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Ys: Memories of Celceta is a fantastic companion to bring with you on the go. The light story and fast paced combat are easy to jump in and out of, and while it may look like an early PS2 era game, the fun factor vastly outweighs the visual discrepancies.

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CalebZachary84111325d ago

Loved this game! 9/10 for me. Great story, and gameplay.

belac091325d ago

your name is creepy, my name is caleb and my son is zachary. weird.

CalebZachary84111324d ago

Haha. Thats my first and middle name. My son is named Zachariah.

cyphertech1325d ago

Remember kids, start the game on nightmare.

Alocide1325d ago

I did after I finished it on normal. Wanted to get familiar with it first =)

porkChop1325d ago

Why's that? I started on normal.

cyphertech1324d ago

To cause unnecessary suffering.

KratosSaveUs1325d ago

Awesome game I want to play it but don't have a Vita.

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