New Evidence in Video Further Confirms Mr. Freeze as Arkham Origins DLC Villain

The recent image released by Batman: Arkham Origins‘ developers is a confirmation in itself, depicting a huge shard of ice next the advertised humanitarian award. However, there was another hint left by the developers in that image which further confirms the presence of Mr. Freeze and may even hint at which story they are going with.

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ziggurcat1537d ago

so... a villain that was in every other arkham game now costs money... good job, guys.

TransientDreamer1537d ago

He was in Arkham City. Not Asylum.

ziggurcat1537d ago

he was briefly in arkham asylum.

TransientDreamer1537d ago

It was a prison cell covered in ice. I would not compare that to his fully realized appearance in Arkham City.

1537d ago
thricetold1537d ago

these pubs have lost their minds and I hope more gamers use patience and start waiting for full complete editions instead of buying cutout dlc, paying upwards of $90-100s for the full package.