One Hit Pixel 2014 Most Anticipated – #2 InFamous: Second Son

One Hit Pixel: "If there’s any game that deserves to be in our top three most anticipated titles, it’s absolutely InFamous: Second Son. As the third entry in Sucker Punch’s superhero/super-villain third-person action series, there’s a hell of a lot of hype behind it. Mainly because it looks bloody incredible, but it’s also because it’s potentially the next big PS4 exclusive. There’s a lot riding on it, and Sucker Punch as a lot to live up to."

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BcozoftheImplication1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Oh baby I can't wait to get me hands on this bad boy! I hope there's multiplayer in this game but there just keeping it hidden cause that would be to much just imagine 12 superheros flying around the city of Seattle blowing the shit out of eachother that would be a dream come true especially with those graphics!! Sorry I'm drooling... AaggaGGhGhghGhGhghhhh