally need to get your eyes checked then. Halo 4 does NOT look better. From a technical standpoint, that is actually fact.

Ju1601d ago

Best example of delusion right there.

ifistbrowni1601d ago

Idt it's necessarily because they are "****" to play.

It makes sense that the two most purchased next gen games would lead the trade-ins (if were talking about the exclusives).

showtimefolks1601d ago

peoplle just over expected from launch titles when we have a long history proving that launch games are never that great

for as greet as 2014 looks i can guarantee you that years 2015 and beyond will such much better games. Ps3 and xbox360 peaked in years 2009 and beyond

DrJones1601d ago

Super Mario 64 was a launch game.

Death1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

According to the article this is UK only. The two most traded games are Killzone and Knack. Ryse was the most traded on the Xbox One. To put it into percpective, 3053 KZ, 984 Knack and on the Xbox One 436 Ryse, 325 Forza and 207 pre-owned copies of DR3 are available online at the retailers polled.

It's interesting data, but only partial data to form any kind of valid conclusion. We need to know install base and actual sales numbers to know if these rates are higher than one another.

edit: found some data, 530,000 PS4's sold in the UK and 364,000 Xbox Ones. Approx 30% more PS4's in the UK market. If all titles sold the same amount you could simply add 30% to each Xbox One titles numbers. Since we don't know the actual sales amount, this wouldn't be an accurate conclusion. http://www.computerandvideo...

assdan1601d ago

Umm, killzone is pretty fun. Ryse is complete eye candy. Based on reviews, it doesn't really even matter what buttons you press. Killzone actually does take skill to play. To even put those two in the same ball park.

dougr1601d ago

I still to this day can't figure out why Killzone has risen to power while Socom was pushed to the shitter by Sony. Socom was the superior online shooter on the ps2 and they decided to run that franchise and studio into the ground. Killzone is terrible single player and multiplayer. I still can't figure out the fascination with that game outside of graphics. Personally I'm about to trade in Assassin's Creed IV for PS4 just because it is single player game, but I would trade in call of duty if it weren't for the two player split screen coop, because COD is so, so bad now.

TBONEJF1601d ago

Why would anyone wants to trade in a great next gen game like those and stick with the same crap such as CALL OF DUTY/BATTLEFIELD

BABY-JEDI1600d ago

It's called instant gaming gratification.

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AngelicIceDiamond1602d ago

The 2 most beautiful looking games get traded in the most. Graphics aren't everything after all.

mediate-this1602d ago

Graphics and great gameplay should synchronus. Anyother way is uncivilized. .

AngelicIceDiamond1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

Agreed. Presentation and gameplay should be ONE.

They both look great but little innovation in Gameplay. Sony and MS wanted to show off what their machines are capable of graphically.

I guess that's fine right now but I think this year both companies will step it up.

I know Imma get alot of angry people for saying this but Killzone had room to truly shine and grow since its been around way longer.

Ryse on the other hand is a brand new game, flawed and far from perfect but has literally tons of potential and more room to grow.

Killzone being the veteran out both line ups you would think it would tip the innovation bar. Graphically it did but that's as far as it goes. Or maybe Killzone has hit that wall that Halo hit? Halo got so big and massive it can't really move or try something truly unique and different? Who knows.

Next gen exclusives don't end with Killzone and Ryse. To say "we're just getting started" is a huge understatement.

dougr1601d ago

To even mention killzone and Halo as comparable, if you were is laughable. Killzone is terrible. Only a handful of people are playing the game online two months after release on any version, while Halo, from what I've seen/heard is massive on the xbox for years after release. I've only had the change to play halo 2, and even that game was more fun than any version of killzone.

tigertron1602d ago

I bet you've not even played Killzone Shadow Fall.

u got owned1601d ago

I played and is not a game to brag about, except for the graphics of course.

LOGICWINS1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

I beat the campaign on hard and spent well over a dozen hours on the MP. I can say that if I hadn't bought it digitally off of PSN, I would've sold it by now.

