EA: Take-Two deal now "50/50 at best"

With the latest deadline on its USD 2 billion bid due to expire on May 16, Electronic Arts has piled more pressure on acquisition target Take-Two - with VP of corporate communications Jeff Brown issuing the stark warning: "We're not desperate and there's a clock ticking."

Speaking exclusively to at EA's Vancouver headquarters, Brown hit back at Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick's claim that the massive success of Grand Theft Auto IV vindicates the publisher's decision to put off consideration of the deal in expectation of a higher bid.

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pwnmaster30003876d ago

dam fukin EA's moto is "if you cant beat them simply buy them" take two will suk and be a cheap-money hungry bastard like EA if this happen

omni_atlas3876d ago

EA ruins everything they touch.

DomUltra3876d ago

EA wouldn't be such a malevolent entity if they didn't adhere to strict schedules of development, it's a shame a lot of the games they publish could have turned out vastly different. They need a kick in the ass, personally I thought Actiblizzion (Activision + Blizzard) would be pumping out games like a Brewery dumps garbage into the rivers.

waltercross3876d ago

Honestly I Don't like EA, not to
offend any 360 fans but EA is to much
like Microsoft, they use money to get ahead.

So instead of competing with the competition,
they'll try to buy and threaten the competition.

Fallen_Angel3876d ago

I really dont think EA is competing with T2. I cant think of any game that T2 makes that is like any EA game. Its more that EA wants to turn T2 into a cash cow. By taking GTA and bioshock and knocking out yearly updates to them the way they do with madden

BeaArthur3876d ago

This is good news. I was going to be bitter when EA ruined some of my favorite franchises.

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