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Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2014

2013 was a terrific year for the 3DS, when the recovery of 2012 was consolidated into a year of substantial sales and critical acclaim from gamers. The line-up of games throughout the year probably wasn't as substantial as popular perception would suggest, but it was a case of a small quantity delivering excellent quality, and big-name franchises and ideas that attracted millions of new 3DS owners into the fold.

In that respect 2014 has a lot to live up to, with the big names of 2013 setting high standards. What's striking is that the confirmed line-up of 3DS titles for the coming year is relatively thin at this moment in time, suggesting that more is in the works that's yet to be revealed. (3DS, Bravely Default, Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Mario Golf World Tour, Monster Hunter 4, Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney, Shantae and The Pirate's Curse, Shovel Knight, Super Smash Bros., Treasurenauts, Yoshi's New Island)

JohnnyTower  +   390d ago
Mario golf gba was a true joy. Can't wait to play it again.
OtakuDJK1NG  +   390d ago
no Conception II
3-4-5  +   390d ago
* Bravely Default, Mario Golf, Super Smash Brothers, Kirby

Definitely buying those and most likely getting Yoshi's island and monster hunter 4 because it will finally have online.
Xof  +   388d ago
I'll probably buy all of those but Smash, Shovel Knight, and whatever Treasurenauts is.

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