The SP is average. The highpoints of the forest and prison levels are brought down by the lazy final chapters. The MP is fantastic IMO, but I'm a bit biased because I enjoyed Killzone 2. Still, Shadowfall reminded me why I can't get into multiplayer focused games despite how much I like them. The enjoyment you get from online MP depends on how good/bad your team is. In Killzone and BF, if your team sucks, you will suck because your not getting the necessary back up. I don't like the fact that my enjoyment of a game that I spent $60 for depends on the competence of other random people.

I much prefer playing games that have an SP focus as I can play them at my own pace. My enjoyment depends totally on myself. Black Flag has been a revelation. If that wasn't a launch title, these winter months would have been a real dissapointment.

thekhurg1601d ago


Then play team deathmatch. Your team doesn't need to be as coordinated to win that game.

Then get some friends that play Killzone and party up for standard warzone games and you'll be just fine.

Online repays for what you put in it, and if you aren't playing with friends, most experiences are going to be worse.

qu1ckset1601d ago

I own Killzone and played threw SP and enjoyed it's eye candy story was meh but it was at least somewhat enjoyable for a launch title. I don't know wtf is up with MP, at first I thought there was something wrong with my tv or something , but there is a horrible motion blur with Killzone MP , with SP doesn't have this issue , if you leave the camera still is clear as soon as you start looking around there is this weird motion blur , hurt my eyes and on top of that I thought the MP was nothing special anyways. And I tried this game at two of my friends places and it suffers the same issues on there tv , guess it's the way the game is...

Sony_Fan1601d ago

i don't like GG and Crytek because they are only about graphics, they don't care about gameplay.

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xDHAV0K24x1601d ago

Yep! Take your 50% more powerful and shove it! Also, Resogun could have been made on the ps3

admiralvic1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

I'm not surprised and I don't think it means anything. Killzone Shadow Fall and Ryse are one of the few exclusives, which means the odds of you buying them are higher than last generation ports. We also had the trade in promotions, which discouraged buying buying the next gen version upfront.

In either case, this has more to do with how many sold and less to do with how people felt. Like if Angry Birds Star Wars had 10,000 sales and 9,999 trade ins, it would still probably be the lowest, even if it was a 99.99% trade in rate.

mhunterjr1602d ago

You're right The trade in total is probably somewhat proportional to total total sales, bit its more a trailing indicator of 'replay value'

Ryse, being a linear corridor brawler is exactly the type of game you would expect people to get tired of in a month. But killzone has well regarded competitive multiplayer so I'd say the number of trade ins has atleast as much to do with the sales total as it does with some people being unsatisfied with it.

LOGICWINS1601d ago

I disagree with both of you. It DOES mean something. If a game is good, you want to keep it even after beating the campaign because you know a few weeks/months down the line you will want to replay it. For people to be trading these games with such frequency simply means that they weren't good enough.

I'm happy I bought Shadowfall. This game taught me that I can't buy games digitally unless I'm getting a deep discount. I can't spend $60 on a game anymore knowing that I wont have the opportunity to trade it in if I dont like it.

JeffGUNZ1601d ago

I think it really comes down to each person. I loved TLOU but never wanted to play it again. After I beat a game I usually don't care to replay it, especially a week or two down the road. Then again, I am more MP heavily based player then single player. Everyone is different. I feel like Ryse is a short shelf-life, you beat it and trade it in to get money towards something else.

KingPin1602d ago

well no real surprise.
Resistance: FOM was also one of the most traded games and that was had solid gameplay with average visuals.
i guess people just got tired of it and traded up for something better.
nothing new.

givemeshelter1602d ago

Not a bad game at all. It was just average like most of the Killzone games.

Ju1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

It's beyond average. Some people like to hate on it for not being your standard run of the mill shooter. In my books it's the best next gen shooter available today. In every aspect.

