Top 10 Most Underrated Games of 2013

10 games that were underrated by the gaming press.

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raresteak1602d ago

"Why did Ryse receive such bad scores? I don’t know. My guess is that it is too easy, but yet reviewers also seem to hate on games for being too hard."

Legitimate submission.

Erudite, eloquent and well-reasoned, for starters.

ps. but yet

JohnnyTower1602d ago

Naw, its just too easy for reviewers to slander Xbox for easy hits. Or to give a popular game an unpopular "score".

Utalkin2me1602d ago

Says the guy, when MS got awesome props for the release of the 360 hardware.

MorePowerOfGreen1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

Agreed. Ryse never recovered from its graphics being that good. Haters looked for something to damage control and they needed something fast(during/after E3). QTE was perfect for them. The anti XB1 DRM propaganda snowball effect kept this game under after the truth came out about Ryse(real-time, not QTE)

Scrivlar1602d ago

First of all I just want to say I really enjoyed it and hope there's a sequel. But I think to be fair it's probably because the expectation is higher for a next gen release and other than graphically there's nothing next gen about it really. If this was just a 360 game people might not have been so harsh.
That's just my opinion though. Also It came out the same year where all the last gen games were incredible.

thorstein1601d ago

And the reviewer didn't just focus on one console either. I have a feeling that I like many games the critics do not, and I hate many of the games they purport to "love."

WeAreLegion1602d ago

Some good choices. Lost World is an abomination though.

MegaSackman1601d ago

The Swapper is so underrated that is not even in the underrated list.

giovonni1601d ago

I have to agree, Ryse is a wonderful game with a good story. The combat is a little simple, but enjoyable. The game is nothing like the negative press it was given. This game is the poster child of next gen sleeper hit

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