Longest campaign - can't screw up in 5 hours like BF/CoD, now can you?
Best Visuals
Most realistic game play - Character has physical constraints.
Best detailed destruction (where it is used)
Best character animation of any next gen shooter (BF comes close)
Variety. No other shooter mixes gameplay like SF does.

If this are attributes of a bad or below average game then I am gladly living in a different universe.

givemeshelter1600d ago

I have to disagree with a few points you made.

Best Visuals? Do you mean overall or just for next gen CONSOLES? Because there are plenty of PC FPS games that look better.

Best Detailed destruction?
BF4 Beats this hands down and its all in game.

Most Realistic Game play?
Play Arma 3.

Best Character animation?
Too many current games match KZ in this area.

BF4, BF3 for example has way more variety because it has vehicles you can fully use on massive maps. The game is less linear then KZ.

S-T-F-U1602d ago

It's ok. Nothing special but it's not terrible by any means.

The multiplayer is actually quite good.

hankmoody1602d ago

You wouldn't think so the way people were hyping it up on these boards. That series has always been about graphics first and gameplay second, which makes me scratch my head as to why people were so hyped for it upon its release.

givemeshelter1602d ago

The hype was mostly on sites like N4G.COM and others

Death1601d ago

It was hyped up because people thought the improvements to the game would go beyond graphics. I was hoping this was the case since it was the only PS4 exclusive that looked interesting to me.

Joe9131602d ago

You really have to be a fan of KZ to play a KZ game also if you like COD or BF you prob will not like KZ game can't explain why but most of ppl on internet as well as my friends either like one or the other have not met many ppl who like both I can only say why I choose KZ and that is because COD and BF feel like your ice skating through the levels I like the bounce of KZ when you run or walk idk if it is because I paintball so it just feel more real or what but I have to have the bounce lol.

Ju1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

CoD is the game I play the least, actually. I even spent more time in Blacklight than that. BF4 is OK. But I still like SF more. That said, KZ plays differently. Sometimes I like a quick twichy match, BF or Blacklight is for that (CoD, too, but it just isn't next gen - Blacklight is the free version - and the easiest to play). BF big maps are just too big for me; DTM is CoD with eye candy there. So, that's why I'd play that. But if I want a MP challenge I'd go back to KZ. After a couple of rounds it's actually quite hard to stop playing. Takes a little bit longer to get into - and going by the number this game sold and how some people play I believe it has a high amount of new rookie players coming from whatever game, but sure not KZ.

AngelicIceDiamond1602d ago

@Threats Nobody said Killzone was bad. They probably traded it in for BF4, ACIV or some extra credit. just like they did with Ryse.

Imo I think its too early to be trading in games. Titanfall and Infamous: Second Son don't come out for another 3 months.

kopicha1601d ago

it is an okay game. cant say it is great neither it is bad. however the graphics on the other hand would be a different story. quite mind blowing for a console game. the MP is quite fun imo. If you like team base game play it can be pretty fun in its own rights. however if you are a COD type player then i doubt you will like the MP

GraveLord1601d ago

Single Player is horrible.
Multiplayer is ok but there are better FPS' out there.

Tetsujin1601d ago

I'd vote 2 as the best of the series. I couldn't even finish SF, I had to force myself multiple times to keep playing until I couldn't play anymore. One on the PS2 I remember spending a lot of time on, 2 was really good, 3 was playable at least once through, and 4 I couldn't finish.

Elda1601d ago

I'm forcing myself to play also just because I spent 60 dollars on it.

Letthewookiewin1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

No and yes. I'm a bit of a gaming snob and the MP is great. But SP is lacking in the story department. The graphics will melt your eyes.

BABY-JEDI1601d ago

I'm still actually playing through the SP. It's a lot better than what I was expecting (due to some weighted reviews). The story isn't that bad but the game pacing @ times could be better. The battle set pieces are excellent (great tactical replay value). New character is very empowering. AI is excellent & tough (not for babies).
Excellent for a launch title IMO. Enjoy. ; )

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